In this XYZ Quarterly we’ll cover five ways to build trust with customers on your website. We’ll also provide a recap of XYZ’s Q4 2023 activity.

The emerging technologies we cover continue to evolve. The content below offers ideas for inspiration, showcasing .xyz community members implementing these innovative concepts. The examples of .xyz community members are real-life pioneers implementing technology in the realm of each idea. The information we provide does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by XYZ. We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services we feature.
Five ways to build trust with customers on your website

Establishing trust and credibility with your online audience is crucial for sustained business growth in today’s digital era. In a landscape brimming with options, distinguishing your brand through genuine engagement and reliable experiences is essential. Elevate the customer journey and foster enduring connections by prioritizing user-centric strategies. Creating a digital space where customers feel valued and secure can influence their loyalty, transforming casual browsers into long-term patrons.

As part of this year’s XYZ Quarterly theme of Prioritizing the Customer Experience with .XYZ, we are excited to delve into the crucial aspect of building trust with your website. We’ll explore five key techniques that can significantly build trust with your audience, showcasing five .xyz websites that implement these strategies. Additionally, we provide actionable insights and examples from platforms that can assist in elevating your website’s credibility, fostering stronger customer relationships and trust online.

Read on for Part 1: “5 ways to build trust with your website”

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Tip 1. Utilize customer success stories for social proof

Tip 1. Utilize customer success stories for social proof
Social proof operates on a principle where shoppers seek reviews, recommendations, and evidence of how others have used a product before making their decision. You can tap into this behavior by prominently displaying customer success stories on your website, which may foster trust among visitors. These testimonials showcase real-life examples of customer satisfaction and successful interactions with your products or services, acting as potent endorsements.  By presenting these genuine experiences, you can enhance credibility and humanize your brand, allowing potential customers to see the real impact of your offerings.

Incorporate varied forms of customer feedback such as user ratings, detailed case studies, and success narratives. A diverse showcase of positive customer experiences can build an atmosphere of trust and reinforces the value of your products or services. This strategy can aid in developing positive brand perception, contributing to long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Freelance platform exemplifies the power of showcasing customer success stories to build trust, as outlined in our tip. The platform aims to bridge crypto-native talent with web3 startups, and leverages client testimonials from key industry players like and RabbitHole. The real-life endorsements displayed on their homepage provide persuasive social proof of the platform’s effectiveness, enhancing its credibility and humanizing its brand.

In addition to testimonials, Thirdwork explains its vetting process and flexible budgeting approach, helping to reinforce its commitment to quality. This transparency, coupled with diverse client feedback, can cultivate a trusted atmosphere, showcasing the platform’s ability to successfully match talent with suitable projects.

Sharing customer feedback, from testimonials to operational insights, can build a trustworthy and engaging website. Reinforcing your brand’s credibility can foster long-term trust and loyalty.

Tip 2. Foster transparency with changelogs and privacy policies

Tip 2. Foster transparency with changelogs and privacy policies

Help boost your website’s transparency by featuring detailed changelogs, along with clear privacy policies and terms. Changelogs, offering a chronological account of updates and fixes, showcase your commitment to openness and respect for user feedback. This transparency can demonstrate honesty in your product development and cultivate user trust.

Updating changelogs, release notes, and transparently dated privacy policies can enhance user engagement and inform about ongoing improvements. This approach goes beyond legal compliance, and can reinforce your reputation as a user-centric and reliable brand. Such consistent transparency can strengthen long-term trust and bolster your brand’s image in the industry.

AI-powered knowledge management platform demonstrates the benefits of maintaining a detailed changelog. The platform’s browser extension, acting as a virtual assistant, provides personalized features, recommendations, and knowledge management capabilities to users browsing the web. >This experience can empower users to navigate the vast amount of information available, saving time and effort while making informed decisions.The platform’s changelog chronicles significant updates, like the December 22, 2023 feature for saving writing samples to create more authentic content. This transparency in sharing developments showcases Heyday’s dedication to user-centric enhancements and honest communication about their product’s evolution.

