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Romoni.xyzGoDaddy customer (Bangladesh)

Busy parents and professionals know how tough it can be to find time for beauty and self-care. Between booking multiple appointments, driving to the salon, and finding parking, a simple manicure and facial could eat up hours out of their day. One female CEO and co-founder is solving this problem for Bangladesh residents in this week’s #WebsiteWednesday with homepage is an online platform that allows customers to search, compare, book and review at-home beauty services in Bangladesh. Without the overhead cost from a traditional salon or spa, beauty and wellness artists are able to enjoy higher wages, and customers can conveniently get their beauty services at home. ensures that all of their artists are skilled and experienced through their partner application process and continuous training workshops.

Armin Zaman Khan came up with the idea for in 2015 when she was working as a government consultant and recognized the disparity between a beauty and wellness artist and salon owner. According to her research, the beauty industry is the second-largest source of employment for women in Bangladesh, yet the artist will receive only about 30% of the revenue, while the salon owner keeps the remaining 70%. Armin saw an opportunity to fill this gap using technology, initially starting the direct-to-consumer beauty services platform through a Facebook page called Book My Look.

Together with her mobile app-skilled co-founders, Tarique Ibn Haider and Abidur Rahman Mallik, Amin upgraded the page into a full-fledged website and app in 2017. There are two sides to the app: Romoni Customer and Romoni Partner. Customers can book services through Romoni Customer, while professionals track their appointments and manage their online profile through the Romoni Partner. Women professionals who provide beauty services on can earn as much as three times as much as they normally would. To date, they have on-boarded over 200 women professionals, making it the biggest beauty and wellness destination in Bangladesh.

To book a service on, head to their home page or download the Android app on Google Play. From there you can choose from salon services (manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing), spa services (massages and scrubs), and hair and makeup. For brides and bridal parties, there are even special wedding hair and makeup packages, as well as mehendi (designs made from the henna plant). You can book services from almost anywhere in Bangladesh, and Dhaka and Chittagong residents may expect an artist to arrive at their home in as little as two hours.

If you’re in Bangladesh, head to or download the Android app to book your appointment. You can also learn more about Amin’s journey to creating on their YouTube channel and connect with them on LinkedIn.

Mailchain.xyzGoDaddy customer (United Kingdom)

Avid #WebsiteWednesday readers will remember last month we introduced you to, a decentralized app (or DApp) that uses blockchain tech to help event organizers better track attendance. This week we’re featuring another .xyz adopter who is harnessing the power of the DNS with their domain, this time to create a more secure email system: homepage is a DApp that encrypts email messages so that only the recipient can decrypt and view them. The service allows users to send and receive HTML messages, including messages with media. The potential uses of‘s service range from sending strongly encrypted messages to managing payments, complete with receipts and invoices, to even setting automated reminders and handling internal support requests.

The advantages of using are evident in its varied potential applications. The true power of their service, however, lies in its decentralized nature and enhanced record-keeping ability thanks to blockchain technology. Since can use records logged in the blockchain to verify transactions and the parties involved without needing to know their identity, the privacy and security afforded by their service can be appealing to many businesses and individuals.

Plus, it’s easy to get started using‘s service. They offer a comprehensive guide that walks new users through the installation process, gives detailed directions on setting up accounts, and provides guidance on how to use the API to satisfy your needs. They offer documentation for advanced configuration as well, so users of any skill level can find the information they need to get the most out of

Decentralized services like are trailblazers in the blockchain-based technology space, just as .xyz is helping to pave the way in new domain technology. That’s why, thanks to our partnership with blockchain platform Ethereum, you can use your .xyz domain as a custom identifier for your Ethereum wallet and make your own DApp, just like did. All you have to do is register the .xyz domain you want to get started!

Learn more about by following them on Twitter @Mailchain_xyz, or by checking out their pages on GitHub and Gitter.

Coaching.MonsterPorkBun customer (United Kingdom)

We’re celebrating one of the newest members of the XYZ Family during the month of Halloween: .Monster! It’s the perfect time of year to showcase your skills on a domain with some bite. The internet is already crawling with amazing .Monster sites since we launched the TLD in April, so this #Website Wednesday we are sharing one of our favorites: Coaching.Monster. homepage

Coaching.Monster is a London-based professional coaching services company that aims to help business owners, executives, managers, and employees develop and hone their skills in order to help them succeed in business. By providing useful advice and information, Coaching.Monster can assist with the challenges that may be faced while building a successful company.

Coaching.Monster was recently founded by business coach Joanna Szczyglowska, who also acts as the managing director. Joanna specializes in project management and leadership development, having worked closely with many Chief Executive Officers and Founders as a professional manager for more than 10 years. She also received her Masters in Business Administration in 2017 from the Universite de Lyon in France, and then was accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for Transformation Coaching in February 2019.

