ZweetShop.xyzNetwork Solutions customer (Malaysia)

The past few years have seen a major boom in startups across the globe. We love to see so many in the #GenXYZ community using a .xyz domain to help their startup business reach new heights. In the past we’ve brought you retail pop-ups, business-friendly advertising and customer service robots, and sleek and safe custom helmets. But for this week’s #WebsiteWednesday we found something that almost anyone would want to use,’s Antiperspirant Wipes.

Everybody sweats, but some people have a bigger problem with it than others. So what if there was a simple, easy solution to help control it? Malaysia local is making towelettes that help customers regain their confidence and “kiss nervous sweat goodbye”. These ingenious wipes come in individually wrapped packages, perfect for travel or on the go. Simply wipe them on your underarms and toss. These are best used if you apply the night before, and then shower as usual in the morning. Worried that it might sound good to be true? Don’t worry, the product is listed in the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency for the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Big presentation coming up? First Date? Already worrying about that hot summer heat? Let ease your woes, and purchase your first pack here. And don’t forget to use the promo code ZWEETFIRST to get a 10% discount on your first order! To see more from you can follow them on Instagram. We’re proud that #GenXYZ continues to grow and produce an innovative online community. We’re always looking to add more to our squad, so check out today!

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