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The .xyz community is home to talented creatives using .xyz domains to build their personal websites and demonstrate their talents. Australia-based artist Serwah Attafuah uses to share her digital art and NFT creations. Actor, comedian, and graphic designer Ace Anderson uses to highlight his vast career experiences. Multidisciplinary artist Nina Fraser displays her creative work on In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an art director and designer who showcases her design projects on her own memorable personal website: is the personal website of Creative Director Alexis Copeland. Also known as “Noodle Factory,” the Microsoft designer shares on her website that her moniker stems from her long noodle-like hair, noodle-like arms, and noodle-like ideas. She shares that most of all,, it comes from her love of Andy Warhol’s Factory, a famous hangout spot for artists, musicians, and celebrities, and known for its popular parties in the 1960s. Early in life, Alexis’ love of art helped her navigate a challenging childhood in the US child welfare system. She found a sense of home within the arts community at her high school, and later went on to attend Ringling College of Art and Design. Now, as an art director, Alexis’ greatest skill and joy is unlocking the power of art and design in the lives of others, as it once did for her. “Let inspiration find you working,” a modified quote from Picasso, is Alexis’s creative motto.

At Microsoft, Alexis builds executive presentations and leads the branding of consumer products such as HoloLens 2, an augmented reality headset developed and manufactured by Microsoft. Alexis works to elevate the aesthetics of art and design for the Microsoft brand and its Fluent design language. Alexis shares that her style is bold, complex, and conceptually driven, with 3D design as her primary image-making tool. Alexis believes that success is shared ownership, and that nuance in creative collaboration is key.

Alexis’ projects are easy to explore with a simple and informative website design. features a gallery of Alexis’ Microsoft projects as well as her unique design collaborations. For a more detailed experience, click on the thumbnail to see each project with a full description, such as the illustration project titled Miso Eats Noodles. Alexis’ favorite creative collaborator reached out for help creating the children’s book, which is about a cat named Miso who teaches diversity through food from around the world.

You can click on Pride to learn about her work on an opportunity to support and lift Microsoft’s LGTQIA+ community with a theme design in Outlook and Office. The project became a large community–driven effort across Microsoft to authentically celebrate inclusive company values directly in their products. This included the design of a discussion space for queer employees and allies to speak out for the community in a Q&A forum, as well as imagery that was scaled to fit each of their social channels. 

Selecting a memorable domain name like is beneficial because it’s easier to remember, repeat, and type. Innovative creatives recognize that their website URL is an opportunity to differentiate themselves and make a lasting impression on potential clients and collaborators. With, Alexis has a domain name that sticks in potential users’ minds because it’s unique and fun. She uses her memorable .xyz domain to control her online presence and highlight everything she wishes to showcase to the world. We are glad to have Alexis among the .xyz community of artists, creators, and makers. You can learn more about Alexis by following her on LinkedIn and Instagram, and by visiting

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