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The .xyz community is home to many accomplished individuals using .xyz to showcase their passions and career experiences. San Francisco-based independent journalist Melissa Hung uses to highlight her writing portfolio. Australia-based artist Serwah Attafuah uses to showcase her digital art and NFT creations. Political satirist Bassem Youssef uses to share his media appearances, upcoming shows, and press clippings. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an accomplished actor, comedian, rapper, filmmaker, and graphic designer who highlights his vast career experiences on his own personal website: is the personal website of self-described “Actor, Creator, Entertainer” Ace Anderson. Ace developed the moniker “Ace of All Trades: The Modern Renaissance Man” after pursuing his interests as a professional actor, comedian, rapper, filmmaker, and graphic designer. The Florida-based multi-hyphenate creative earned his BFA in Acting from Meadows School of The Arts at Southern Methodist University. After working at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra as the lead Graphic designer for a couple of years, Ace developed his own brand design and development company called The Striped Heart. Since 2016, Ace and his wife, Gabrielle Reyes, have been working together on various projects to make their life’s dreams of artistry, health, and well-being a reality.

Born to Jamaican immigrants in Englewood, New Jersey, Ace developed a passion for acting at an early age while growing up in West Palm Beach, Florida. He honed his skills by reenacting Eddie Murphy’s skits from Saturday Night Live and developed a knack for storytelling. In 2013, he joined The Brierley Resident Acting Company of the Tony Award-winning Dallas Theater Center, where he continued to sharpen his craft and deliver powerful performances.

In 2020, Ace began to earn roles in television productions such as S.W.A.T., The Last O.G., Bust Down, and Law & Order: Organized Crime. He has recently taken on a new role behind the camera, as the Chief Marketing Officer for his wife’s touring cooking class series, One Great Vegan.1

Ace invites fans and visitors to from his entertaining Instagram account with 16K followers, and an extremely popular Tik Tok account with over 200K followers and over 3M likes. His career endeavors are displayed in an easy-to-navigate manner for visitors to explore on The homepage has a portrait of Ace in a red suit underneath multiple topics to choose from. For instance, on his Actor page you can check out his various acting reels, including his Commercial Reel, Comedy Reel, and Theatrical Reel. You can also view his various acting clips, such as a scene in 2021’s Red Stone, starring Neal McDonough.2 If you click over to Ace’s Creator page, you can find information about his full-service, design-driven international production company The Striped Heart. You can check out samples from The Striped Heart portfolio, including the logo design for Houston-based non-profit organization Adam’s House Foundation. Ace shares his biography on his About Me page, where he also shares contact information for talent booking, design inquiries, and press inquiries. This is a great resource that makes it very simple for potential collaborators, clients, and fans to reach out and make contact.

There is great benefit in a domain like for your personal website. Website visitors have the opportunity to experience a wide sampling of Ace’s completed projects all in one place. The simplified navigation makes it easy for visitors to get a strong sense of Ace’s abilities and help them consider him for a collaboration.

For Ace, the decision to choose .xyz seems like it was an easy one. As he told us,

“.xyz was the most unique, honestly, and I liked the tagline “From A-C-E to X-Y-Z” for my vlogging.”

We are proud to have the multi-talented Ace Anderson in the .xyz community. You can learn more about Ace by following him on Tik Tok, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, and by visiting


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