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The .xyz community is a hub for innovative developers dedicated to pushing the digital frontier forward with fresh ideas and AI-based solutions. UK-based tech startup IRIS.Audio developed AI-powered solutions to help call centers eliminate background noise. Talent marketplace software harnesses the power of AI to streamline the staffing process. NFT platform developed a tool for generating AI-powered animated avatars. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to a digital platform leveraging artificial intelligence to innovate creativity and design exploration in the fashion industry:

VMOD 3D Library is a digital fabric platform by SwatchOn is the online home of VMOD 3D Library, a digital repository for fashion fabric. The platform showcases thousands of realistic and customizable 3D materials. These digital replicas are derived from a vast range of real-world fabrics and aim to enhance digital creativity in the global fashion industry. SwatchOn,the South Korean textile company behind VMOD 3D Library, has been a part of the fashion supply chain since its inception in 2018. Through its members-only, B2B platform, SwatchOn aims to bridge the gap between the South Korean textile industry and global fashion brands. SwatchOn’s membership in the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Materials Hub and its vast fabric offering continue to serve a myriad of fashion entities. These organizations range from independent labels and mid-sized brands to some of the largest apparel manufacturers worldwide.

VMOD’s Fabricator: Generative AI designed to develop original fabric textures

A notable feature within the VMOD 3D Library is Fabricator, a Generative AI platform designed to leverage artificial intelligence to foster the generation of diverse 3D materials. Fabricator is geared towards amplifying customization by helping users input detailed prompts, facilitating the quick generation of original, customizable, high-resolution, commercially licensed 3D fabric textures. Each material in VMOD is designed to closely match the actual physical features of its real-world fabric counterpart, creating a clear connection between the digital and physical fabric worlds.

Digitized fabric sourcing and the VMOD 3D Library

The VMOD 3D Library, developed by SwatchOn under the leadership of Woosuk (Will) Lee and Yonmi (Michelle) Jung, marked a significant step towards digitizing fabric sourcing. VMOD began its digital journey in 2019 with the 3D digitization of its first fabric. Now, VMOD offers a vast collection of hyper-realistic, customizable 3D fashion materials, each mirroring its real-world fabric twin. The library is compatible with industry-standard software like Adobe Substance 3D, CLO3D, and Marvelous Designer.

The evolution to 

VMOD 3D Library upgraded their domain from to the savvier and more inventive By adopting the .xyz domain, VMOD 3D Library attracts a diverse community of modern digital enthusiasts, including AI advocates, highlighting its commitment to evolving digital trends. We are happy to have the VMOD 3D Library platform in the .xyz community, and look forward to seeing more innovative developments. You can learn more about SwatchOn and VMOD 3D Library by following along on X (Twitter) and Instagram, and by visiting

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