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The .xyz community is home to many skilled artists and visual creatives sharing their talents on .xyz domains. Audio-visual artist Cody Samson shares his VFX work for Beyoncé and Coachella on Book designer showcases her eye-catching covers for authors like Ben Folds and Jodi Picoult. Multimedia designer, illustrator, and animator highlights his array of creative projects. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a skilled copywriter who shares his assortment of professional and student work using a “” domain:

Introducing Michael Shea: New York City-based copywriter is the personal website of New York City-based copywriter Michael Shea. Michael holds a Master of Science in Business with a specialization in Branding from VCU Brandcenter. He has been recognized for his talent in the advertising field. He earned a Gold award at the Richmond Ad Show for his innovative student work on “Oatology” for leading oat milk brand Oatly. 1The Richmond Ad Show is an annual event organized by the Advertising Club of Richmond that celebrates and awards the creativity and hard work of advertising professionals and students. Additionally, his project “The Galleroni” for national pizza chain Little Caesars was nominated for a prestigious 2023 Webby award. 2The Webbys are awards for excellence on the Internet presented annually by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

Exploring Creative work for Oatly, Little Caesars, Smirnoff, and more. 

Michael has organized his showcased work in a user-friendly manner, making it easy for visitors to navigate. This ease of navigation can also make it easier for potential collaborators and clients to review Michael’s skills. The homepage showcases Michael’s projects in a grid formation that is colorful and easy to view. Check out his award winning student project for Oatly!, titled “Oatology.” The campaign, awarded Gold at the Richmond Ad Show 2022, promotes oat-based products as a superior alternative through diverse mediums. It captures consumer curiosity with Out of Home (OOH) advertising featuring Oatly portals in grocery stores, engages audiences on Spotify with reality-questioning ads, and introduces a Magic Oat Ball to humorously combat existential dread. This project combines creativity and strategic engagement, challenging traditional dairy perceptions and encouraging exploration of oat-based options.

The Galleroni, Michael’s Webby award-winning project for Little Caesars, transformed Little Caesars’ Instagram into a shoppable gallery, featuring exclusive Fanceroni-inspired art items priced at $9.99 each. This campaign, in collaboration with viral oil painter Noah Virier, offered a unique Little Caesars still-life for purchase, elevating the brand’s presence with a blend of artistry and humor. Additionally, the project involved crafting witty alternative jokes for the Fanceroni’s food-centric advertisements, enhancing the campaign’s engagement and appeal.

You can also check out the unique campaign that Michael designed for the national vodka brand Smirnoff. For Hispanic Heritage Month, Smirnoff innovatively transformed its bottle into a playable traditional Hispanic musical instrument, the Smirnoff Güiro. This campaign was a collaboration with Mexican illustrator Totoi Semerena, turning the iconic vodka bottle into a güiro, a percussion instrument with centuries of history. This special edition bottle paid homage to Hispanic American communities through its vibrant colors and celebrated their rich cultural heritage, blending tradition with modern branding in a creative and engaging way.

The advantages of using .xyz for personal websites like

Selecting a .xyz domain for Michael’s personal website underscores a forward-looking and innovative mindset, aligning with his flair for ambitious ideas and creativity. The .xyz extension is synonymous with versatility, technology, and a global perspective, making it an excellent fit for a creative professional interested in showcasing a portfolio that breaks conventional boundaries. This domain not only enhances Michael’s online brand identity but also makes his website memorable to clients and colleagues by offering a unique and modern web address. Opting for .xyz positions Michael at the forefront of digital trends, demonstrating his adaptability and eagerness to embrace the future of digital identity. You can learn more by following Michael on LinkedIn and by visiting

1. 2.

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