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Prestigious creative studios are establishing their online homes on .xyz domains. Creative agency works with a client roster of brands like Google and ESPN. Emmy Award-winning production company creates media for Apple and Beyoncé. Branding agency works with global brands like Casetify, Ann Taylor, and Kate Spade. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to an agency harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence to help generate award-winning campaigns:

Meet The Peeps, where traditional copywriting meets award-winning AI is the online home of The Peeps, a UK-based creative concept team that aims to blend traditional skills like copywriting and coding with contemporary technological advancements such as AI, Augmented Reality (AR), and web3 technologies. Their inventive approach has helped them earn several awards. AIDA1, a project created by The Peeps during their time at the now-closed Tiny Giant agency, has earned recognition as the world’s first AI science curator. It received the DMA Gold Award for its outstanding use of AI.2 Additionally, they crafted Monker’s Garkel, the world’s first AI Gin3, earning them the DMA Bronze Award for Best Use of AI4 and a silver medal at the 2020 London Spirits Competition5. The team’s Papa Johns Hot Bag NFT campaign6 achieved Best Digital Initiative and Best Marketing Campaign at the 2022 QSR Media Awards.7 Creative artificial intelligence

As shared on their Creative AI page, The Peeps have been engaged in the creative AI sector since 2018, focusing on both the technical and narrative aspects of this domain. They have explored the potential of emerging AI tools such as ChatGPT, MidJourney, Dalle, Stable Diffusion, Eleven Labs, Runway ML, and D-ID to broaden the horizons of what can be achieved creatively. Their services encompass the production of deep fakes, cloned voices, synthesizers, and virtual influencers, all of which represent the cutting-edge in AI-driven content creation. Additionally, they offer narrative and storytelling services, integrating AI with other creative technological tools and platforms to provide a holistic approach to projects. Beyond hands-on creation, The Peeps also provide guidance through AI strategy sessions, workshops, and webinars, aiming to share knowledge and explore the capabilities of AI in a collaborative setting.

Exploring the web3 and AR services on

The Peeps have ventured into the realm of web3 and NFTs, exploring how these technologies can contribute to the digital domain’s future landscape. With a firm commitment to ethical practices, they strive to ensure that their web3 services align with broader good and environmental responsibility. Their offerings include community building and fundraising through NFTs, striving to provide a modern digital avenue for engagement and financial support. They provide token gating services to facilitate rewards and unique experiences for users, adding a layer of incentive and exclusivity. The Peeps also offer services related to the minting, collecting, and trading of NFTs on custom websites and apps, providing a structured and personalized platform for NFT transactions. The Peeps provide strategy sessions, workshops, and webinars, aiming to educate and collaborate on web3 potential. 

The agency provides AR Lenses services aimed at enhancing brand engagement on popular social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, where modern audiences spend a significant amount of time. They create customized AR filters and lenses that allow users to interact with a brand in a fun and immersive way, whether they are sharing a Snapchat lens, an Instagram filter, or a TikTok effect. Besides these platform-specific offerings, The Peeps also design bespoke AR experiences on other platforms, extending the immersive interactive possibilities that AR technology can bring to a brand’s online presence. Through these AR services, The Peeps aims to help brands seamlessly integrate into the daily digital interactions of their target audiences.

Words from Richard Norton, co-founder of The Peeps

We spoke with co-founder Richard Norton about his decision to build The Peep’s website on .xyz. As he explained,

“The Peeps help brands stand out from the chaos by blending bold ideas with new and shiny creative technology. In the same way, we chose .xyz as it instantly gave us an effortlessly cool online point of difference from others in our space. We love it!”

We are proud to have Richard and The Peeps among the thriving .xyz community of technology-focused creatives. Learn more about The Peeps by following along on X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and by visiting


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