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Everyone loves a good story. Stories entertain us, motivate us, and inspire us as we navigate through our daily lives. Being that stories are such an integral part of how we communicate with each other, it makes sense that storytelling can bring significant benefits to the marketing and communication we put out for our brands and businesses. This story-based approach to content creation has been steadily growing among marketing professionals. If you are curious to learn more about it, then you’ll want to meet this week’s #WebsiteWednesday: homepage

As a storytelling marketing company, aims to help their clients create a cohesive message in their branded content. This specific and engaging narrative is then used to create a deeper connection between the brand and their target audience. specializes in teaching storytelling techniques to be used naturally in a company’s existing marketing strategy. This includes services like story producing, storytelling training, and even help crafting branded content and story writing.

The brand was created by experienced storytelling pundit Gabriela Lacob, former Creative/Head of Development of a TV production company. Gabriela built her storytelling knowledge through working nearly two decades in the TV industry, and has harnessed that creative background to apply it to traditional content marketing. Gabriela was able to marry both the business and creative sides of her past work experience to create the brand. provides storytelling marketing training and content creation assistance. Their first goal is to help you discover and tell the story of your brand. Next, guides you in telling that story to your customers in a way that will get it noticed, be understood by your audience, and create a point of reference that leads to stronger connection.

In practice, this can take the form of marketing approaches like the one employs. By sharing his history as the 4th generation owner of a kimono design company, creator Kisaburo Iwamoto promotes the brand’s fresh new take on the traditional garment and how he has put his personal touch on it.

Another great example is ed-tech platform The company promotes its gamified, collaborative teaching tool through its creator’s experience as a former teacher who saw how traditional teaching methods can be time consuming and leave students discouraged.

Factual development is a key focus within the scope of’s offerings. The company presents that marketers can be tempted to stretch the truth and play it loose with branded language. They further advise that your brand’s story must be presented using facts and verifiable claims, or it can border on the dangerous practices of fluffery and false advertising.’s training is designed to help you craft an engaging narrative around your brand while making sure that you are using only truthful statements.

Testimonials from satisfied customers on the site praise the company’s ability to help them clarify their concept and turn it into a compelling narrative that guides customers and brings the desired results from their content. If you’re interested in trying out’s service for your company, you can reach out to them through the contact page on their site. You can also follow them on Twitter at their memorable handle @StorylinerSxyz, where they share helpful articles on storytelling marketing and branding.

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