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Progressive web3 businesses are rebranding and adopting .xyz domains to signify growth. Web3 creative agency Nightshift rebranded to once acquired by crypto payment service Moonpay. Fintech company Party Round rebranded to with a goal of continuing to help startups raise money with new, additional features. Web3 company TAIKAI Labs rebranded to with a focus on connecting web3 developers and organizations to create innovative solutions. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a rebranded web3 communications agency developing PR and marketing strategies for blockchain, DeFi, NFT, and metaverse projects: is a tech-first web3 communications agency is a web3 communications agency dedicated to product and ecosystem development within the evolving realm of blockchain technology. By aligning communication strategies with client products and relevant cultural events, aims to connect with the intended audience. In September 2022, the agency, formerly known as, rebranded to after five years of service in PR, marketing, and development for blockchain, DeFi, and NFT projects.The agency operates in various emerging tech arenas, including web3, decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, and Layer 1 & Layer 2 protocols, offering support to early-stage company launches. The team at, having a background as product founders, has a grasp on the adoption lifecycle from conception to market entry. By combining elements of art and technology in communication, seeks to meet the unique demands of the web3 environment. In August 2023, announced a collaborative endeavor with previously featured, a no-code platform facilitating creators to launch end-to-end NFTs in a secure, accessible, and fair manner. is geared towards offering robust marketing support, while provides strategic counsel to web3 artists. This partnership aims to provide emerging web3 artists with experienced marketing support, helping the artists to focus solely on art creation.1

Exploring the services offered by offers a variety of services aimed at bolstering online presence and media relations. One of the key services includes Executive Awareness, where the agency outlines an executive’s online persona and employs sentiment analysis to create thought leadership content, which is then repurposed for the executive’s social media channels. In addition, the agency provides Public Relations & Communications services with the objective of building trust with the media and forming healthy relationships with journalists to generate meaningful results for their clients. They also offer Brand Development consultations, workshops, ongoing narrative development, and media strategy. On the creative side, teams up with artists and web developers to create brand updates, assets, and websites. This includes brand marketing materials, web design and development, artist commissions, and video editing along with promotional materials.

Exploring creative collaborations: Howl Studio and the Artist Ambassador Program

Howl Studio, a facet of, serves as a creative talent management agency specifically for web3 artists and influencers. Howl Studio operates with a contemporary business model that employs collaborative processes, offering creatives a departure from conventional industry dynamics. Managed and supported by individuals with experience in the fine art industry and web3 sector, Howl Studio provides both full artist management and an alternative, non-exclusive agency model. This setup aims to offer artists support in various areas including business development, creative strategy, NFT product launch, and brand and media relations, leveraging the team and in-house services to foster a supportive environment for creative talent.’s Artist Ambassador Program is an initiative that aims to boost your web3 cultural relevance by connecting with fine artists and creative professionals from its studio. The program provides various services such as fine art commissions by notable web3 creators, updating visual collateral and brand assets, and organizing artist-focused brand ambassador campaigns and PR stunts. With tailored advice on integrating the cultural value of web3 artists into your overall strategy, aims to help design and implement actionable steps to achieve this goal, linking your brand with your target audience in the web3 domain.

The evolution to

As shared on Twitter,’s rebrand and domain upgrade maintains a core focus on PR, marketing, and communications, while expanding services to further delve into NFTs and the metaverse.2 We are happy to have in the .xyz community and are excited about their partnership with fellow community member  We look forward to more developments. You can learn more by following the agency on X (Twitter) and LinkedIn, and by visiting



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