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Unsmile.xyzCDMon customer – (Spain)

It’s important for brands to promote their philosophy in a way that will resonate with viewers. The winning combination of a catchy domain name, a bright website design, a clear mission, and adorable products can ensure your website is not only seen, but makes your viewers smile. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, you’ll learn how a children’s clothing label in Spain donates a portion of their proceeds to charity and opts for a bold yet minimalistic website design in harmony with their merchandise:

A catchy domain that makes you smile is the online home of Unsmile, a unique Spanish childrenswear brand. Unsmile makes cool t-shirts with a minimal design and complex message to invite creation. They encourage viewers to “put on our shirt and make the world something different.” Their name stems from a delightful philosophy: Cherish the smile of children, and even the “unsmile,” because without it the smile itself cannot be fully appreciated. This is akin to the belief that without the rain, there can be no rainbow. Or without sadness, happiness wouldn’t be as wonderful. This meaningful mission, fully explored on the Manifesto page, can entice viewers to further explore the site.

Adorable products to add to your cart

Simplicity applies to more than the designs of’s website and clothing. Their merchandise selection, found on the Shop tab of the main menu, is considerably light yet each piece boldly promotes the brand’s message. There are a few children’s t-shirts, a tank top, and even a small handbag featuring precious frowny faces and simple phrases like “how do you want to smile at the world?” and, “let’s be serious let’s smile.” Each item welcomes the viewer to click again to see more of the features and specifications, and allows size selection before adding the item to your shopping cart.

A clear mission to help others

There are two very special features that make’s shopping experience unique. Firstly, their core piece, the Zero T-Shirt Unsmile Pack, comes with a special fabric marker for children to personalize their new t-shirt. And second, in the description of each item, the website states that 1 Euro for every item purchased is donated to the CurArte Foundation and will go towards hospitalized children and their families. The CurArte Foundation, established in 2006, has three main objectives: Contribute to changing the culture of care and attention for hospitalized children and adolescents, promote the humanization of hospital care, and work on a tailor-made project for each hospital based on their needs. Creating a cooperative relationship between your brand and a compassionate charity like The CurArte Foundation is a fantastic initiative, and being sure to promote this type of initiative on your website will better inform your customers of your interest in helping others in need.

A bright website design to foster happiness‘s homepage contains imagery of children wearing the brand’s T-shirts as well as various “unsmiles” on their faces. Each section of the homepage is filled with text blurbs such as: “(De)revolution of the child’s smile that vindicates things and causes that do not produce laughter,” “what shirt do you wear and why,” and “unsmile intervenes on reality,” providing an artistic and creative illustration of the brand and it’s vibe. And of course, you can’t help but notice their extremely large, animated, sad face emoticon logo. The whimsical, winking image evokes a vibe of youthful innocence that fosters happiness and joy.

Brands can make a strong impression with customers by promoting their products and their philosophy with a clear and easy to navigate website. sells children’s clothing and shares a portion of all sales with an organization that helps the families of hospitalized children. Their website features bright backgrounds, easy navigation, and charming products. These features paired with the philanthropic initiatives of the brand can help to resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impression. Take a look at their adorable options for yourself. can also be found on Facebook and Instagram

HelloWorldRobotics.xyzGoDaddy customer (Malaysia)

Greatness can be achieved when innovators recognize a universal need and get to work towards a solution for the greater good. We see this type of innovation a lot within the .xyz community. is a digital fitness studio focused on connecting health and wellness professionals to those wanting to keep moving from home at an affordable cost. created a platform for feminist dialogue. And is an autonomous robot delivery service working to ensure a more efficient and cost effective future of delivery. These end-users created solutions for universal needs. Similarly, this week’s #WebsiteWednesday features another robotics company, this one in Southeast Asia, honing their focus to greatly reduce the risk of contagion in the home delivery process:

