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Web3-focused developers are using .xyz domains to help foster increased participation in blockchain technology. Media platform aims to amplify diverse talent in web3 artistry. Tech startup is aimed at humanizing crypto and empowering more women to enter web3. Blockchain software development company aims to foster a secure metaverse experience across web2 and web3, while maintaining privacy and user autonomy. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a blockchain developer who showcases his assortment of web3 services on a personal website using a “” domain:

Meet Jean Ayala, freelance web3 developer is the personal website and web3-themed blog of freelance blockchain developer Jean Ayala. The Spain-based developer focuses on blockchain-related technologies, including smart contracts development, NFTs, tokens, decentralized applications, and blockchain consulting. Jean is a member of the Developer DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization committed to helping educate and support new web3 builders. He is dedicated to creating innovative websites and applications that utilize blockchain technology to give people an edge in their industry. 

Jean Ayala’s web3 services

As detailed on, Jean provides a wide range of services related to blockchain technology. His services include:

  • smart contract development and audits
  • blockchain consulting and advising
  • decentralized app (dApp) development
  • NFT marketplaces
  • educating clients about blockchain technology and its benefits

Jean shares that he values close communication with his clients and strives to help them achieve their desired results while creating custom web designs that are unique for each project. His website states that he prioritizes creativity in his work, and ensures trust, privacy, and security in all his projects. Jean offers services related to blockchain technology that are not limited to any specific industry. He works with individuals in the content creation industry such as musicians, digital artists, and streamers, advising them on how to use blockchain technology to take advantage of its benefits.

Check out Jean’s Projects page to gain an understanding of the types of web3 projects he takes on. Jean shares a brief explanation of the hiring client, the project assignment, and a link to the completed website. A couple of his projects are live on .xyz domains:

  • – As Jean details, this is a collaborative project with design studio FLOC*, where he is Lead Software Developer. FLOC* is a design studio comprised of web3-focused freelancers with a passion for NFTs and DAOs. Their work for aims to establish a leading space for the curation of digital works while promoting the possibilities of web3 tech and NFTs for creators and collectors. 
  • – Another collaboration with the FLOC* team, is a NFT-as-a-Service project aimed to help you mint various services related to branding, web3, and design.

Explore Web3 and cryptocurrency with Jean’s blog, Web3 Blog by a Web3 Dev

Visit Jean’s Blog page to review his blog titled “Web3 Blog by a Web3 Dev.” You can read posts such as How can I (as a newbie) get involved with web3/crypto?, which is designed to help beginners navigate the web3 space without getting overwhelmed. The post details the differences between web3 and crypto, the benefits of web3, and how to get started. You can also check out What are crypto coins and why are there so many?, which aims to educate readers about the wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Jean reviews the basics of the blockchain-based digital assets, and explores how different cryptocoins have their own particular properties. Code Smarter with AI: Use ChatGPT for Front End Development explores the topic of artificial intelligence (AI). Jean reviews how AI can improve website design and functionality, and details how he improved his own website with the help of AI.

The benefits of a like

Using a domain like for your personal website can be beneficial, because Jean is not limited by any third-party platform constraints. He can use his website as the hub of his web3 freelancing services and related blog, and maintain complete control over how he presents his work. For Jean, the decision to choose .xyz was strategic. As he told us, “I was born at the same time as the internet, I come from a generation more willing to go beyond the conventional; that’s why I chose .xyz. I needed my digital identity to be a reflection of who I am and not the other way around.” We are inspired by Jean’s passion for web3 technology, and his efforts to educate the public about web3. You can learn more about Jean and his freelance services by following him on Twitter and LinkedIn, and by visiting

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