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The .xyz community is home to a vast array of skilled professionals sharing their talents on .xyz domains. Copywriter Michael Shea uses to showcase work for brands such as Little Caesars and Smirnoff. Finance professional Marc Hartog uses to help guide startups to success.  Audio-visual artist Cody Samson shares his VFX work for Beyoncé and Coachella on In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a branding strategy professional and anthropologist with an online hub on a “” domain of his own:

Meet Steve Richards: Empowering identity through emotional intelligence is the online hub of Steve Richards, an experienced anthropologist and entrepreneur with a background in cross-cultural communication and emotional intelligence. Co-founder of branding agency Jago in 2014, he focuses on personal brand transformation and strategic storytelling, leveraging his experience to help leaders enhance their identity and reputation. With a diverse upbringing across multiple countries and a career that spans international development and ethnographic research, Steve offers guidance and coaching to individuals seeking to improve their social and emotional well-being, as well as their professional performance. Through his work, Steve focuses on empowering individuals to understand and manage their emotional intelligence, positioning them for success in both personal and professional realms. On May 13, 2023, Steve spoke at TEDxShoreditch in London, United Kingdom, addressing the theme of “Be True To Who You Are.” Amidst rising mental health concerns and the pervasive pressures of social media that often distort authenticity, the event focused on the importance of genuine self-expression.1

Integrating anthropology and emotional intelligence for leadership development

As highlighted on, Steve employs methodologies from his anthropology background alongside modern emotional intelligence frameworks. He utilizes EQ-i 2.0 assessments, tools within the emotional intelligence framework, to measure individual emotional and social competencies. These assessments provide insights into emotional strengths and potential areas for development, assisting leaders in enhancing their emotional management and interpersonal skills. Steve’s use of EQ-i 2.0 assessments helps leaders to better understand and develop their emotional and social capabilities, important for effective leadership and personal growth. His knowledge of ethnography, a key aspect of his anthropological work, helps him to delve into diverse cultural settings, deepening his understanding of varied social dynamics and leadership challenges. This combination of emotional intelligence coaching and cultural knowledge helps Steve develop tailored strategies that support his clients in refining their identities and advancing their professional paths.

Showcasing impact and endorsements: The professional journey of Steve Richards

Steve uses his website to highlight his strengths, achievements, and to route potential clients to Jago’s website. He also highlights professional recommendations. One such recommendation comes from Jim Goddard, Global Head of Child Sponsorship Marketing & Engagement at humanitarian aid organization World Vision International, who states: “He intentionally frees his mind to imagine new possibilities. I have known and worked with Steve for 8 years now. From his initial innovation and dream to better engage children in our field programs to show their real selves, we have journeyed together to bring this to scale to over 3.5m children across 54 nations. Talk about impact from one man’s daring to believe there was a better way. Steve is alternative, he is purposefully on the edge, but by being so he also intentionally frees his mind to imagine new possibilities. He is very personable, always joyfully willing, and I have great respect for him, his unique skill set and the way he sees the world.” 

The advantages of an online hub like for professional branding

Using a domain like offers significant advantages for professionals seeking to establish a clear and direct online presence. It serves as a digital business card, providing an immediate association between the domain name and the individual it represents, which enhances recognition and recall among peers, clients, and potential collaborators. Additionally, a personal website like allows for greater control over one’s online persona and the flexibility to customize the site’s content to reflect personal values, professional achievements, and the unique offerings of their services.  You can learn more about Steve by following him on LinkedIn and by visiting


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