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The .xyz community is home to brands and independent retailers that embody innovation. Tucson-based is a bakery, restaurant, grocery store, and gift shop located about half a mile from the University of Arizona. Brooklyn-based clothing brand designs upcycled fashion aimed at minimizing excess fabric waste. eCommerce and delivery service is focused on natural wines, limited release beers, and specialty coffee beans for customers in the Seattle, WA area. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a Philippines-based retailer with a selection of coffee-related products and gifts that just might inspire your Valentine’s Day plans:

Discover, promoting coffee from local producers in the Philippines is the online home of Another Coffee, an online store focused on unique coffee-related products. They offer a variety of items, including chocolate-covered espresso beans in flavors like dark chocolate, white chocolate, and matcha. The store emphasizes pre-orders for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and offers a section for specially curated merchandise. Another Coffee sources its beans from local producers in the Philippines, supporting local farmers. 

Exploring From chocolate-covered espresso beans to caffeinated gummies and more

Another Coffee’s primary product is chocolate-covered espresso beans, highlighted as “perfect to munch while working, driving, studying; basically any activity that requires a boost of energy and mood!” The beans are available in three flavors: dark chocolate, white chocolate, and matcha). Additionally, you can find caffeinated gummies, gift boxes such as the Classic gift box featuring small boxes of each of the 3 flavors, and the distinctive Kopicones, which are described as a quick coffee fix in the form of mini cones. You can also check out their Merch page for assorted gift items, such as a sticker pack designed to remind yourself “you need Another Coffee in your life!”

The global appeal of a .xyz domain like exemplifies the global appeal of .xyz domains, popular for their generic and versatile nature. .XYZ domains don’t carry specific geographical or industry-related connotations, making them a perfect fit for diverse businesses and ideas., with its unique coffee-related products and emphasis on local sourcing from the Philippines, showcases how .xyz domains can effectively support a wide range of online ventures, from niche eCommerce to broader digital platforms. This flexibility appeals to a global audience, transcending traditional domain constraints and enabling innovative online presences. You can learn more by following the retailer on Facebook and Instagram, and by visiting

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