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Across diverse industries, innovative companies are choosing .xyz domains for their digital presence. Entertainment company produces audio storytelling projects for Audible. Woman-led retail tech company collaborates with luxury brands like Coach and Chloé for transparent and sustainable commerce. Wearable augmented reality device from aims to provide on-the-go AR experiences. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an architecture firm dedicated to innovation and improved quality of life: Pioneering architecture in the digital age is the online home of Manning, an architectural firm with a distinguished thirty-eight-year history and a focus on complex, urban projects. Headquartered in Louisiana with offices in New Orleans, Dallas, and Washington, DC, Manning has expanded its licensure across the United States, undertaking projects in multiple states and internationally. The firm provides services in architecture, interior design, planning, and program management, and aims to improve quality of life through collaborative design. In 2023, as highlighted on, the firm was honored as a Growth Leader by Louisiana Economic Development (LED), a recognition of its achievements in growth, strategy, innovation, philanthropy, leadership, and company culture, underscored by projects like the Ochsner School of Nursing and Allied Health and community wellness initiatives.

Manning is geared towards creating meaningful environments that celebrate life and sustain resilient communities. Highlighted on the firm’s About page, Manning prides itself on engaging with clients, team members, and community partners through active listening and collaboration, energizing its creative process. This approach leads to in-depth understanding, fostering innovative solutions that respond uniquely to each project’s needs. The firm has led projects across a variety of sectors, including Transportation, Education, Civic, Corporate, Cultural, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Federal, showcasing its versatile expertise. With a dedication to building strong relationships and achieving extraordinary clarity in its projects, Manning aims to realize visions and create impactful spaces that enhance community well-being.

Exploring Landmark projects and visionary designs

Visit the Architecture page from the Projects menu to explore various designs 

“responsive to the client and the project’s specific context.” For example, take a look at the Royal Dutch Shell Center project. Manning took the lead as the executive architect for Royal Dutch Shell in Lagos, Nigeria, designing a dual-site project that includes a flagship corporate campus and a residential development. The corporate campus is planned to accommodate up to 2,000 staff and features parking for 1,000 cars, a wellness center, a learning center, and four office buildings arranged around a landscaped terrace with views of the Lagos Lagoon. Designed to achieve LEED Gold standards, the project incorporates innovative water management systems for climate control. The residential site, drawing on indigenous and colonial Nigerian architectural styles, offers waterfront amenities, pedestrian spaces, and parks, ensuring high security and off-grid utility capabilities, all while fostering a strong sense of community.

Selecting the Interior Designs option helps you explore the firm’s “interiors that communicate through design and capture the essence of a client’s image, purpose, or function.” For instance, Nora Navra New Orleans Public Library represents a beacon of community resurgence and revitalization in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Replacing the original facility lost to the floodwaters of 2005, this new 7,800 square foot library serves as a critical resource for children, youth, and adults in the surrounding area, including several schools. Prioritizing community input through extensive outreach, Manning crafted a space that not only meets the neighborhood’s needs but also aims to strengthen community bonds. The library features age-specific reading areas, advanced computer and technology workstations, and versatile spaces for meetings and functions. Architecturally, it integrates seamlessly into the neighborhood, with an open plaza and glass walls that blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors, all while preserving the site’s resilient live oaks. Awarded by the AIA New Orleans for its architecture, the Nora Navra Library stands as a symbol of recovery and unity, offering a light-filled haven that encourages learning and community gathering.

On their Planning page, the firm states “We bring people together and empower communities and institutions to thrive in the face of challenges.” You can check out some of their related projects, including the Monroe Community and Recreation Center Visioning Plan.This project is aimed at reimagining seven community and recreation centers across the city. Tasked with assessing current conditions, engaging with the community to identify needs, and crafting a comprehensive vision, Manning has developed plans for both immediate and future improvements. These enhancements range from site lighting, landscaping, and community gardens to major renovations of buildings to better serve as community hubs and evacuation facilities, incorporating sustainable energy solutions like solar panels. The project’s phased approach ensures both immediate community benefits and long-term redevelopment, positioning these centers as vital, resilient assets for Monroe’s neighborhoods.

.XYZ: A new frontier for brand identity in architecture

Opting for a short, memorable one-word .xyz domain reflects a brand’s innovative and forward-thinking ethos. For firms like Manning with, this choice underscores their commitment to innovation and accessibility, making their digital presence easily memorable and enhancing online visibility. A domain such as isn’t just a web address; it’s a crucial part of the brand identity, offering a competitive edge by positioning the brand as tech-savvy and ahead of trends in the digital era. You can learn more about the innovative firm by following along on LinkedIn and Instagram, and by visiting

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