Once considered a luxury of ultimate convenience, home delivery became a standard necessity due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. According to the CDC, a primary way to stop the spread of disease is to “put 6 feet of distance between yourself and people who don’t live in your household.” Following these guidelines has led people to reduce the number of errands and shopping trips they make. And this has led to an unprecedented rise of the home delivery option, thereby creating an increase in the need for delivery drivers. considered the risk involved for both drivers and buyers in a new atmosphere of high contagion, in addition to the pre-existing risks of deliveries in unsafe and less accessible neighborhoods, as well as delivery obstacles like traffic congestion and lack of parking. states on their homepage banner that they’re dedicated to making delivery smarter, cheaper, and faster with their “No.1 Autonomous Outdoor Self-Driving Delivery Robot in Southeast Asia/Malaysia.” But you can use it’s more memorable name: TARS.

TARS, a name borrowed from the robot of the same name in the film “Interstellar,” is a “last mile” delivery robot that aims to eliminate risk and increase efficiency during home delivery. In a product’s journey from warehouse shelf to a customer’s residence, the “last mile” of delivery is the final step of the process, or the point at which the package arrives at the customer’s door. Described as a smaller version of a self-driving car, the TARS robot uses a sensor system named LiDAR (Light detection and ranging sensors). LiDar is a core component for self-driving cars, like GM’s Cruise and Alphabet‘s Waymo, and other robotics companies, like Boston Dynamics. The technology allows computers to take a 3D image of the world around them. The sensors measure the range or velocity of objects using a process that is similar to radar. They bounce lasers off objects and when the light returns, the sensors can properly map out a proper route. claims they are the first robotics startup to design outdoor “last mile” robotic delivery solutions in Southeast Asia, as well as the first startup in the world to develop what they call a “safe-drop.” A “safe-drop” is the deposit of a delivery in a safe, secure area at their location if they are otherwise unavailable to receive the delivery. With TARS, developed the safe-drop functionality so recipients can pick up their packages in front of their homes 24 hours a day (even in gated communities), eliminating the need to walk to guard houses or parcel locker locations.’s homepage features an informational video about TARS and LiDAR, which also shows the impressive robots in action. Sharing this video on their website is a great way to introduce potential users to the available technology. It helps increase awareness by showing TARS in action, which can bolster the possibility of adoption.

As detailed on’s About tab, Founder and CEO Kennedy Wai has accrued an impressive number of accolades and awards since graduating from National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan with a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering. The website’s News tab features audio and video clips from Malaysian technology podcast Plug-In with MARii, which offer keen insight on the genesis of Wai’s innovative company.

At the onset of the pandemic, Wei and his company launched Project Care (Covid19),a focused effort to provide contactless delivery of essentials and sanitizing services via their TARS robots. The Project Care (Covid19) tab on their website contains useful information about this ambitious project. They explain that TARS delivery robots can be dispatched to hospitals, quarantine zones, shopping malls, and gated communities — nearly everywhere a person in need could be. Robots are deployed to deliver food and essential items to recipients after receiving directions from remote operators. explains their contactless delivery process via an illustrated guide. The illustrated guide for contactless delivery in hospitals and quarantine zones shows a member of medical staff placing food on the TARS robot. The guide shows the cycle of the robot then delivering to the quarantined destination within the hospital, reaching its location and awaiting pickup of the food, and then returning to the pick-up location to await the next order. Interested parties can also click the link at the bottom of the page to email the company for more information. effectively welcomes business inquiries and partnership requests on their Business tab. Aiming to collaborate with existing e-commerce platforms, startups, restaurants, grocers, and dispatch companies, promises a next level experience for their customers. They offer various ways to reach out to them via their Contact tab. Be sure to check out their Instagram feed for compelling imagery of TARS, as well.

The .xyz community consists of many startup businesses making the most of their websites to help solve real world problems and universal needs. shares their technology and spreads their mission for safe and effective autonomous last mile delivery. Follow‘s continued growth on their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

LeightonGray.xyzSquarespace customer (United States)

If you’re a creative in the online community, a personal website can be essential to grow your online influence. People are visual, so it’s more beneficial to show them your talents rather than just telling them.Your resume, samples of your work, and your proudest accomplishments are primary examples of what you can put on display. If you have a diverse skill set, it can be challenging to decide how to organize and showcase your work on your website so that it captures all your talents. Your website’s audience consists of potential collaborators, clients, and employers, so making sure it’s well-organized is a top priority.

