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Forward-thinking web3 businesses are embracing .xyz domains and upgrading to domain names that signal expansion. Financial services company Square, Inc. rebranded to to acknowledge their growth beyond their Square product. Fintech company Party Round rebranded to with a goal of continuing to help startups raise money with new, additional features. Web3 company TAIKAI Labs rebranded to with a focus on connecting web3 developers and organizations to create innovative solutions. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a newly rebranded web3 creative agency acquired by crypto payment service Moonpay: A web3 creative agency acquired by MoonPay provides services to brands like Adobe and Shopify is the online home of newly named web3 creative agency Otherlife (previously Nightshift). In January 2023, leading crypto payments company MoonPay acquired the agency as part of its plan to establish itself as a one-stop shop for brands interested in expanding to crypto, collectible tokens, and metaverse activities.1 By joining forces, MoonPay and Otherlife now offer end-to-end support for big brands, helping them execute a full strategy in the web3 space. The rebranded Otherlife continues to serve its existing portfolio of brand customers, including Adobe, Shopify, and Arsenal Football Club, while also providing services to MoonPay’s clients.2

The creative agency offers a range of creative services to meet various needs in the digital landscape. Here are services provided by Otherlife as indicated on their website:

  • Branding:
    • Logo design, Brand identity, Design systems
  • Digital Experience:
    • Web design, Web GL, Interaction design, Web development
  • Illustration:
    • 2D illustration, 3D illustration
  • NFT Design:
    • Trait illustration, NFT generation
  • Web3 Strategy:
    • NFT strategy, Market research
  • Minting:
    • Smart contract development, Blockchain integration
  • Activations:
    • Social media activations, Storyboarding


Innovative projects from Otherlife: The Wella Generator

On the agency’s Work page, you can view a sampling of the innovative projects they’ve developed. For example, Otherlife worked with haircare and beauty products company Wella Professionals to develop The Wella Generator project3, a gamified sweepstakes experience with web3 integration. Otherlife provided a range of services for this project, including art direction, illustration, 3D animation, NFT design, and web design. The Wella Generator provided an opportunity for participants to potentially win collectible NFTs as bonus prizes, along with redeemable beauty prizes through the Wella Wheel. By spinning the digital prize wheel on a daily basis, participants had the opportunity to accumulate a collection of bespoke web3 bonus gifts.

The dynamic leadership team behind Otherlife: Michael Perrow and Michael Moodie

The leadership team at Otherlife consists of Michael Perrow, co-founder and CEO, and Michael Moodie, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer (CCO). Prior to his role at Otherlife, Michael Perrow held positions as the Head of Business Development at independent electronic music label Monstercat, and as a VP at blockchain infrastructure company Hut 8 Mining Corp. Before joining Otherlife, Michael Moodie worked in Acquisition and Engagement at Amazon Prime Video. We look forward to seeing more of Otherlife’s innovative web3 projects. You can learn more by following the platform on Instagram, Twitter @Otherlifexyz, Linkedin, and by visiting


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