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The .xyz community is home to forward-thinking pioneers revolutionizing industries. Retail tech company aims for transparent and sustainable commerce. Web3 music platform helps artists disrupt the music industry by releasing songs as NFTs. Marketing platform aims to revolutionize the way marketers reach, engage, and attract customers. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a Switzerland-based company aiming to revolutionize the Citizenship by Investment industry: Designed for streamlined citizenship is the online home of Baseflow, a platform designed to simplify the “citizenship by investment” process and assist individuals in joining progressive countries. As highlighted on, “Citizenship by Investment programs, or CBIs, allow individuals to acquire a passport by investing in a country.” These programs can help applicants obtain citizenship with little to no required residence periods. The platform guides users through each step of the citizenship application and is geared towards providing a smooth and secure experience. The platform values transparency, efficiency, and compliance, offering a clear fee structure. Baseflow operates from Switzerland, courtesy of The Network State Company, valuing the nation’s robust legal assurances and stringent privacy standards. They say their choice of headquarters reflects a commitment to ensuring a secure and private platform for users looking to expand their citizenship options.

The platform aims to offer opportunities for individuals to explore global citizenship through  investment. This exploration may lead to business benefits, asset protection, lifestyle enhancements, and access to premier education and healthcare facilities. Baseflow offers a blend of automation and personalized guidance geared towards simplifying the citizenship journey.

Meet the diverse minds behind

The three co-founders of Baseflow have a variety of tech-centric experiences that align with the platform’s objectives. Luis Cuende, with a background in crypto, co-founded Aragon. Aragon is an open-source software that facilitates the creation and maintenance of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) on the Ethereum blockchain. Uxio Piñeiro’s background is in AI, data analytics, and crypto. Alex Recouso has experience in building remote worker marketplaces. The team also includes specialists in business development, design, and engineering, each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences to the table to help drive the mission of Baseflow. We had the opportunity to speak with Alex about the team’s decision to build on .xyz. As he explained, “.xyz is the new .com. We are pioneering a new wave in our industry, and we wanted to have that same fresh feel of building at the edge that .xyz brought to the domain space. We love it.”

Elevating brand recognition: The transition to

The mission-driven company upgraded their domain from to the more modern and aligned The upgrade to not only signifies a memorable, modern domain but also aligns with their innovative approach toward citizenship acquisition. This next-generation domain name resonates with their forward-thinking ethos, ensuring they stand out in a competitive digital space while aligning their brand with their mission. We are inspired by’s innovation and their mission to help individuals acquire citizenship and join forward-looking countries. 

You can learn more about the platform by following them on X (Twitter), checking out their profile, and by visiting

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