In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, you’ll learn how Los Angeles creative and self-professed “writer, sometimes illustrator, art director, story consultant, podcaster, and game developer” Leighton Gray serves as an example to follow for building an organized personal portfolio site via her own online portfolio: is the personal website of Leighton Gray, a very busy creative living in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. She hosts two podcasts. She is a prolific illustrator. She has even had public speaking engagements about art history, video games, and Twitter. She writes and develops games for Game Grumps, an American independent video game publisher. And, she was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 – Games list with her writing partner, Vernon Shaw. Together they created Dream Daddy, a cross-platform simulator that Nintendo World Report said “succeeds at creating developed characters that have unique stories, interesting dialogue, and fun personalities.”

So how does a writer-illustrator-art director-story-consultant-podcaster-game-developer showcase all their various skills online? Here are six tips for achieving an organized and diverse website design like

1. Get noticed

A striking domain name will get you noticed immediately and can encourage a new contact to dive right into your website.

Leighton wisely selected her full name as her domain name, one of the most memorable selections you can make. The .xyz extension in her URL, she explains, made it zing. “The .com domain for my name was already taken, and I had never seen a .xyz before and found it unique. I find it more memorable than a more traditional .com domain. Looks great on business cards, too.”

A unique name paired with the allure of your .xyz domain can make visitors take notice. A memorable domain name can make the difference between a successful web presence and being just another website. Imagine you’re walking through a shopping mall among a sea of shops. An enticing shop name paired with an eye-catching window is likely going to see an impressive rush of visitors. That’s the goal for your website.

2. Accentuate your passions

Displaying the projects you have poured your heart into is a great way to highlight your capabilities.

You’ll notice on the menu just beneath Leighton’s About tab that there are four direct links to specific projects she wants to spotlight. These projects showcase her diverse interests and accomplishments.

First is a link to the landing page for her podcast for the “terminally online,” the Leighton Night Podcast. The next option, Fearful Fathers, leads to a page sharing Leighton’s presentation for the 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC) titled “Dream Daddy & Fearful Fathers: How Indies Can Cope with Being Terminally Online.” The third option, Metamodernism, is a direct link to a page full of resources on Metamodernism, another of Leighton’s passions. The fourth and final option, Deep Cuts, leads visitors to a page dedicated to Leighton’s horror movie-themed podcast of the same name.

By including a variety of your passion projects on your website, you can show visitors just how multitalented and proud of your work you are. This can then generate increased audiences (and potential clients) by word of mouth.

3. Avoid complexity

It can be tempting to use elaborate detail when working on design projects, and creating a website is no exception. However, simplicity is often best as it yields a website that is concise and easy to navigate.

Leighton’s website is both clean and bright. Her Homepage and About page feature a stark white background with her small logo on the top left that states her name inside a word balloon. Using this iconography makes it clear that Leighton is an illustrator involved in comic art. Below her name, she’s specified three of her main working interests: illustration, writing, and games. This directly informs visitors on her primary areas of expertise.

It is best to avoid complexity in favor of strong content and a simple design. Doing so can better retain the interest of your visitors, and can also provide the best platform to showcase your talents.

4. Be yourself

Your personal website is an extension of yourself. You can use it to make sure your visitors truly get to know you. Some great ways to achieve this are by using design techniques that match your aesthetic and by writing copy in your authentic voice.

Leighton uses a menu on the left side of the homepage which encourages viewers to navigate to her About page. Then, she uses her unique voice to write a short biography with noticeable wit. This works to share her personality and demonstrates her abilities as a multi-hyphenate creative.

Designing your website as an extension of yourself gives your visitors more of a complete picture of you than simply providing samples of your work.