Joanna launched Coaching.Monster shortly after receiving her ICF accreditation and expertly uses “Monster” throughout all of the company’s branding. Joanna and her team offer three services to their clients: Transformation Coaching, Training and Mentoring, and Consulting. For clients seeking focused exploration, the Monster Shift Package for Transformation Coaching can help to increase their self-awareness and foster entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Aspiring start-up owners may benefit from the Monster Guide Package for Training and Mentoring, which focuses on developing the knowledge and competence that is needed to become a successful entrepreneur. Lastly, for those who actively manage a business, the Monster Suggest Package for Consulting can help to produce detailed professional advice that can save time, revenue, and resources.

A free Coaching Monster membership is available if you aren’t quite sure which package to choose from, which grants members access to their community of entrepreneurs and start-up companies. You can also head to the Coaching.Monster blog to learn more about the kind of advice they have to offer. Readers can learn how small and medium business can benefit from business coaching and the benefits of investing in staff training.

If you’re interested in using Coaching.Monster‘s career coaching services, you can use the contact form on their website. You can also follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up-to-date on all their business coaching news.

POAP.xyzGandi customer (Argentina)

We’re living in the golden age of cryptocurrency. Since the arrival of Bitcoin in 2009, countless altcoins and blockchain platforms have emerged on the scene and sparked a tech revolution. Blockchain technology like Ethereum, thanks to its core function of creating a verifiable public database for decentralized actions, can be used for many things beyond simply trading cryptocurrency. One such example is tracking attendance at events, like this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, homepage gets its name from an acronym, proof of attendance protocol. In simpler terms, POAP is a system event organizers can utilize to track attendance by giving crypto-badges to attendees when they show up. These badges can be collected in person or remotely, and come in the form of non-redeemable tokens that are easily viewable in your Ether wallet. is what is known as a decentralized app, or DApp. These kinds of apps work using the decentralized nature of blockchain technology. Their purposes range from simplifying transactions (think cryptocurrency) to cybersecurity and even includes online games. In this case, allows event organizers to assign badges to attendees and track their attendance at specific parts of the overall event. Best of all, it’s completely free to use and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Blockchain enthusiasts have already welcomed’s platform with open arms. A quick look at‘s Twitter feed shows plenty of excited event attendees collecting badges with the system at developer conventions, Ethereum conventions, and hackathons. is more than just a platform, they are cultivating a community for their users on the platforms their users frequent most, like Reddit, GitHub, and Telegram. Thanks to their memorable domain name, has been able to secure a name in these communities that exactly matches their domain. That kind of easy name recognition, which doubles as a clear call-to-action for their website, gives a leg up as they seek to expand their service to new events.

Blockchain platforms like Ethereum are redrawing the landscape of everyday tech services, and is a great example of how this technology can make industries more efficient. Don’t miss out on being a part of the blockchain revolution yourself. Simplify the process by learning how to use your .xyz domain as a custom Ether wallet identifier!

Be.xyzNhan Hoa customer (Vietnam)

Ridesharing technology has most likely revolutionized the way we get around more than any other transportation development in the last few decades. Countless rideshare platforms have popped up worldwide trying to grab their slice of the market, so standing out above the rideshare competition takes an exceptional business model and a strong dedication to providing great service. Those are qualities you’ll find plenty of when you meet this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, homepage is one of the most popular rideshare platforms in Vietnam and helps transport thousands of residential and business customers every day. In fact, the iOS app is the #2 most popular download in the Navigation category and has been downloaded over 12,000 times in the Google Play store.‘s service works both in the traditional rideshare format, where a driver picks up the customer and takes them from point A to point B, as well as a car rental service that offers 4 and 7 seat cars or motorbikes for rent. That’s not all though, as also offers delivery services, allowing customers to get groceries, meals, and anything else they’d like to buy delivered to wherever they are.

As we said, isn’t just like any rideshare company, and their attitude toward their drivers is where they stand out. The company offers a bonus rewards program for drivers which allows them to earn bonus pay for miles driven and trips completed. This system ensures the drivers that depends on to carry out their renowned high-quality service are happy and being compensated fairly. The program benefits riders as well, as they can be assured that their driver is making a fair wage for their work. also manages a blog that is updated regularly with special boosted bonus program rewards so drivers in cities around Vietnam can earn even more. has also set up an insurance program for their drivers, called BeCare, which provides health insurance and auto insurance to their drivers and is funded via deductions from the company’s overall revenue.

