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Innovative artists are developing their digital presence on .xyz domains to showcase technology-driven artwork. Artist and designer Makeitrad uses to showcase AI-driven art. Architect and AI visionary Will Garner uses to highlight his creative process. Artists Harry Yeff (also known as Reeps100), and Trung Bao developed, a generative art project designed to translate a person’s voice into a gemstone-like sculpture. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to an artist who captures the evolving dynamics between humanity and technology by harnessing AI to enhance their artistic process:

Spotlight on Ren: A fusion of tradition and AI artistry is the online hub of Ren, an artist with a background in traditional artistic education who has embraced AI to expand and evolve their artistic style. Ren blends the techniques of old masters with contemporary aesthetics, creating post-humanist artworks that explore the nuanced relationship between humans and AI. Their pieces are characterized by “instinctive brush strokes, layered lighting, and hidden meanings,” aiming to delve into the sociological impacts of human-AI interactions. Ren is a member of MAIF, a collective of AI-assisted artists from all over the world. The collective, whose work you can check out on community platform, hosts shows in cities around the world like Los Angeles, CA, and Rome, Italy, and runs an art fund dedicated to collecting pieces from emerging AI creators. 1Ren’s collection Paradise Lost marks a notable blend of anime and AI. Set in a cyberpunk universe, it tells the story of a young inventor in a narrative spanning 20 chapters, exploring themes like the societal impact of AI and our dependency on virtual realities. Through 500 unique digital artworks, Ren utilizes AI to enhance artistic expression, each piece integral to the overarching story. The collection launched in December 2023 on AI-generated art platform BrainDrops, 2showcasing the potential of AI in redefining art and storytelling. 3Additionally, Ren has curated Def Gems, a collection of AI-enhanced artwork, on, a collaborative platform aimed at supporting the large-scale co-creation of web3 media.

Exploring From art and exhibitions to Paradise Lost

Ren dedicates a section of their website to Paradise Lost, their cyberpunk-based collection exploring the intersection of anime and AI. He shares information about the development of the project, including how the narrative was created with the help of ChatGPT. Harnessing the AI-powered chatbot, they conceptualized scenarios, events, and cliffhangers based on their idea to explore “the fine line between humanity empowered by technology and enslaved by it.” Ren also shares that a big challenge they faced was keeping the characters and the locations consistent while evolving their appearance and behavior throughout the story. They honed their prompting and editing techniques to overcome this obstacle and make the world feel coherent. 

Visitors can explore Ren’s assorted artwork collections, including Glaciers, a series of colorful glacier formations hosted on NFT marketplace Foundation. Check out the Showroom to see a wide range of unminted works available on demand. By selecting the “Get in Touch” CTA, you’ll connect to Ren’s X/Twitter profile, where you can reach out for more information. Ren’s Exhibitions page shares their history of exhibitions, such as 2022 Miami Art Week’’s Royal House of Medici 4and 2023’s Bad Glitches Only Redux, on display in Tokyo and New York City.5

.XYZ: A domain for the intersection of art and technology

Ren’s decision to establish their digital hub on a .xyz domain exemplifies their innovative and forward-thinking approach. They align themself with a modern, universal namespace that resonates with the global and boundaryless nature of the internet and digital art. Ren’s choice of .xyz reflects a commitment to a future where art and technology merge seamlessly. The .xyz domain, popular among tech startups and creative communities, underscores Ren’s dedication to exploring new frontiers in art, especially in the realms of AI and digital expression. It signals to the world that Ren is at the forefront of the digital art revolution, embracing a platform that speaks to a diverse, internet-savvy audience eager to explore the cutting-edge intersection of art and technology. You can learn more about Ren and view more of their work by following the artist on Instagram and X/Twitter, and by visiting


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