Additionally, the updates detailed in their changelog reflect a commitment to continuous improvement and user engagement. By openly communicating these advancements, adheres to user expectations for transparency and reinforces its standing as a reliable and innovative platform.

Another exemplary website is Specializing in smart wearable technology, places a strong emphasis on user privacy and data protection, as evidenced in their privacy policy. dates their privacy policy and makes it easily accessible, helping to assure users of their dedication to data security and ethical use and strengthening a transparent and trustworthy digital presence. The brand extends this transparency to their release notes. These notes act as a changelog of ongoing bug fixes and improvements, such as updates on Bluetooth connectivity concerns.

Detailed changelogs and clear privacy policies can foster transparency and trust. Keeping users informed about updates and improvements can reinforce your brand’s reputation for being user-centric and reliable.

Tip 3. Provide value-added content for enhanced user experience

Tip 3. Provide value-added content for enhanced user experience

You can emphasize the value of your website by offering a diverse range of informative resources, such as detailed documents, insightful whitepapers, and comprehensive guides. This approach can demonstrate your expertise in the field and enrich the user experience. Curate and share content that addresses users’ needs and interests to establish your website as a valuable information source. This strategy can be critical for building a trusting relationship with your audience, as it illuminates your commitment to providing more than just products or services. You’re offering knowledge and insights that can guide their decisions and enhance their understanding.

It’s important to keep this content fresh and relevant. Regularly updating and expanding your resource library can help keep your users continually engaged and finding new value every time they visit. This practice can keep your content relevant in a rapidly evolving digital landscape and help foster long-term user satisfaction and loyalty. Continuously providing updated and comprehensive content demonstrates your dedication to user needs. This can position your brand as an authoritative and trustworthy source in your industry., a crypto index-focused startup, embodies the practice of offering value-added content. Their platform provides users with ample resources, including a knowledge base and a blog. This curated content can educate users about Alongside’s primary product, the Alongside Crypto Market Index ($AMKT), and broaden their understanding of the broader crypto market. The blog features articles that delve into complex topics like the improvements in AMKT V2, offering insights into no reliance on custodians, on-chain rebalancing, and permissionless minting. This range of educational material demonstrates’s prowess in the field and underscores their commitment to enhancing user knowledge.

In addition to the blog,’s developer documentation1 and whitepaper2 provide detailed information about their products and the underlying technology, with any updates or modifications documented in the footer. This includes explanations of the token’s features such as full collateralization and programmability, catering to a more technically inclined audience. By regularly publishing updated resources, keeps its content fresh and relevant, helping to maintain user engagement and adding value to the visitor experience. Their dedication to providing comprehensive and up-to-date information reflects a commitment to user education and empowerment.

Enriching the user experience through a variety of educational resources can establish your brand as an authoritative source in its industry. Keeping your content relevant can foster long-term user satisfaction and loyalty.

Tip 4. Secure transactions with trusted payment options

Tip 4. Secure transactions with trusted payment options

For e-commerce success, prioritizing secure financial transactions is crucial. Integrating recognized and trusted payment services such as Amazon Pay and PayPal, can significantly elevate your platform’s trustworthiness. These services, known for their advanced encryption and stringent security measures, can help safeguard customer data. By offering these secure payment options, you can assure customers a safe shopping experience, leveraging the established trust of these gateways. Familiar and reliable payment methods can increase customer confidence and encourage them to complete purchases without security concerns.

Regularly updating and maintaining these payment integrations aligns with industry best practices and addresses emerging security threats. Implementing secure, reputable payment options can enhance transaction safety and reflect your commitment to customer security. This approach can boost customer loyalty and repeat business, establishing a foundation for enduring success in the digital marketplace., the online platform for INDOxyz, a premium coffee brand co-founded by Snoop Dogg and coffee entrepreneur Michael Riady, features secure payment options like Amazon Pay and PayPal. These trusted gateways, renowned for their robust security, instill confidence in customers, assuring them of a safe purchasing experience. This integration is vital for INDOxyz, a newer entrant in the coffee market, as it can immediately build trust with customers through reliable transaction security.

