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Tech-focused organizations are embracing .xyz to showcase their AI-infused solutions. Digital platform harnesses AI and blockchain technology for asset management. Mobile app leverages AI to foster seamless Ethereum interactions. AI enhancement platform explores the potential of human feedback. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to a tech company using AI to explore cloud-based genomics research:

Revolutionizing genomics research:’s integration of cloud technology and AI is the online home of Tuple, a tech company offering cloud computing and data solutions for researchers in genomics and other omics1 disciplines. Researchers in these areas often manage vast volumes of data replicated in multiple places, which can slow the pace of research. Tuple bridges the world of genomics data with cloud computing and artificial intelligence, aiming to reduce the time researchers spend managing data so they can focus more on science. The North Carolina-based company partners with Microsoft and its Azure cloud computing services to provide its clients with a data lake—a centralized repository capable of handling data at any scale. 2Tuple also aims to provide advanced analytics tools and machine learning capabilities to help organize and manage this data. Tuple offers services such as a cloud architecture review to help omics researchers assess and modernize their data management processes.

Tuple offers two proprietary tools designed to enhance data handling and analysis in the life sciences sector. The first, azbasespace, is designed to act as a bridge between Illumina’s BaseSpace cloud environment for genomics data storage and Azure’s cloud solutions. The second, ahab, is designed to create flexible, scalable computing pipelines for genomics data using Docker containers organized in Kubernetes clusters.

Dr. Colby T. Ford: Pioneering cloud-based genomics solutions

Tuple was founded in 2019 by Dr. Colby T. Ford, 3a distinguished data scientist and cloud data engineer based in North Carolina. Dr. Ford builds cloud-based solutions for the life sciences and serves as a computational biologist and cloud AI architect at Tuple. He has authored “Genomics in the Azure Cloud” 4and has been recognized as a “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional” for his contributions to bioinformatics in the Azure cloud. 5Outside of his work at Tuple, Dr. Ford is a visiting scholar at UNC Charlotte’s CIPHER research center, where his research spans infectious diseases, protein modeling, AI-based drug discovery, and more.

A real-world case study: Fondation 101 Génomes (F101G)

In 2017, Ludivine Verboogen and Romain Alderweireldt created Fondation 101 Génomes (F101G) 6to accelerate research into Marfan Syndrome, a rare disease affecting 1 in 5,000 people, including their son. Tuple helped F101G with a significant component of their mission: 7using Azure cloud computing technology and machine learning to create a data lake to centralize and organize data and research from patients worldwide afflicted by this disease. The resulting speed with which researchers could query this data helped them understand the genetic composition of the Marfan genomes. This effort also helped researchers access the same vast amount of data in multiple locations.

The power of a forward-thinking .xyz domain like 

Choosing a .xyz domain identifies as a modern, forward-thinking enterprise with an innovative spirit. This domain choice also positions the company within a network of innovative entities, ranging from startups to tech giants, who recognize the value of a .xyz domain in signaling creativity and forward-thinking. A key advantage of opting for a .xyz domain is its novelty and modern appeal, which often means wider availability of matching social media handles. This availability helps use @tuplexyz as a brand-consistent handle for social media. You can learn more by following the company on LinkedIn @tuplexyz and GitHub @tuplexyz, and by visiting


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