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Web3 developers are using .xyz domains to innovate the entertainment industry. Crypto music publishing platform aims to disrupt the music industry by helping recording artists gain more of their music’s value by harnessing the power of blockchain technology to turn songs into collectible NFTs. NFT platform is designed for fans to collect and display music collectibles which include a unique visual and full-length song from Monstercat’s roster of Electronic musicians. NFT studio works to help content creators and Intellectual Property owners like Dolly Parton and FOX’s The Masked Singer to build, launch, manage, and market NFT-related content and experiences. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a music tech company that aims to empower creators so they can make choices about how their content is valued and distributed: is a music technology company aiming to change the way music and other digital content is valued and distributed using the power of blockchain technology. The Boston-based company’s vision is proudly shared on their homepage: “To illuminate true human purpose through technology.” is founded by Forbes-featured artist and former staff engineer at Google, Brandon Tory.1 In 2021, Brandon and partnered with Grammy Award Winning songwriter Dallas Austin to release the album Unicorn.2 Later that year, Brandon was nominated “New Artist of The Year” by the Boston Music Awards.3 On June 3, 2022, announced that their new Share protocol for audio and video content distribution is now available on the Ethereum and Polygon testnet blockchains.

The creator-focused is determined to fundamentally change the industry in which music is served and the infrastructure used to serve it by way of “smart content.” Smart content includes instructions about content ownership and terms around consumption and exchange that would otherwise be specified by a third party distributor. The Share protocol is designed to change the way music and other digital content are valued and distributed, and is also aimed to shift how artists get compensated for their art.4 Share administers the content, or experience, as well as the rules of access to that experience. has named this a Pay-For-Access (PFA) smart contract. The protocol is designed to act like a digital vending machine where the owner selects the terms of access, licensing, and distribution independent of the property on which the machine operates. A publicly available beta version will be available later this year. In the meantime, content creators and developers have been invited to sample the decentralized application intended to showcase the power of the protocol. 

As shared on the company’s Mission page, the name “Formless” represents the disruption of the typical rigid identity structures associated with either music or technology. We look forward to watching the evolution of the Share protocol and everything that comes next. selected the handles @formless_xyz on Twitter, @formlessxyz on Instagram, and @formlessxyz on LinkedIn, which makes them easily discoverable and promotes their website URL right in their social media handle. You can read more about this useful technique in our latest XYZ Quarterly. Learn more by joining the Discord, following the company on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or by visiting


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