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In the dynamic world of web3, .xyz and XYZ Registry domains, such as .LOL and .Game, are increasingly becoming the go-to choices for decentralized gaming platforms, capturing significant attention within the community. Web3 gaming ecosystem Treasure.LOL focuses on community-driven gaming through MAGIC. Blockchain platform helps you create your own web3 games. NFT-focused Wolf.Game pits sheep against wolves in a strategic competition for crypto rewards. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a web3 development platform dedicated to offering tools and infrastructure for creating decentralized applications, especially in gaming:

Discover, a platform for building decentralized applications is the online home of Sequence, a web3 development platform focused on providing tools and infrastructure for building decentralized applications, particularly in the gaming space. Launched in 2021, it supports multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche. arms developers with a variety of tools and features, such as smart contract development and deployment, decentralized data storage, hosting capabilities, and web3.js integration (a bridge that allows software applications to communicate and interact with the Ethereum blockchain). The platform aims to simplify the integration of blockchain technology into applications, addressing common challenges in decentralized application development. As shared on, the platform is trusted by notable brands such as blockchain platform Polygon and French video game publisher Ubisoft. is a product of Horizon Blockchain Games, a maker of games and a builder of foundational web3 infrastructure. In October 2023, the company was awarded the Gamechangers 2024 Award for Best Blockchain/Web3 Technology.1

Solutions designed for web3 game development

The platform distinguishes itself with its array of features tailored for web3 game development. Key offerings include a no-code tool called Sequence Builder, which fosters fast and easy game management and launch. The platform also provides wallet solutions, including the Vault for seamless smart contract interactions and a Wallet as a Service for customizable, embeddable options. Additionally, facilitates the creation of in-game marketplaces with enforced royalties and offers comprehensive payment solutions, supporting fiat, cryptocurrency, credit, and debit cards. For efficient transactions, it offers batched and gasless options, which can enhance the user experience in NFT claims and purchases​​.

Case Studies: Skyweaver and Hunters On-Chain

The platform’s effectiveness is evidenced through various case studies. Skyweaver, a leading blockchain game, 2leveraged Sequence to mint over a million items, manage a dynamic in-game marketplace, and handle significant transaction volumes, earning recognition as a leading blockchain game. Another example is Hunters On-Chain, a web3 action role-playing game (RPG) that saw notable improvements after integrating with Sequence, including a 4.5 times increase in day 30 retention and a 7.2 times rise in average revenue per user. These case studies demonstrate the platform’s ability to enhance both the operational aspects of games and their financial performance, showcasing Sequence’s impact in the web3 gaming sector​​.

On their blog, Sequence shares various articles and business insights. As detailed in the January 2024 post titled “Greg Canessa, Creator & GM of Xbox Live Arcade and former Google and Activision Blizzard executive, joins as President & COO,” Greg Canessa discusses his excitement in joining Horizon Blockchain Games and the potential of web3 and blockchain technologies in gaming. He emphasizes the importance of innovative technology in creating new gaming experiences and improving development economics, and sees Sequence as a key platform in simplifying blockchain complexities for game developers.

Embracing innovation and global reach: Sequence’s strategic .xyz domain choice

The choice of an .xyz domain for Sequence reflects a strategic and forward-thinking approach. The .xyz domain has become increasingly popular among new tech ventures, startups, and forward-thinking brands, particularly in the tech and blockchain spaces. This domain extension is seen as modern, versatile, and memorable, aligning well with Sequence’s identity as an innovative and cutting-edge platform in the blockchain gaming industry. It also carries a global appeal, not being tied to any specific geographic location, which is crucial for a platform aiming to reach a worldwide audience. This choice positions Sequence as a player in the global tech community, signaling its alignment with the latest trends in the digital and blockchain realms.

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