By aligning with industry standards for e-commerce security, enhances the brand’s credibility. Regular updates to these payment systems ensure protection against emerging threats, reinforcing customer trust. This strategic approach can secure customer transactions and foster loyalty and repeat business.

Prioritizing secure and reputable payment options can help build trust and ensure customer loyalty. This approach can provide a secure shopping experience and enhance your brand’s credibility.

Tip 5. Design intuitive UX and consistent brand identity

Tip 5. Design intuitive UX and consistent brand identity

Building trust with your audience can begin with an intuitive and comforting user experience (UX). Aim for a clean, straightforward website layout with clear navigation, striving for easy usability across devices. This approach can make your site visually appealing and easy to use, while also conveying reliability and professionalism.

Consistent and recognizable branding across all digital platforms, including social media and email communications, is also crucial. A unified brand image can enhance visibility and recognition, signaling dependability and professionalism. This consistency can reinforce user confidence in your brand. Blending intuitive UX with a strong brand identity can create an appealing, trustworthy online environment that fosters long-term loyalty.

Catering and event service showcases how intuitive UX and consistent brand identity can build trust and enhance user experience. The website’s design is user-friendly and straightforward, featuring a static menu at the top, fostering ease of navigation and accessibility for users planning events for remote teams. This clear, seamless layout, combined with branded elements like their distinct logo, contributes to a reliable and professional online presence. extends this consistency to their Instagram social media account, maintaining a fully branded experience that enhances brand recognition and trustworthiness. Additionally, the inclusion of convenient features like a chat option and a direct “Get In Touch” link at the bottom of the website, connecting users to [email protected], exemplifies an intuitive approach to user interaction, which can help establish a sense of reliability and approachability.

The harmonious blend of a user-friendly website and a strong, recognizable brand identity can make appealing and instill confidence in users. By simplifying the process of organizing remote team events and supporting a cohesive brand experience, shows an interest in fostering long-term loyalty and trust among its customers.

The combination of intuitive UX and consistent branding can enhance trust and loyalty. Striving for a seamless website design and uniform brand image across all digital platforms can convey reliability and professionalism, which can lead to a strong, trustworthy relationship with your customers.

Key takeaways for enhancing online trust and user engagement

These tips can help you develop a trustworthy and engaging online presence. Each tip addresses a key aspect of the user experience, from prioritizing security and transparency to providing helpful information and an easy-to-navigate interface. Implementing these strategies can boost user satisfaction and loyalty, as well as solidify the credibility and professionalism of your brand. Together, they form a powerful approach to fostering a positive and lasting relationship with your audience in the digital space.

XYZ Q4 2023 Quarterly Recap

As we bid farewell to 2023, we reflect on an exciting year filled with achievements and expansion. We significantly updated our service to enhance user experiences. Our Domains Reports continue to be well-received, offering unique insights into the industry, while our #AIMonday blog series captivated readers with its thought-provoking content on all things artificial intelligence and machine learning. Supporting 60 hackathons was a highlight of our community engagement, where we were inspired by numerous enthusiastic innovators building on .xyz domains. This fourth quarter has been a testament to our pursuit of excellence. Take a closer look at our accomplishments in Q4.

Black Friday Cyber Monday sale

The XYZ Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales provided an opportunity to acquire the ideal domain and apply our quarterly website tips, focusing on customer experience.

Black Friday Cyber Monday sale

This year, our partners introduced a variety of offers across XYZ’s extensive domain portfolio. The .xyz domain was a standout, available at just $0.99 for the first year at some retailers. Additionally, we offered a variety of unique domains such as .Homes, .Autos, .Motorcycles, .Boats, .Yachts, .Monster, .Quest, .LOL, .Pics, .Mom , .Lat, Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, .Makeup, all at an exciting price of only $1.50 for the first year. Not to be overlooked were the .College, .Baby, and .Rent domains, each available for only $1.99 for the first year!

