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Creative and skilled professionals are using .xyz domains to establish their online presence and highlight their work, writing, and career experiences. Content marketer and writer Allaire Rae Conte showcases her portfolio on Writer and book editor Jackson Howard uses to display his writing samples. Actress and comedian Elaine Carroll uses to highlight her career experiences. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a comedy writer and copywriter who shares his work using a “” domain: is the personal website of Alex Watt, copywriter at Constellation Brands, an international producer and marketer of beer, wine, and spirits. The Brooklyn-based writer also maintains an active freelance writing career. Since 2014, he has been a notable contributor to The New Yorker’s “Shouts & Murmurs” humor section1 as well as humor magazines McSweeney’s Internet Tendency2 and The American Bystander. Earlier in his career, Alex was a Staff Writer at CollegeHumor, which led to his first byline and, eventually, to a stint in television with MTV’s “Middle of The Night Show.”3

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Alex’s comedy writing experience and work samples are easy to explore with a simple and straightforward website design. By clicking on the <<LOL>> link, visitors are directed to Alex’s comedy page, where he shares his freelance writing journey, as well as some of his notable pieces. He highlights his favorite piece for The New Yorker, titled “When This is All Over.”4 In this essay, Alex reflects on the changes he aims to make post Covid, symbolized by being trapped in a hole under a giant rock. He pledges to embrace social invitations, appreciate his job, maintain hygiene, and avoid reckless shortcuts at night. Visitors can explore Alex’s copywriting skills by clicking on the <<$$$>> link. This is Alex’s Creative page, where he showcases his work for Constellation Brands. He shares that as a Senior Copywriter for Constellation Brands, he creates out-of-home, print, and digital ads for a leading wine and spirits portfolio. He features powerful ads for brands such as The Prisoner Wine Co., High West Distillery, and Empathy Wines.

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Using a domain like can help make it easier for Alex and his writing to be discoverable online. Anyone who Googles “alex watt” will see at the top of the search results page (as of October 4, 2023). With a professional website using a domain name that matches your full name, it’s more likely that your website will show up in relevant results. In addition, as more people turn to the web for discovering content creators, having a domain that directly reflects your name becomes invaluable. In the era of personal branding, a tailored domain like this stands as a digital business card, making it simple for audiences, collaborators,and industry peers to connect and recognize Alex’s contributions in the digital realm. 

.XYZ provides a modern and flexible platform for creatives to share their narratives and engage with their audiences in a unique online space. We are happy to have Alex and his skilled writing in the .xyz community of innovative creatives. You can learn more about Alex and review more of his work by following him on X (Twitter) and LinkedIn, and by visiting


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