5. Be inviting

Provide clear and welcoming channels of communication on your website for potential collaborators or employers. They are interested in your content, and your website design can put them one click closer to reaching out to you.

Leighton’s About page includes her email address and links to her Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch. Listing multiple methods of contact gives potential collaborators or employers the choice to use the channel they prefer. Leighton stands to earn income from her video game, Dream Daddy, so she’s included a direct link to the game’s website, as well. Being able to read about this video game and then go directly to its download site may be just the incentive needed for a potential player to make a purchase.

Employing multiple ways to contact you on your website makes it easier for potential partners to reach out. This is a great way to drive more opportunities for collaboration or employment.

6. Put your best foot forward

Make your homepage a superior first experience for your visitors. This will grab and hold their attention, encouraging them to see what you’re all about.

You’ll see that opens directly to Leighton’s illustrations page, which showcases her colorful, female-inspired artwork. This includes artwork for a podcast titled “Leighton Night,” which lends a strong clue that there’s more to Leighton than her illustrations.

Spotlighting your strongest imagery or work samples on your homepage creates a great and memorable first impression for the visitor.

Your .xyz domain will stand out on your business card, so your website ought to stand out too. After all, it’s the place to incorporate all of your varied skills and accomplishments in a clean and organized manner. Following these six tips, spotlights her illustrations, podcasting, video game creations, and more on her vibrant and easy to navigate website. She is a great example to follow for how you can showcase your many skills and stand out with your own .xyz domain.

If you’re interested in discussing a possible collaboration with Leighton, or simply wish to enjoy more of her witty content, connect with her on Twitter or Instagram, or reach out at

StudyHall.xyzNamecheap customer (United States)

Maintaining an online community means keeping up with a lot of moving parts. Managing subscriptions, publishing new content, and launching engaging initiatives takes skill and focus. It can be difficult to juggle these when using different platforms for each arm of your output. The most simple solution to take control of these tasks is to use your own website. It brings your community under one roof, boosts creative control, and provides flexibility for you and your members. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, showcases seven ways to manage a thriving online community through your independent website. is an independent media outlet and online support network for media professionals. Founded in 2015 by journalists Kyle Chayka and P.E. Moskowitz,‘s goal is to promote community and collaboration in the media industry. They do this by operating as an online community for freelance writers. Memberships range from $2 to $11 per month.’s over 4,500 members can network and share experiences through the platform’s Listservs and Slack groups. also sends a member digest with commentary on current news and resources for aspiring journalists. All these member benefits are managed and maintained via the website. makes smart use of their independent website to serve as the hub of their community. Follow their example to discover seven key benefits your website provides for managing your own thriving community.

1. Control and customize your image

Everything about your website’s appearance, from design and content to layout, feel, and features are fully within your control. This means you have the freedom to share the content you want without worrying about censors, filters, or guidelines that could limit it. is an independent media source, so being in control of their image online is crucial for standing out to potential members. They take advantage of this freedom by using each page of their site to promote the different features their program provides. The homepage outlines the benefits that members are offered in each subscription tier. They have a newsfeed page featuring subscriber stories and essays. The Community page promotes the benefits of their Listserv and Slack groups. They also preview their platform’s benefits to potential members via the Resources page. These include a transcriber database, media guide, and a form for promoting a writing opportunity on Because they own their website, they never have to deal with set-in-stone UI templates.

Use your website to take control of your community platform, say what you want, and promote its benefits.

2. Amplify the reach of your content

Google and other search engines index the content you publish on your website. That means you can optimize it to appear in results for search terms that potential community members are looking for. Where some platforms limit your published content’s reach to only their users, your website opens your potential reach to a global audience. publishes free reporting and essays to give potential members a taste of what they offer to full members. These include career perspectives from journalists, advice for starting out, and commentary on the state of journalism. Because this content can be optimized to appear in relevant online searches, more potential members will see it when looking up these topics on their own than if it were only shared on social media. This opens’s content up to a wider audience and helps attract more subscribers by amplifying their voice. They’re also able to link to these pages directly when promoting their membership via email, forums, and social media.