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There were some incredible domains registered, and some live websites are already up and running:

The Double Eleven Shopping Festival

The Double Eleven Shopping Festival

On November 11th, the Double 11 Shopping Festival in China, originally celebrated as Singles’ Day, marks a significant surge in online shopping, drawing international interest. This event underscores the influence of e-commerce and the global appeal of the .xyz domain, which provides a limitless platform for both consumers and businesses around the world, making it an ideal occasion to acquire a personal .xyz domain.

In China, the .xyz domain has become increasingly popular, emerging as one of the most notable new generic Top-Level Domains (ngTLDs) in the region. XYZ demonstrates its commitment to the Chinese market by establishing a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE), obtaining a Chinese business license, and opening a Beijing office. This has led to a diverse range of users, from small enterprises to large corporations in China, showcasing innovation within the .xyz community. 

To celebrate the Double 11 Shopping Festival, we offered .xyz domains at a special price of 11 RMB or less, catering to the increased online shopping activity.

These sales enabled people and organizations worldwide to prepare for 2024 with amazing new websites. We saw many great domain registrations including: 

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In the last quarter, has experienced several updates and enhancements. The release of OpenSea API V2 marks a significant development, as it now hides user-hidden or spam NFTs, aligning with preferences set in OpenSea profiles. This update also introduced extensive cross-chain support, now including blockchains like Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, Solana, Polygon, Zora, and more, broadening our platform’s reach and capabilities. In addition, our user interface has been improved, featuring the updated Twitter X logo, a new website icon, and a convenient hamburger menu for simplified navigation.
Profile information now benefits from small UI updates, auto-linking of URLs in custom records, and user-friendly tool-tips on hovering over icons. As continues to evolve, these improvements underscore our commitment to enhancing user experience and staying at the forefront of blockchain technology advancements.

Our weekly blog series, #AIMonday, showcases bleeding-edge platforms emerging from the .xyz community of AI innovators. The term “ai” remains at the top of the list of leading keywords among newly registered .xyz domains, and this ongoing trend shines a spotlight on the many AI-focused end-users developing within our community. As a universal domain ending, .xyz has become a favored choice among innovators, especially in pioneering fields like blockchain, web3, and AI. This preference underscores XYZ Registry’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the innovation economy, a commitment mirrored in the rising trend of AI keyword registrations within the .xyz domain space. This synergy between the adoption of new technology and .xyz domains showcases our dedication to supporting and nurturing the dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape of AI development.Here is a selection of the notable projects we’ve shared this quarter: is the online home of VMOD 3D Library, a repository for digitized fashion materials. is the personal website of Will Garner, an architect integrating artificial intelligence into the field of architecture. is the online home of The Peeps, a UK-based creative concept team that aims to blend traditional skills like copywriting and coding with contemporary technological advancements such as AI, Augmented Reality (AR), and web3 technologies.

Octane.Security is the online home of Octane, an offensive security platform that helps web3 dev teams test their code and expedite deployment.

IRIS.Audio is the online home of IRIS Audio Technologies, a UK-based startup with a core mission of enabling individuals to “Listen Well.”



Every Wednesday since the end of 2014, we have shared a #WebsiteWednesday blog post that spotlights the creativity and innovation in the .xyz community. Our featured websites represent the assortment of unique startups, mission-driven organizations, notable creatives, pioneering artists, and more.

Explore a sampling of the remarkable websites featured this quarter: is the online home for Sundays, a UK-based clothing brand. is the personal website of Alex Watt, copywriter at Constellation Brands, an international producer and marketer of beer, wine, and spirits. is the online home of Baseflow, a platform designed to simplify the “citizenship by investment” process and assist individuals in joining progressive countries. is the online home of Cody Samson, also known as “Shmody,” a freelance audio-visual artist and designer based in San Francisco. is the online home of Zephr, a tech startup focused on next generation location-based solutions.