It’s easy to see how they’ve come to dominate Vietnam’s rideshare market and surpass impressive milestones like completing 25 million trips when you learn more about‘s stellar team. BE GROUP Joint Stock Company, the brains and financing behind, have set their sites on beyond being the most popular rideshare app in Vietnam and want to take on their biggest competitors around the world. They’ve even recently sponsored the Vietnamese national football team, another sign that‘s brand has serious power.

There are many factors to creating a globally successful business, but at the core of everything are your employees. goes above and beyond when it comes to their drivers, and they’ve been able to achieve their ambitions by building a rewarding culture for all their workers. Connect with on Facebook or experience their culture for yourself via their YouTube channel. If you’re in Vietnam, be sure to download the app on Google Play or in the App Store.

The third issue of the XYZ Quarterly for 2019 is here, and with it comes the third installment in our “How To Get Online” series: Grow Your Audience. Last quarter you learned how to build your brand, and this quarter we’re helping you to deliver your brand to your potential customers, fans, and members.

Q3 Cover

Q3 of the XYZ Quarterly is filled with tips and tricks to help you attract a loyal following. Learn six key ways to build brand awareness within your community, and meet the .xyz community members who are expertly connecting with their audience. Also, get a first look at who’s killing it with .Monster and thriving on .Baby.

Fill.xyzGoDaddy customer (United Kingdom)

Let’s face it, no one enjoys filling out forms. Taking a paper document, figuring out how to get it correctly scanned to your computer, and adding in fillable fields is a chore almost every time we have to do it. Fortunately for anyone fed up with this status quo, this week’s #WebsiteWednesday,, offers a solution that can make documentation simple and easy to do right from your phone. homepage is the online destination for Fill, a document editing iOS app that allows you to digitally fill out forms, documents, and contracts with your iPhone. Simply scan your documents using your phone’s camera (or upload from Dropbox or Google Drive) and the app identifies any fill-in fields. You can then add a custom signature, highlight text, draw or add notes via the “pen”, stamp approval or notices, fill in checkboxes, or add icons. Best of all, everything you add into the document can be easily resized, moved around, re-styled, or deleted altogether, giving you even more control than you would have with a regular pen and paper.

When you save your custom details in Fill you can quickly add signatures to documents or have the app autofill common fields with your information (i.e. your name, address, and contact details.) Once you’ve finished editing your document you can quickly save it to your files or export it to send via your preferred method.

The creators of Fill are also the company behind iFax, the most popular mobile faxing app in the Apple store, so if you need to fax your document you can simply purchase credits from the Fill app and fax the pages right from your phone. Plus, you can trust you’re getting a quality app when you download Fill, as it has 4.5 stars in the App Store and is listed #158 in the list of most popular apps for business.

While it’s clear how powerful the Fill app is, standing out to users amidst the countless similar apps in the App Store still poses a challenge. With their memorable URL and detailed website, Fill has a strong presence both in the App Store and on the web. is an easy place to direct potential users who want to know more about the app and sends them to the right app in the store in one simple click.

Today, apps are one of the most common products businesses rely on for success. Yet while there are millions of users in the app store looking for services, there are also millions of other apps making it tough to get noticed. Creating a dedicated microsite for your app opens it up to the whole world, and with that recognition, there is endless potential to carve out your market, just like

We’re celebrating the month of Halloween with the deadliest domain online: .Monster! This October, conjure up a frighteningly fun website on a web address with some bite.

Dot Monster logo on a creepy background

.Monster is perfect for every witch, goblin, and goon, but you don’t need to be a creature of the night to get in on the fun. YourBrandName.Monster shows that you are a BEAST at what you do and marks you as a modern-day renegade.

Many .Monster sites have already been unleashed on the web. Coaching.Monster is home to ICF certified business coach Joanna Szczyglowska’s professional coaching services. Cryptocurrency investors can head to Shuffle.Monster to transfer shuffled ERC20 tokens. Doume.Monster is French sculptor and painter Doumonstors’ online gallery. Creep over to Get.Monster/Live to see more!

Let your imagination run wild with these scary good deals from our retail partners – prices are as low as $.99! Choose one below, or search for your domain at Get.Monster.

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KimmyWalters.xyzeNom / Open SRS customer (United States)

Poetry has been an important form of self-expression for as long as the written word has been around. Classic writers may be the first poets that come to mind – Shakespeare, Dickinson, Whitman – but the internet has given a voice to a whole new wave of modern-day poets with an entirely fresh perspective, including the woman behind this week’s #WebsiteWednesday,

Screenshot of homepage is the online portfolio of San Diego-based writer Kimmy Walters. Described as “one of poetry’s brightest young things” by Dazed Magazine, Kimmy has already had two books of poetry published, Uptalk and Killer, before turning 30. You can also find her poems in a number of publications, including Peach Magazine, the New York Tyrant, and Queen Mob’s Tea House.

