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Talented musicians are using .xyz to develop online hubs and showcase their music. Musical artist Talia Goddess uses as an all-inclusive virtual hub. Rapper Ken Carson uses  to highlight his music, tour dates, merchandise, and more. Hip hop artist and designer Karan Panchal uses to share his music. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an indie pop duo who showcase their music on their own .xyz: is the online hub of Cafuné, an indie pop duo from the U.S. consisting of singer-songwriter Sedona Schat and producer Noah Yoo. They formed in 2014, meeting at New York University, and quickly gained recognition in the indie scene. Cafuné’s music, blending alt-pop, dream pop, and indie rock, evolved from initial electropop and synth-pop influences to a rock-oriented sound. In 2021, their debut album ‘Running’ was released, featuring viral singles like ‘High,’ ‘Want Me Out,’ and ‘Tek It,’ which gained popularity on TikTok in 2022. Shortly after gaining attention on Tik Tok, the band signed with Elektra Records. Cafuné has opened for CHVRCHES on their 2022 summer tour, showcasing their dynamic presence in the live music circuit. The band released their latest EP, “Love Songs for the End,” on October 13, 2023.

Exploring From music and videos to tour dates and merch

Sedona and Noah use to showcase their offerings in an easy-to-navigate manner. On the Music page you can check out cover art of their albums and EPs, such as “Running”and “Love Songs for the End,” with links to their profiles on streaming platforms. On the Video page, you can watch the band’s assorted music and lyric videos, which they’ve embedded from their YouTube channel. also links to the band’s merch site, which features T-shirts, cassettes, posters, crewnecks, and more. 1As of December 14, 2023, there are no scheduled performances, but the band’s Tour Dates page will update fans on upcoming opportunities to see Cafuné live. This approach provides fans with a central hub for all things pertaining to Cafuné.

Enhancing fan engagement: The benefits of’s Connect page includes a Connect page, with the ability to submit an email address for updates.  A feature like this can provide several benefits. It fosters direct, personalized communication with fans about new releases, tours, and exclusive content, which can nurture a deeper connection. This feature can be instrumental in building a dedicated fanbase, allowing for targeted marketing, pre-sale ticket offers, and exclusive events. Collecting email addresses allows Cafuné to understand their audience’s demographics and preferences better, helping them refine their music, tours, and marketing strategies. Regular email updates can maintain engagement and loyalty, and potentially increase concert attendance, music streaming, and merchandise sales. offers complete control over the band’s messaging and brand image, reducing reliance on third-party platforms, and it also serves as a direct channel for announcements, promotions, and fan feedback.

You can learn more about the pop duo by checking out their music on Spotify and Apple, following them on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), and YouTube, and by visiting


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