On Thursdays, we dedicate a #BlockchainThursday blog post highlighting the web3 projects launching in the .xyz community of blockchain pioneers. This quarter, we’ve shared ventures such as analytics platforms, crypto startups, NFT platforms, and more. 

Discover a selection of the unique projects we’ve shared: is the online home of XP, a web3-native ticket marketplace that has recently emerged in the live event ticketing industry. is the online home of Flooz, a blockchain analytics platform designed to help users make informed investment decisions. is the online home of Megavrse, piloting what’s known as Metaverse 2.0, a new generation of the metaverse. is the online home of Vibe, a self-described “NFT-to-Product platform” headquartered in San Francisco. is the online home of Polybase Labs, a crypto startup on a mission to develop a “fair, accessible, and safe blockchain infrastructure to make the world more equitable.”

XYZ Registry Domains Report and freshly funded startups using XYZ Domains

XYZ Registry Domains Report and freshly funded startups using XYZ Domains
The monthly XYZ Registry Domains Report offers an overview of the latest trends in premium and aftermarket domain sales, including key .xyz registration keywords, notable sales, and popular TLDs in premium registrations. Each month, the report provides in-depth insights and success stories from registrants who have found significant success with .xyz domains. Additionally, the Domains Report highlights startups within the .xyz community that have secured substantial venture capital, reflecting their financial stability and innovative potential and exemplifying the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of our community.

Highlighted below is just a selection of the many successes we’ve shared this quarter:

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XYZ provides domains for participants at 60 hackathons around the globe

XYZ supported participants in 60 hackathons, providing coders with .xyz domains to help fuel their creative ideas in the digital landscape. These hackathons were held on a global scale, with some conducted virtually and others spanning diverse locations across the world.
XYZ provides domains for participants at 60 hackathons around the globe
Silico Battles, Dapi Token Presales, BRHS Hacks 2023, DevFest 2K23, Code4cause, Reality Rush Hackathon, Shistech, VIRUS by Team Eniac, Equitable Elevation III, Elithon v6.0, Hacktoberfest, HW Game Jam, Fremont Hacks 2023, Concepto, Technophilia 4.0, CodeWave, X-Hack, Code for Change, FutureHacks, EquiHacks S1, Buildspace Hacks, Inisio Hacks, North Shore Hacks, Tedx Manipal University Jaipur, Pebble Change the World Hackathon, HackSharks 2.0, Spacesprint, Code wars Session 1, Fine Arts And Photography Society’s Kaleidoscope, PECFEST Hackathon, Engage 3.0, REVA HACK 2023, Enigma, Turning Hacks 1.0, hackCBS 6.0, Build, MakeUC, Hack4World Baku 2023, Fall Fiesta FTC Scrimmage, alGIRLithm, Innovate Hacks, Evergreen Grand Hackathon, AliceHacks, HackBlue Cyber Hackathon, GEEKATHON 1.0, BostonHacks, Hack the Lab, Equitable Elevation IV, CodeMystique, HackwithMAIT 4.0, Techgenesis, ClockHacks 2, FOSSConf23, CodePeak, Hello World, Innotech’23, FalconHacks v2, VikingHacks, Hack The Grid, WinterHacks 2023

“We’re delighted to share that the event achieved remarkable success. Thanks a lot to for partnering with us in the 2023 edition of REVA HACK.”-Team REVA HACK 2023

XYZ continues its mission to empower up-and-coming coders, providing them a platform to exhibit their innovative ideas and projects to a worldwide audience via their own .xyz domains. If you’re planning a hackathon and are interested in partnering with XYZ to foster and promote the next wave of digital pioneers as they carve out the future of tech, contact us today!

As we begin the new year, it’s thrilling to see the .xyz community flourish and evolve. We remain committed to supporting the emerging generation of internet innovators developing projects in advanced technologies such as AI and blockchain. We’re proud to honor the varied and significant contributions from the artists, creators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and project visionaries who continuously enhance our community with their inventive and enterprising spirits.

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XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

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