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In the web3 space, websites built on .xyz and XYZ Registry domains, such as .LOL and .Game, are garnering attention in the decentralized gaming community., a collective founded by Daniil Dolia, aims to transform blockchain gaming with innovative NFT utilities and experiences. NFT-focused Wolf.Game pits sheep against wolves in a strategic competition for crypto rewards. Web3 platform helps you create your own blockchain-based games. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a decentralized gaming ecosystem united by the MAGIC cryptocurrency: Treasure.LOL.

Treasure is a decentralized gaming ecosystem

Treasure.LOL is the online home of Treasure, or TreasureDAO, a decentralized gaming ecosystem. Also known by its native cryptocurrency, MAGIC, Treasure operates on the Arbitrum network and acts as a hub for various metaverse projects. It hosts an assortment of metaverse games, each with unique narratives and quests. Mainstream platforms such as PS5 or Switch typically feature games that operate on their own currency. In contrast,  games within the Treasure ecosystem use MAGIC for transactions. This common currency aims to simplify in-game purchases and unify the different metaverse projects under the Treasure ecosystem.

A community unified by MAGIC

As of October 2023, Treasure’s ecosystem features over ten games already powered by MAGIC, with titles ranging from “Mighty Action Heroes” to “Bridgeworld.” Each game offers a distinct gaming experience to the community. Treasure’s metaverse projects are closely linked, supporting the growth of the MAGIC token. The heart of this ecosystem is Bridgeworld, where players, called Legions, use Treasures to mine MAGIC. Players use this MAGIC to develop equipment and infrastructures, ensuring the ecosystem thrives. Treasure’s platform extends beyond gaming. It offers a realm for developers and gaming enthusiasts to collaborate, innovate, and enrich the gaming experience through its Proof of Play framework and MagicSwap feature. The ecosystem encourages aspiring developers to join their voyage, providing expert support at every development phase, thereby nurturing a thriving community of builders​. With a player base exceeding 100,000 (as of October 2023) and growing weekly active users, Treasure stands out in the decentralized gaming world for its focus on interoperability, community engagement, and a sustainable economic approach.

The synergy between Treasure.LOL and .LOL domains

Treasure demonstrates a mix of gaming and blockchain technology, pointing towards a new phase of decentralized gaming. Similarly, .LOL domains are designed to let the good times roll, showcasing a perfect alignment with Treasure’s innovative and amusing approach to the gaming sphere. It’s a great fit. You can learn more about Treasure by joining the Discord, following along on X(Twitter), and by visiting Treasure.LOL.

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