Use the global reach of your independent website to amplify your content through online searches.

3. Create a platform you own entirely

Your website is your piece of online real estate for as long as you want to own it. That means you are not limited by the short or long-term success of another platform. You are not likely to be stuck having to move your entire community over to a different technology in order to stay relevant to new members. Keeping your community’s home base to your website means that they are never left scrambling to find a new home due to changes outside of your control.

An independent website offers you longevity and control. As long as you have your domain name as your permanent address online, you are in control of where your community meets and where potential new members can find you. You also completely own all content shared on your website. This is important because some third-party platforms have the power to claim ownership of content published by their users.

With an independent website, don’t have to worry as they own their brand and complete catalog of content. They own all monetization on future usage of their content as well.

Grow your community with the confidence of ownership on your independent website.

4. Fully customize memberships

Using a website where you control the membership features is a handy benefit. You are not limited in what you are able to offer, and you are in control of how much it costs for you to offer it. If you are gathering your community via social media alone, you may not even have the ability to charge for memberships. Using your website to manage memberships gives you the flexibility to create custom subscriptions however you want. This gives you the flexibility to make it as easy as possible for your members to choose an option that fits their budget. uses their website to offer different prices for similar membership options which are segmented for certain users. Using highly customized memberships makes the benefits of their community more accessible to all media professionals wherever they are financially.

Enjoy the freedom to truly customize your offerings as you like for your members on your independent website.

5. Cut down “Middleman fees”

Membership platforms make money on their users’ transactions. These fees are an important revenue source membership platforms rely on to continually offer the easiest solutions to small businesses that don’t yet have the ability to create their own. However, if you have the ability to develop your own independent solutions, you can bypass some of these fees. This is often part of growing as an online service. Setting your website up as an e-commerce platform with custom solutions means you can cut down on any “middleman fees.” Doing away with third-party fees can increase the funds that you have to put back into improving your platform. switched from using a third-party membership platform to accepting payments right on their website. This allows them to collect member fees directly for one smaller transactional fee.

Simplify payment and keep more of the revenue by collecting payments through your website.

6. Give members one simple login

Your website can act as the sole address your members need to use to enjoy perks and engage with others in your community. This avoids them having to sign up for many platforms and keep track of different logins to access benefits.‘s choice to offer access to all membership perks right from their website means they avoid conforming membership offerings to a membership platform layout. They house all content, member resources, and access to groups right on their website by using a single member login. Members only need to type into their browser to connect with the rest of the community. Then, they can interact with all of the features of the website as well as find links to social media accounts, email, and all other platforms where their community has a presence.

Make it easy for your members to enjoy being in your community by offering them one single hub to access all benefits and places to interact with your business via your website.

7. Use data to improve your offerings

Tracking the performance and popularity of member perks is a key part of growing your community and attracting new members. Using data-driven strategies to set revenue goals is crucial to your community’s long-term success. You can track these important statistics by collecting data from your website. can track website data to see what their most popular content is, how long users view certain articles, and how many times content is downloaded from the website.

They can then use this data to improve membership offerings and provide more content their members want to see. In fact, thanks to their independent website, they can collect and track data in as many different ways as they choose. Then, they can utilize that data to find out how to best serve their customers.

Use analytics from your website to learn what your members like, shape future content, and improve benefits.


Using your website as the central hub for your community gives you more freedom to customize offerings and reach a global audience. It can also act as one memorable URL for members and lets you control your brand and have complete ownership of everything you create and offer. Using data tracking on your website can help you improve membership benefits through better data access. Your website is yours as long as you want to keep it, lets you cut out middleman fees, and hands you creative freedom. is a strong example to follow for how to build a successful independent website for your community. To learn more about’s community or join yourself, visit their central hub on

Today is a big day for XYZ. Eight of our TLDs joined .xyz in achieving MIIT accreditation in China! You may remember .xyz’s accreditation in China in 2016, which allowed .xyz community members there to publish their sites live to the world. We’ve focused our efforts on continually pursuing accreditation for our whole family of TLDs as it expands, with the same perseverance that helped .xyz become one of the first new domains in the world to receive MIIT accreditation. We’re now proud to say that any owner of a .Rent, .College, .Monster, .Baby, .Security, .Protection, .Storage, or .Theatre domain in China can publish their site live to a global audience.

