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In the developing landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), pioneers in the field are harnessing the versatility of .xyz domains to launch AI-powered platforms, useful solutions, dynamic business websites, digital identities, online hubs, and more. Artificial intelligence-centered podcast Edge of AI uses as a virtual hub. AI Foundation’s is a platform focused on helping users create personalized AI assistants. Artists Harry Yeff (also known as Reeps100), and Trung Bao developed, a generative art project designed to translate a person’s voice into a gemstone-like sculpture. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to an accomplished AI-focused architect who highlights his work using a “” domain:

Introducing Will Garner, a pioneer at the intersection of AI and architecture is the personal website of Will Garner, an architect integrating artificial intelligence into the field of architecture. AI, robotics, 3D printing, and computational tools are revolutionizing various industries. Will aims to leverage these advancements to redefine the creative process in architecture. Will’s work focuses on exploring how architects can harness the creative potential of co-designing with AI using machine learning algorithms. His research delves into utilizing AI for efficient layouts as well as a real-time design collaborator, expanding upon designer intuition and creativity to generate a wider range of ideas. His dedication to integrating AI into architectural creativity has gained attention from global AI artists who are transforming the world of design and construction. Will’s work has even been featured in publications like Vogue India, underscoring his influential role in the architectural and AI communities.1

Exploring From services and accomplishments to imagery, social media, and a branded email address

Will’s website acts as a comprehensive platform that offers visitors a glimpse into his world of architectural innovation. primarily focuses on showcasing his range of services, which includes AI Ideation & Creative Design Direction, AI Workshops & Training, and AI Research & Custom Model Training. Alongside these services, features a curated selection of scrolling imagery, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the visual narrative of his architectural projects. Will’s commitment to transparency and connectivity is evident through the inclusion of links to his social media profiles, where he actively engages with his community of nearly 47,000 on Instagram (as of September 26, 2023). Will highlights prestigious clients such as Precht and Tekuma Frenchman, as well as his contributions to renowned organizations like international architecture firm Fosters & Partners. With Will’s inclusion of a branded email address ([email protected]) that lends trust and authority to his website, serves as a gateway to his world of architectural innovation., WGXYZ, and a cohesive brand identity

Will Garner’s forward-thinking approach to branding began with the development of where he established his online presence. Building upon this foundation, he seamlessly integrated the “XYZ” branding into his independent architecture and planning business, which he aptly named WGXYZ. He also secured branded social media on X (Twitter) @wg_xyz, Instagram, and LinkedIn @wgxyz. Each profile promotes his brand right in the handle. This strategic move creates a cohesive and memorable brand identity, emphasizing his commitment to innovation and cutting-edge architectural solutions. Will’s branding lays the groundwork for a unique and unified digital persona that helps set him apart in the field of architecture and design.

Words from Will Garner

We asked Will about his choice to develop his personal website on .xyz. As he explained to us, “In my field, I leverage AI to push the boundaries of what’s possible in architectural creativity. I’m not just designing structures; I’m in the business of crafting visions and worlds. The .xyz domain intuitively spoke to this expansive mindset, symbolizing the broad spectrum of digital innovation and opportunity. The .xyz community champions innovators, and I’m proud to be amidst those charting new courses.”

We are proud to have Will among the thriving .xyz community of innovators, creators, and visionaries. You can learn more by following Will on X (Twitter), Instagram, and LinkedIn, and by visiting


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