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Blockchain developers are using .xyz domains to leverage the latest technologies and develop revolutionary solutions. VC firm and DAO aims to reshape web3 funding. Web3 platform aims to disrupt Metaverse-based storytelling. NFT platform aims to refresh the way brands engage with customers. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a web3 wallet geared towards revolutionizing asset management: is the online home of Taho, a community-driven web3 wallet that offers a user-friendly alternative for digital asset management. This wallet enables NFT viewing, integrates with Ledger devices for improved security—a specialized tool for cryptocurrencies—and offers more cost-effective currency exchange options. Being open-source, Taho ensures transparency and allows for community participation in its development. Its goal is to enhance web3 and DeFi accessibility, planning additional features to improve user experience.

Taho’s philosophy centers on web3’s foundational values: accessibility, transparency, and ownership. This ethos is reflected in the platform’s approach to offering financial services that are open to everyone, free from the constraints and biases of traditional banking systems. Taho’s design is a direct response to the challenges and limitations of centralized financial systems, aiming to provide a more equitable and inclusive platform. Its community influences the wallet’s development and operational decisions, aligning it with user needs and values. This approach enhances the wallet’s functionality and fosters a sense of ownership and community among its users.

The web3 wallet distinguishes itself with its community-owned and operated structure. Taho offers features that facilitate creating and importing wallets, managing assets, and conducting token swaps for users. Beyond basic wallet functions, Taho extends into the realm of digital gaming through Subscape, a Play-to-Govern game set in the Arbitrum One network. The game, which is currently in beta (as of November 27, 2023), is designed to offer users an engaging gaming experience coupled with opportunities to earn. Taho also provides user support, addressing frequently asked questions regarding its safety protocols, compatibility with hardware wallets, and browser support, ensuring a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. underwent a rebranding and domain upgrade from, strategically aligning with its ethos and objectives in the evolving web3 space. The switch to symbolizes a commitment to enhancing user accessibility and empowerment in the cryptocurrency domain. The web3 community increasingly favors the .xyz domain for its versatility and straightforward nature, essential for businesses in sectors like NFT marketplaces, DeFi initiatives, and digital financial services. This adaptability is important in the rapidly changing digital environment, where businesses frequently explore new opportunities, rebrand, or pivot their strategies. Choosing a .xyz domain allows Taho to evolve and expand its digital identity, aligning with future aspirations and showing adaptability in its online presence. You can learn more by following the platform on X (Twitter) @taho_xyz, joining the Discord, and visiting

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