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Accomplished creative agencies are establishing their online homes on .xyz domains. Germany-based type design studio aims to explore the relationship that type has with technology in an effort to deliver projects with purpose for clients including Google and Virgin. Creative agency works with a client roster of world-renowned brands like Google and ESPN under the direction of former creative director Charles Hodges. FOX Entertainment’s web3 studio provides content creators like Dolly Parton with tools and solutions to create and manage NFT-related content. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday features the website of a successful media company with a client list of national brands that includes McDonald’s and Netflix: is the online home of Offbeat Media Group, an agency aimed at creating media for the digital generation. Co-Founders Christopher Travers, Shep Ogden, and Bailey Grady created the Atlanta-based in 2018. They immediately began disrupting traditional marketing industries by offering brands a more organic way of reaching younger generations who were spending more time on their smartphones than watching television. has developed an extensive social media network of publishers and virtual influencers. They work primarily with brands at the intersection of lifestyle, entertainment, and culture, such as McDonald’s, Netflix, TikTok, and Universal Music Group. builds campaigns across social media through meme marketing, TikTok influencer activations, custom sound creation, bespoke AR Lens creation, and virtual influencer brokerage and creation. In 2021, received new investments from renowned billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban and VC firm Atlanta Ventures1, and have begun growing their team and expanding their own original content. In June 2022, the fully remote company celebrated their 4th anniversary in their virtual clubhouse, where employees mingled with one another in virtual reality.

@paytonking #ad @McDonald’s ♬ original sound – Payton King
Zero, the virtual cyborg

The agency has produced some incredibly successful and widely viewed media content for the clients and for their own intellectual properties. In March 2022 they developed a campaign for leading fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s and its new Crispy Chicken sandwich. They partnered with some top creators on Tik Tok, including Payton King, to create a series of funny and relatable content that would fit seamlessly within each creator’s feed. Payton has over 5M followers, and his post alone garnered over 20.5 million views, 1.8 million likes, and 27K shares. In February 2022, created their own virtual influencer named Zero to connect with fans in the human world through social media. Zero is designed to be a virtual cyborg who is trapped in his bunker in the metaverse. He is dedicated to looking for a way out and, of course, engaging with his growing fan base. Zero engages with his fans daily via his own social media profiles, including Instagram where he has over 119K followers. Zero also streams multiple times a week on Twitch.

As Co-founder Christopher Travers explained to us, “Building on the XYZ domain was a natural choice considering the culture of innovation and internet exploration that defines the XYZ community. As curators of wholly new applications of virtual media, we feel at home using an XYZ domain to represent us. We would rather first build independent value and a name for ourselves in a culture of innovation by using an XYZ domain than to make a big, risky investment into a premium legacy TLD as an early act of business.” We look forward to many more creative and innovative campaigns to be generated by and their talented team. To learn more about this studio and view more examples of their work, you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and you can visit


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