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The .xyz community is home to many accomplished entrepreneurs using .xyz to showcase their accomplishments and promote their services. Prior Amazon marketing executive and author Juan José Delgado uses to share his knowledge of digital strategy and promote his books about marketing technique, including his latest title Smash It. Tech entrepreneur and managing partner Ryan Junee uses to spotlight his passions in tech startups, writing, and spirituality. Super Bowl champion and corporate development consultant Marques Colston uses to highlight his services in management training, performance coaching, and corporate development consulting. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a successful co-founder and CEO who showcases his assortment of coaching and training services on a personal website using a “FirstNameLastName” .xyz domain: is the personal website of Brooklyn-based entrepreneur, coach, and educator Matt Gray. Matt began his career managing 28 retail locations for Kraft Heinz Company. On the side, he co-founded Bitmaker Labs, a school for software engineers to train for jobs at technology companies. After training nearly 3,000 technologists, Matt and his team sold the company to education organization General Assembly. Matt uses his experience and knowledge to help entrepreneurs achieve success. ​​He uses as an online hub to sign up for his coursework, one-on-one coaching sessions, and his business growth-focused blog.

Matt’s services are displayed in an easy-to-navigate manner for visitors to explore, absorb, and consider. The homepage of contains a scenic photo of Matt with the CTA “Level Up Your Internet Business.” Providing your email address will get you signed up for Matt’s newsletter, The Soulful Entrepreneur. Matt distributes his weekly newsletter to a community of 37,000 members (as of September 16, 2022), and each newsletter includes one new business tip to help grow your online business. Through the use of additional CTAs further down the page, visitors can find out about all of Matt’s opportunities. You can learn more about the Founder Shortcuts Program, which is coursework aimed to help students build scalable systems that can give them the freedom to design their own life. You can also gain information about Matt’s coaching sessions, which are designed to help combat the difficulties of being a successful entrepreneur and help develop and accelerate your business with clarity, proven systems, and inspiration. 

Using a domain like for your personal website can be beneficial, because Matt is not limited by any third-party platform constraints. He can use his website as the hub of his coaching and training services, and maintain complete control over how he presents the benefits of his training. Matt is extremely happy with his decision to build on a .xyz domain. As he explained to us, “It’s been an incredible way to drive awareness around my brand. I’ve been driving my audience to raving fans of my newsletter and Founder Shortcuts Program.” We are proud to have Matt among the thriving .xyz community of entrepreneurs. You can learn more about Matt by following him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and by visiting

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