Kimmy first rose to literary Internet fame in a somewhat peculiar way. She amassed over 20,000 followers on Twitter after turning the senseless posts from a widely followed novelty account, @Horse_ebooks, into surprisingly profound poetry. As a Twitter account for, @Horse_ebooks tweeted random phrases from the books and became widely known for its unintentionally amusing updates. Kimmy combed through the more than 16,000 nonsensical tweets to create poems that resembled her writing style. Since then, she’s been the mastermind behind viral tweets like this victorian therapy horse Buzzfeed dubbed “creepily accurate” and the in-flight dodecahedron that caused an internet uproar.

Published in 2015 by independent publisher Bottlecap Press, Kimmy wrote her first poetry collection Uptalk while she studied Linguistics in college. The title of the book refers to the rising inflection in which each clause or sentence ends like a question, a speech trend that is most commonly used by women. The science of language and its constant evolution heavily influenced the 68-page book, as Kimmy explores speech and feminism. Celebrated novelist Sheila Heti described Uptalk as “charming, inviting, beguiling and delightful poems in the language of someone who seems alive speaking refreshing riddles to herself.”

Experience the darker side of Kimmy’s work with her second poetry collection, Killer. Published in 2016, the book is influenced by an interest in modern mysteries, forensic science, and the years she spent in rural Missouri. Goodreads says the poems “seem to consider the world with a deep curiosity and a tinge of suspicion.” In one poem from the book, also entitled Killer, Kimmy finds the word “killer” carved into her closet and wonders if a murderer had previously lived in her residence, but decides that the 100-degree Missouri heat makes it too hot for her to care.

Go to to explore her poetry and find links to purchase her books. You can follow Kimmy’s popular Twitter account, @ka_waltz, for almost daily doses of her unique humor. Do you need a place to showcase your work and achievements? Head to to register your .xyz domain name today! customer (India)

We’ve all been there, you’re working on a task that seems insurmountable or trying to crack a puzzle blocking your latest project and can’t find a solution. While some things seem impossible, collaboration and teamwork could be the secrets to solving any challenge no matter how great. Applying that same logic to an industry can bring truly revolutionary change, as this week’s #WebsiteWednesday,, will show you. is a community created for designers, by designers, that allows its members to showcase their skills, find clients, and take on exciting design challenges together. The idea for came from two design industry challenges that the UNI founders noticed. On the one hand, many talented design artists struggle to find opportunities to feature their work in front of a large audience, which in turn impacts their ability to find steady projects. On the flip side, clients looking for design work have difficulty finding the right designer for their needs.

The network have fostered brings these two camps together, bridging the gap between supply and demand while establishing a progressive community for designers to express their passion and pursue their design dreams. The main method uses to bring designers and clients together is with their design challenges. These competitions pit designers up against grand-scale creative challenges like proposing interactive performance venues, re-designing prisons to maximize rehabilitation, and inventing machine-human solutions to prepare for reaching the singularity.

Competitions are open to all members of the community, and entries are judged by panels comprised of design experts and industry leaders. The competitions not only give designers a chance to propose their work to potential clients and mentors but also allow them to collaborate with other professionals to solve challenges as a team and share ideas. Clients benefit as well, as they are able to host design challenges and get a first-hand look at highly talented individuals and teams ready to take on new work.

“Our ultimate goal at UNI is to make good design accessible to all. Good designers need clients and the world needs good design. However, the process of designing currently comes with many strings attached. Designers have to depend on multiple tools for integral aspects of their work, like collaborating, raising their skills, finding inspiration, communicating, showcasing work and finding clients. We believe that there’s a need to reimagine the tools available to designers. At we target to provide a solution to those issues, thus allowing designers to spend more time and energy on what they do best – design.

XYZ for us symbolizes three generations of users ranging from traditional Gen X to contemporary Gen Z. We at UNI believe that we aren’t another corporate ‘company’ or ‘organization’. We are a platform for design enthusiasts globally and across all generations. Thus, the domain ‘.xyz’ resonated well with our self-reflection to create something for the ever-growing community of Gen X, Gen Y & Gen Z designers.” team

Never backing down from a challenge, no matter how great it may seem, is one of the core values that .xyz and it’s millions of adopters share. We believe no goal is too great to be accomplished, whether it be to create affordable housing for the next generation of entrepreneurs or to become the most popular domain extension in the world. Are you ready to take on your next challenge? Then register your own .xyz domain and get the tool you need to amplify your voice while joining the community of users who make the impossible look easy.