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Emerging crypto innovators embrace .xyz domains to build DeFi platforms and enhance their online presence. Prominent finance executive and software developer Brett Harrison’s is designed for streamlined crypto trading. Blockchain analytics platform aims to humanize crypto. Decentralized crypto custodian aims to revolutionize the way crypto is stored. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to an organization dedicated to advancing the Bitcoin ecosystem:

Empowering Bitcoin’s future: The mission of, a key project of (formerly Square, Inc.), is a technology organization dedicated to the development of Bitcoin. They focus on building and funding open-source projects that advance the Bitcoin ecosystem, aiming to enhance its infrastructure and usability. Their grant program supports a global network of developers and designers, ranking it among the largest Bitcoin funds of its kind.Their approach uses a comprehensive framework to sustain projects within the Bitcoin network. This process includes phases such as project identification, community development, multi-entity funding, and achieving sustainability independently of Each phase is crucial for the long-term viability and independence of Bitcoin-related projects.’s approach to Bitcoin development

As stated on, Spiral aims to “build and fund free, open-source projects aimed at making bitcoin the planet’s preferred currency.” “Spiral Grants” support Bitcoin-focused developers and designers globally, providing financial assistance in bitcoin. Their “Organization Grants” have supported recipients like BTCPay Server1, an open-source payments processor, and the Validating Lightning Signer2, a project that enhances Lightning Network security. “Developer Grants” have supported individuals like Jon Atack, recognized for his significant contributions to Bitcoin Core. Within design, Christoph Ono, the initial recipient of the designer grant, focuses on decentralized structures for the Bitcoin Design Community.‘s initiatives extend beyond project funding. They are deeply involved in community engagement and education, organizing workshops and collaborating with various organizations. This fosters an informed and inclusive community around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The benefits of a memorable, one-word domain like

A short, memorable domain name such as provides significant advantages in the digital landscape. Firstly, it’s easy to recall, ensuring that the brand remains top-of-mind for users and potential clients, which is crucial in a world crowded with information and brands. The succinct nature of makes it straightforward for typing and searching online, reducing the chance of errors and enhancing user experience. Furthermore, the unique .xyz extension provides a modern, innovative feel to the brand. This can be particularly appealing to tech-savvy audiences and those interested in bleeding-edge technology like blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, a distinctive domain like can significantly aid in establishing a strong, recognizable online identity, which is essential for digital marketing and brand positioning in a competitive market. You can learn more by following the organization on X (Twitter) and by visiting


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