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Web3 game developers are using .xyz and XYZ Registry domains like .Game, .LOL, and .Quest, to build innovative blockchain-based games. Ethereum-based exploration game is centered around customizable NFT characters within a vast online universe. Strategy game Wolf.Game is a cunning NFT adventure centered around sheep and wolves. NFT artist and game developer Daniil Dolia’s provides Dolia Cat NFT holders access to the Meowverse, a community that incorporates games, a decentralized finance platform, and more. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a web3 take on the classic game of chess: Immortal.Game.



Immortal.Game is the online home of Immortal Game, a tech startup introducing the game of chess to web3 through the implementation of NFTs, a marketplace, and play-to-earn (P2E) rewards (which grants players an opportunity to earn real-world assets while playing). Immortal.Game has raised $15.5 million in funding, including a $12 million round in July 2022. Participating investment firms include TCG Crypto and Kevin Durant’s 35 Ventures.1

Chess meets web3

Founded in 2021, Immortal Game developed a specialized chess gaming portal that offers the classic game as well as blockchain-based extras. The platform is still in beta, but interested chess players can create an account, choose four chess pieces from inventory and begin playing with an opponent. Immortal.Game designed the chess pieces to represent traditional chess pieces, such as pawns, bishops, and knights. The game releases 30 new pieces per day. There are 50,000 registered players with 5,000 active players per week. In addition to the game at hand, there are side quests, such as “Win with at least 1 of my knights remaining.” If you win your game and manage to complete some side quests, you can earn crypto rewards. Players can visit the marketplace to trade their NFT chess pieces of varying rarity for ETH. Immortal.Game’s P2E system is optional for those who just wish to play chess without using crypto.

Future plans

As the platform grows, Immortal.Game aims to introduce league tournaments and new game modes. As shared in the press, co-founder and CEO Thomas Zaepffel intends to continue using web3 technology to evolve the traditional board game. He states, “Chess is a centuries-old game that benefits from this technology, preserving its heritage while attracting a new group of players.” We are inspired by Thomas’ innovative and fresh take on chess, and look forward to seeing future developments. You can learn more by following the game on Twitter @TheImmortalGame, Instagram @immortalgam, joining the Discord, and by visiting Immortal.Game.


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