.XYZ continues to enjoy its position as one of the most popular domains in China. We’ve seen many beautifully designed websites launch on their .xyz domains; from startups, individuals, and organizations. You can get to know some of our favorite Chinese .xyz users yourself, as we have featured many of them on Read our blog to hear first hand from .xyz adopters and discover their impressive websites for yourself.

The diversity of innovation shown by .xyz adopters in China is truly remarkable. From inspiring companies and makers to unique apps and communities, .xyz community members in China exemplify the spirit shared by .xyz owners around the world. Some of our team’s favorite .xyz adopters in China include $20 million manufacturing giant, 3D camera and A.I. company, and, creators of China’s first autonomous delivery vehicle.

XYZ is committed to offering choice and innovation to internet users around the world. As the registry continues to expand its domain portfolio, customers can trust that XYZ will pursue MIIT accreditation for future domain extensions. We are looking forward to pursuing further accreditation for the 10 new domains we welcomed to the XYZ family of TLDs in 2020: .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, .Makeup, .Quest, .Homes, .Motorcycles, .Yachts, .Boats, and .Autos.

We can’t wait to see what our XYZ TLD adopters in China have in store for their websites! Get inspiration for your site from .xyz users in China and around the world at, or register the XYZ domain that’s perfect for you from anywhere in the world!

Frontier.xyzNamecheap customer (Singapore)

Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) are two of the hottest buzzwords in tech. Countless new services are entering these spaces every day, making them a hub for innovation and progressive ideas. But, even some hardcore techies might tell you they’re not 100% sure how blockchains work, let alone what a DeFi aggregator service does. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday uses their website’s straightforward User Interface (UI) to clear the confusion and show the benefits of their service: is a DeFi aggregation layer. Their service works by connecting or “layering onto” other DeFi services. In practice, says their service aggregates key cryptocurrency management actions like lending, borrowing, and asset swapping. One main feature that sets’s tool apart from competitors is that it’s “chain-agnostic.” In other words, it is able to work with many different cryptocurrency exchanges. Their short homepage description explains this information to visitors in detail under the heading “What is Frontier?” They use the first two paragraphs to give an in-depth description of their service, but conclude with a much simpler mission statement so all website visitors can understand what they do.

“In short, Frontierʼs core mission is to bring the essential pieces of DeFi to users across whichever platforms they prefer.” – homepage

But that’s just the start of where they take their complex service and break it down into digestible information.

Illustrate problems and show solutions

For those not familiar with DeFi services,’s single page website layout features multiple sections that aim to answer all their questions. To illustrate the benefits of their tool, outlines problems facing DeFi and crypto vs. how their service provides a solution.

Each problem is detailed so readers can understand the pain point, even if they do not fully grasp the tech behind what’s causing it. Then, they explain how each solution uniquely provides a fix, backed up with evidence and examples.

As an example, say their tool solves the fragmented nature of crypto management by aggregating management services. This pitches the service to potential users by selling them on a one-stop solution for asset management. They showed the pain point first, then clearly explained how their service directly solves the problem. Using a problem and solution setup on your website helps you explain what’s great about your product or service while also giving potential customers reasons to buy.

Keep copy readable and use images to reinforce your point

When talking about any topic, you want your website copy to be short, simple, and readable.
This can prevent your visitors from getting lost in the weeds trying to learn what you do. It’s also a basic best practice for increasing your website’s SEO, as search engines use readability of content as a factor for ranking pages.’s website uses short, simple sentences that are on an accessible reading level. This helps them boil down their complex services and industry terms into understandable language.
It also helps keep those who might not know much about crypto and DeFi reading by explaining their tool in an engaging way.

