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In the realm of digital entertainment, the gaming industry is seeing an influx of inventive games, cutting-edge platforms, and integrated gaming ecosystems showcased on .xyz and XYZ Registry domains like .LOL, .Game, and .Quest. Game of the Year 2023 winner BaldursGate3.Game is set in the Forgotten Realms, including themes of fellowship, betrayal, sacrifice, and the temptation of absolute power. Web3 social deduction game is developed by veterans of Disney and Club Penguin. Family-friendly 3D design platform aims to foster creativity and coding inspiration. Today, we will introduce you to a creativity-focused gaming platform that encourages exploration and discovery: Everywhere.Game.

Discover Everywhere, a gaming universe infused with creative opportunities

Everywhere.Game is the online home of Everywhere, an expansive and evolving online universe that provides players with a multitude of gaming experiences and creative opportunities. Developed by Grand Theft Auto producer Leslie Benzies and his new venture, Build a Rocket Boy Games, the game introduces Utropia, the central hub of this virtual world. Utropia features interconnected districts and activities, all accessible via portals. These portals not only enable seamless travel within Utropia but also connect to various Alternate Reality Constructs (ARCs), thereby enriching the universe with diverse experiences and worlds.

Entering Utropia, the central hub of Everywhere

Utropia, designed as a “safe and harm-free zone,” offers players a wide range of activities, from exploring different districts like the Entertainment, Combat, and Racing districts, to engaging in fashion and weaponry upgrades. The city continuously grows and evolves, offering players an ever-expanding environment. Beyond the city, the game extends into various biomes, each with its unique landscapes, structures, and secrets. These areas are dynamic, hosting spontaneous events and challenges that offer unique rewards, thus encouraging exploration and discovery.

Arcadia is a no-code tool for building new worlds

Everywhere also introduces Arcadia, a no-code, user-friendly world-building tool within the game. This feature helps players create and share their own games, levels, events, and worlds, offering a platform for creativity and community engagement. The game emphasizes customization and personal expression, allowing players to shape their characters and experiences according to their preferences. This level of customization extends to both appearance and gameplay styles.

Everywhere.Game incorporates classic game modes and encourages player competition and collaboration. It fosters a community-oriented environment where players can choose to play solo or engage with others, respecting individual preferences for social interaction.

Industry veteran Leslie Benzies and Rocket Boy Games

At the helm of Everywhere.Game‘s development is a team led by industry veterans, including Leslie Benzies, a figure with extensive experience in the gaming industry known for his leadership at Rockstar North and as the driving force behind the Grand Theft Auto series (up to GTA V). His tenure at Rockstar was distinguished by numerous awards, including a BAFTA Special Award in 2005. 1The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) is an independent charity and trade association in the United Kingdom that promotes and supports the arts of film, television, and video games. Following Leslie’s departure from Rockstar in 2016, Leslie ventured into new territories with Build a Rocket Boy Games, 2developing Everywhere.Game with a vision to push gaming boundaries further. Leslie’s experience underpins the game’s design and the overarching mission to explore new possibilities within virtual worlds.3

You can learn more by following the platform on X/Twitter @everywheregame, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch, signing up for their newsletter, and by visiting Everywhere.Game


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