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The .xyz community is home to many skilled artists and visual creatives sharing their talents on .xyz domains. Abstract artist Octavious Jones shares his digital paintings on Book designer showcases her eye-catching covers for authors like Ben Folds and Jodi Picoult. Multimedia designer, illustrator, and animator highlights his array of creative projects. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a skilled creative who shares his assortment of audio visual work on his own memorable website:

Welcome to, Cody Sampson’s online portfolio is the online home of Cody Samson, also known as “Shmody,” a freelance audio-visual artist and designer based in San Francisco. His work primarily focuses on the interplay between animation and sound design. Cody’s experience includes roles as a motion designer and art director at All of it Now (AOIN), a Los Angeles-based creative agency.  His artistic journey encompasses exploring digital design aspects, with showcases at festivals, events, and galleries both in the United States and internationally. Cody also possesses a musical background, with over a decade of experience composing, producing, and performing music spanning electronic, indie rock, soul, hip-hop, R&B, ambient soundscapes, and more. His creative talents extend beyond the visual realm, showcasing a multifaceted approach to artistic expression.

Explore Cody’s work for artists such as Beyoncé on 

A straightforward website design makes exploring Cody’s music and AV projects easy. A grid layout on the homepage facilitates easy browsing through his work. When you hover over each image, it reveals the project’s title and type, and clicking on an image directs you to a detailed project page. For example, hovering over an image of Beyoncé performing in concert reveals that Cody worked on live camera visual effects (VFX) for Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour. Clicking on Beyoncé’s image leads visitors to a page featuring more live camera VFX from the tour and a detailed project description. Cody highlights that in Spring 2023, he partnered with production studio Pixels & Noise to create custom live camera VFX for Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour. Utilizing Notch VFX software, they designed an assortment of effects to enhance live camera feeds. These effects synchronized with choreography, lighting, and stage props, elevating key moments in the career-spanning show. Cody showcases a similar collaboration with boygenius for the 2023 Coachella Music & Arts Festival. The linked boygenius page shares that Pixels & Noise again enlisted Shmody to collaborate on crafting live camera VFX for boygenius’ performance at Coachella and their subsequent US tour. Throughout rehearsal periods, they harnessed Notch to create a collection of TV effects and vibrant distortions. These VFX became a captivating video backdrop that complemented boygenius’ dynamic rock and roll aesthetic, blending elements of grit and ethereality in their live performances. 

Visitors can also choose the film reel icon to visit Cody’s Reel. Cody’s reel presents a one-minute supercut of his exciting projects. The audio icon takes visitors to Cody’s Audio page, where he shares his assorted musical work. You can listen to tracks from Cody’s collections Collected Works Vol 1 and Growth in Motion, and you can check out the music video for “Broadcast” by Laundry Night, which Cody directed and animated. Clicking the question mark icon directs you to Cody’s About page, where he shares his bio, software proficiency “tool belt”, and CV link.

The advantages of developing a memorable personal website like

There is great benefit in a memorable domain like for your personal website.‘s short and memorable nature facilitates easy user access. Website visitors have the chance to experience a sampling of Cody’s projects all in one place. The simplified navigation makes it easy for visitors to get a strong sense of his skills and help them consider him for collaboration opportunities. In addition, provides the branded email address [email protected] for inquiries. When you have an email address directly associated with your domain name, visitors can use that email address to find your website and have confidence that they’re reaching out to the right person. We are glad to have Cody among the thriving .xyz community of skilled creatives. You can learn more about Cody by following him on Instagram, Vimeo, and LinkedIn, and by visiting

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