We’ve previously featured a selection of captivating and eye-catching games developed on .xyz and XYZ Registry domains like .Game, .LOL, and .Quest, showcasing the diverse and innovative creations within the gaming industry. Web3 gaming company Zypher.Game leverages AI to foster a fair and integrity-rich gaming environment. Decentralized gaming ecosystem Treasure.LOL is a hub for various metaverse games, each with unique narratives and quests. Next-generation chess platform Immortal.Game introduces the game of chess to web3 through the implementation of NFTs, a marketplace, and play-to-earn (P2E) rewards. In anticipation of The 2023 Game Awards, an annual event that recognizes and upholds creative and technical excellence in the global video game industry, we’re excited to share a few more games developed on XYZ Registry domains (including an eight-time nominee). 

Game of the Year 2023 nominee Baldur’s Gate 3, by Larian Studios customer – (Belgium)

This year, the spotlight of The Game Awards shines brightly on Baldur’s Gate 3, by Larian Studios, which has been nominated in an impressive eight categories. With a fitting online home at BaldursGate3.Game, the game is an epic tale set in the Forgotten Realms, filled with themes of fellowship, betrayal, sacrifice, and the temptation of absolute power. Players find themselves grappling with mysterious abilities awakening within them, thanks to a mind flayer parasite implanted in their brains. Baldur’s Gate 3 presents a choice: resist the darkness and harness it against itself or embrace the corruption and become the ultimate evil. Players can craft their own unique character or play as an Origin hero with a predefined background. The adventure takes you across the Forgotten Realms and beyond, where you can gather a party of up to four online to explore, battle, and experience this captivating narrative.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has garnered nominations in eight prestigious categories. These nominations include:

  • Game of the Year
  • Best Game Direction
  • Best Narrative
  • Best Score
  • Best Performance
  • Best RPG
  • Best Community Support
  • Best Multiplayer

This feat highlights the game’s quality and its significant impact on the gaming landscape.  We are inspired by the creativity on display with Baldur’s Gate 3 and wish all involved much success at the awards. You can learn more by following Baldur’s Gate 3 on X (Twitter) and by visiting BaldursGate3.Game.

The Last of Us: A nominee in the Best Adaptation category

While Baldur’s Gate 3 has been nominated in multiple categories, it’s not the only game deserving of recognition. In the “Best Adaptation” category, The Last of Us has also secured a nomination. This game, known for its emotional storytelling and gripping gameplay, continues to impress players and critics alike. This serves as a testament to video games’ power as a storytelling medium.

In a previous blog post, we had the pleasure of introducing you to the talented character artist Soa Lee, who highlights her work for The Last of Us on Her artistic skills have contributed to the immersive worlds of gaming, helping to bring characters to life and making gaming experiences even more unforgettable. Her dedication to her craft is a testament to the passion that drives the gaming industry forward.

Intelli.Game: Where gaming meets critical thought

Intelli.GamePorkbun customer – (United States)

Gaming has evolved from being just a form of entertainment and escapism into a medium that deeply impacts our lives. It’s no longer just about playing games; it’s about discussing and critically analyzing them. This is where Intelli.Game comes into play.

Intelli.Game is the online home of Intelligame, a community of gamers who share a love for games and engage in thoughtful discussions about their societal implications. They explore these conversations across various platforms, including Discord, Twitch streams, YouTube videos, podcasts, and written content on their website. As they highlight on Intelli.Game,

“Gaming changes and morphs all around us. As a form of entertainment, we pour countless hours into virtual worlds contained on screens large and small, boards, and cards. These are windows into spaces where we play heroes, villains, entrepreneurs, homemakers, elves, mercenaries…the list goes on. But where games used to primarily be a form of entertainment and escapism, our play is becoming a deeper part of the stories of our lives.”

The community platform upgraded their domain from to the shorter and more memorable Intelli.Game. This clever domain hack – a domain name that suggests a word, phrase, or name when joining two or more adjacent levels of that domain – makes great use of the .Game domain extension. You can learn more by following the platform on Instagram, X (Twitter), and Facebook, and by visiting Intelli.Game.

Introducing Dreams.Quest: An exploration of imagination

Dreams.QuestNetim customer – (United States)

Dreams.Quest is the online home of Dreams Quest, an entertainment company dedicated to creating diverse content that captures the essence of fantasy and adventure and encourages exploration and learning. Their portfolio encompasses a range of captivating experiences shared through various mediums, including gaming, film, TV, books, and music, all inspired by mythology and lore.

Within the Dreams Quest universe, you’ll encounter elements like portals, distorted time-space, and mystical crystals, all intricately tied to their world’s mythology. One of their notable offerings is “Origins: The Fall of Azoria,” an open-world RPG mobile game featuring quests, exploration, challenges, and concealed secrets. Players collect valuable resources, such as organic matter, crystals, and artifacts, while uncovering hidden knowledge that unlocks forgotten secrets and mastering Weka, the life force energy shaping their world.

“Origins: The Fall of Azoria” provides players with an immersive experience where dreams and subconsciousness converge to create a unique and memorable journey. Dreams Quest’s commitment lies in crafting imaginative content that invites individuals to explore new horizons and engage with their creations.

As shared in a recent update from Dreams Quest, the development team has been hard at work enhancing various aspects of “Origins: The Fall of Azoria.” Notable improvements include the implementation of additional combat mechanics and weapon physics collisions, expanding the quest mechanics, and more. One standout addition is the “dash” ability, granting characters brief immunity to enemy melee attacks when engaged in combat. Players wielding bladed modular staffs can now slash through multiple enemies simultaneously, as long as the attack arc physically “collides” with adversaries, resulting in 100% damage to all affected. These updates reflect the ongoing commitment of Dreams Quest to refine and enrich the gaming experience in their open-world RPG, “Origins: The Fall of Azoria.” You can learn more by following the company on X (Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and by visiting Dreams.Quest.

From BaldursGate3.Game‘s captivating storytelling to the thought-provoking discussions on Intelli.Game and the imaginative adventures of Dreams.Quest, these domains have not only provided unique online homes but have also contributed to the ever-evolving gaming landscape. XYZ domains have played a significant role in fostering innovation within the gaming world, and we are excited to continue featuring more exciting games on .xyz, .Game, .LOL, .Quest, and beyond.

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

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