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DeFi-focused developers exploring the power of artificial intelligence are adopting .xyz domains to share their innovations. Digital platform utilizes AI and blockchain technology for asset management. AI-powered platform aims to empower crypto trading enthusiasts. AI platform explores Ethereum’s potential to increase the usage of machine learning. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to a mobile application designed to help you use Ethereum by speaking to your crypto wallet:

Introducing Explore Ethereum on iOS is the online home of Dawn Wallet, a mobile application designed to function as a fast and efficient Ethereum wallet on iOS devices. Dawn Wallet’s design aims to facilitate easy access to Ethereum-based decentralized applications (dApps) via Safari, iOS’s native web browser. The app is designed to integrate itself with Safari, transforming the latter into a web3 browser. This feature enables users to connect, sign, and transact on various decentralized apps, including Uniswap, Aave, and on-chain music platform, directly within Safari.  Focusing on security, Dawn Wallet uses Apple’s Secure Enclave to encrypt private keys, storing these encrypted keys in the Keychain. Additionally, the app makes its private key handling code open-source on Github, promoting transparency and community review. Dawn Wallet aims to enhance the user experience in using Ethereum apps by prioritizing speed and seamless dApp connectivity.

Meet Dawn AI: a personal Ethereum assistant

The innovative mobile application features an AI component, Dawn AI, which is designed to serve as a personal assistant for Ethereum-related transactions and inquiries. This AI helps facilitate user interaction on the Ethereum blockchain through simple, natural language commands. It facilitates various tasks such as sending transactions, swapping assets, managing loans, and bridging assets between blockchain networks. Users can direct the AI to perform actions like lending cryptocurrency, with each transaction being simulated for approval. Dawn AI delivers real-time on-chain data, enabling queries regarding crypto balances, net worth, NFT holdings, trending tokens, and borrowing rates on platforms including Aave.  Additionally, Dawn AI has internet access for broader informational queries.

The Dawn AI credit system

Dawn AI interactions are managed through a credit system. Users begin with an initial credit allocation and each AI interaction consumes a credit. Users can replenish these credits daily or through referrals. This system is part of Dawn Wallet’s approach to engage users and expand its network. Overall, Dawn AI signifies a move toward simplifying and improving the user experience with the Ethereum blockchain, aiming to make it more accessible and user-friendly through AI-driven, natural language interactions. You can visit the Dawn AI page to sign up for early access. 

Trust and safety with Dawn Wallet

Dawn Wallet prioritizes the security of user assets, employing several measures to build trust and ensure safety. It utilizes the iPhone’s Secure Enclave for encrypting and storing the wallet’s private key in the secure and trusted keychain, enhancing protection against unauthorized access. Additionally, as stated on their website, Dawn Wallet’s open-source approach means all code interacting with the private key, including encryption and signing processes, is available for public review on GitHub. This transparency invites community oversight, adding an extra layer of reliability. Furthermore, the wallet integrates biometric authentication, like Face ID, as a default security measure, ensuring that only the authorized user can access the wallet. These combined features showcase Dawn Wallet’s user-focused approach to security, which can foster trust and confidence among its users. You can learn more about building trust with customers on your website in our latest Quarterly Report. The Dawn Wallet app is free to use and can be downloaded from the App Store. You can learn more by following along on X/Twitter, joining the Discord, and visiting

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