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Forward-thinking crypto developers are using .xyz domains to showcase innovative DeFi projects. Crypto tech organization is focused on the development of Bitcoin. Blockchain analytics platform aims to humanize crypto. Bitcoin project harnesses zero-knowledge technology to expand crypto capabilities. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a ZK-focused project aimed at enhancing the infrastructure of the decentralized web: A hub for zero-knowledge infrastructure and community engagement is the online home of ZKV, a mission-driven company specializing in running validator and node infrastructure across ten networks within the zero-knowledge (ZK) ecosystem. Zero-knowledge proofs are a type of cryptographic protocol that allows one party to prove to another that a statement is true, without revealing any additional information beyond the validity of the statement itself. This technology is crucial for enhancing privacy and security in digital transactions. ZKV maintains strong connections with key organizations in the ZK sector, including The Zero Knowledge Podcast, ZK Hack, zkSummit, and others. Founded in 2019, ZKV is actively engaged in a variety of initiatives aimed at fostering the growth and understanding of ZK technology, such as funding public goods, organizing event series, and providing legal education.

Advancing Zero-Knowledge technologies for enhanced blockchain security

The company has developed and is currently advancing a range of zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technologies and validator projects critical to the privacy and security of blockchain networks. These projects include the implementation of validator services across multiple proof-of-stake networks, where they ensure the integrity and efficiency of the blockchain operations. ZKV has also contributed to open-source initiatives, enhancing the accessibility and development of zero-knowledge tools within the community. Through these technologies and projects, ZKV aids in securing transaction privacy and expanding the adoption of zero-knowledge proofs, which are pivotal for maintaining user anonymity and data confidentiality in blockchain interactions. These efforts are part of ZKV’s broader mission to support the infrastructure of the emerging decentralized web while advocating for privacy-centric technology.

Fostering community and advocacy in the zero-knowledge space

ZKV actively engages in community-building initiatives, including ZK Hack and the Zero Knowledge Podcast, which serve as crucial platforms for disseminating knowledge and fostering collaboration within the zero-knowledge space. ZK Hack, co-created by ZKV, is an event series that brings together developers and researchers to explore and innovate on ZK technologies. The Zero Knowledge Podcast, hosted by ZKV co-founder Anna Rose, regularly features discussions with leading figures in the field, providing deep insights into the latest research and applications of zero-knowledge proofs. In addition to these educational efforts, ZKV is involved in advocacy for privacy technology. They partner with other industry leaders to promote the adoption of privacy-enhancing technologies, participating in campaigns and discussions that emphasize the importance of privacy and security on digital platforms. These activities underline ZKV’s commitment to advancing the understanding and use of zero-knowledge proofs in the broader tech community.

Introducing Anna Rose, ZKV co-founder and figurehead of the zero-knowledge community

Co-founder Anna Rose is a prominent figure in the zero-knowledge community, known for her deep involvement in advancing privacy technologies. Anna plays a pivotal role in educating and connecting professionals across the privacy and security sectors. Her work extends beyond these platforms; she was also a co-founder of Videopath, a company focused on integrating video content with interactive web media, showcasing her innovative approach to technology. At ZKV, Anna continues to drive initiatives that foster the development and adoption of zero-knowledge proofs, reinforcing her commitment to enhancing digital privacy and security.

The evolution to 

ZKV upgraded their domain from to the modern and friendly, reflecting the company’s forward-thinking ethos and accessibility. offers a modern and user-friendly interface that aligns with ZKV’s innovative approach to technology. This change not only simplifies the domain name, making it easier to remember and share, but also enhances brand visibility and appeal in a tech landscape where succinct and memorable domains are highly valued. The .xyz extension, associated with innovation and next-generation internet culture, helps position ZKV at the forefront of the decentralized web, appealing to a global audience increasingly engaged in blockchain and privacy technologies. You can learn more by following the company on LinkedIn and X/Twitter @zkv_xyz, and by visiting

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