They use images to show what the product looks like when in use, as well. This takes their service from an abstract concept to a visible platform that visitors can picture themselves using. It’s also an opportunity for to highlight their clean UI, which is a one of the key selling points of their service.

Share company history to detail your solution’s growth shows what sets them apart as a company and a tool by sharing their history through major milestones. This follows their journey from foundational brainstorming up through the building phase and to their current activity launching their own coins.

Each milestone is explained with the same short, readable copy and builds on the milestone before it to show the company’s journey toward disrupting their industry and solving big problems for DeFi. This also helps site visitors connect with on a more human level by seeing them as a growing business and not just a DeFi aggregator tool.

Bringing it all together

No matter what your company does, you can use your website’s UI to communicate it to users in a way they will understand. Keep your copy short and easy to read while using images to illustrate. Outline the problems your service or product solves to convey value without losing readers in the minute details. Give visitors an insight into your company journey to show the humans behind the work and create more relatability.

If you’re curious to learn more about’s service, you can do so via their website or by following them on Twitter and Telegram at their very memorably branded @frontierdotxyz handle.

Our mission at XYZ has always been to help you, the next generation of internet users, get online with memorable domain extensions to brand your online presence. We’re very excited to announce another huge step in fulfilling that mission.

Today, we are changing the face of the beauty industry online forever. We’re launching attractive domain names that just make sense – the ultimate opportunity for individuals and brands to share their passion with the world.

The five newest members of the XYZ family of TLDs are now available for anyone to register: say hello to .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, .Makeup, and .Quest! Today – the first day open to the public with standard, affordable pricing – is the day of max availability for these beautiful domains. Don’t wait to get yours!

These new generic extensions are completely unrestricted, like all XYZ TLDs. That means no matter who you are, what you do, or how you want to make your impression online, you can start today with the perfect .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, .Makeup, or .Quest domain. Choose a registrar below or see our full list to find your preferred retailer. Ditch the status quo, and show how extraordinary you are.

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The world of online beauty has never had a branding opportunity like this. You deserve valuable domain names at affordable pricing! This once in a lifetime moment delivers a worthy online home to the explosive innovators of the beauty community. .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup are the new domains here to serve all members and fans of the beauty industry around the world.
.Beauty domains
How .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup make a brand’s online presence flawless:

  • Major and emerging beauty brands can make it easy for their audience to find them online with memorable, keyword-rich domain names
  • Makeup artists, hair stylists, and skincare facialists can attract new customers online with domains that show they have the solution to their audience’s beauty needs
  • Beauty influencers and fans can share their cult-favorite products, makeup tutorials, and hair care tips and tricks on branded URLs deserving of their link in bio

Word is already spreading that these extensions are the future of online naming for the beauty industry. Want proof? See if you recognize some of the early adopters of these domains below.

  • www.Beyonce.Beauty
  • www.TaylorSwift.Hair
  • www.ASOS.Skin
  • www.Chanel.Makeup

Beauty businesses, professionals, and communities finally have domain extensions made for them. Don’t wait to get the look – register your own .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup domain today!
.Quest domain names

Gurus, experts, and authorities in any field now have the perfect domain to show their website has the answer to their audience’s search with .Quest. Guide your audience to the solution they seek on your website by showing them you are the destination at the end of their quest.

Ways to create an expert online presence with .Quest domains:

  • Announce yourself as the leading resource for answers, advice, and solutions for your audience’s search
  • Guide your audience through advice, expertise, and your wealth of experience on a domain that shows you know the way
  • Support the personal quests of like-minded individuals who share in your journey
  • Brand on a name that shows your audience you are always pursuing excellence

Modern gurus are already on board as .Quest begins its journey, with Twitch co-founder Justin Kan launching Justin.Quest as the dedicated home for his podcast The Quest. Today marks the first time that all thought leaders are able join him with their own unforgettable .Quest domains.

Ready to ditch the status quo?

Members of the beauty industry and experts everywhere now have the perfect domain extensions to create memorable websites and connect directly with their target audiences.

Announce your online presence and join the next generation of online naming.

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