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Forward-thinking developers are using .xyz and XYZ Registry domains like .Security, .Audio, and .Monster to leverage AI and showcase their innovative projects. Software solution IRIS.Audio leverages AI to innovate audio and eliminate background noise. The music production platform aims to simplify and speed up sound creation. Talent marketplace software developer harnesses the power of AI to aid in the staffing process. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to one monster of a platform harnessing the power of AI to help streamers utilize custom AI text-to-speech (TTS) technology in their streams: TTS.Monster.

AI-powered live stream engagement with TTS.Monster

TTS.Monster is an innovative platform designed to help streamers employ custom AI text-to-speech (TTS) technology during their live streams. TTS is a type of technology that converts written text into spoken words. This technology can assist those with visual impairments or reading challenges and in situations where listening is more practical than reading, such as driving. In the case of TTS.Monster, this technology is used to convert text messages from an audience into spoken messages during a live stream, making the interaction between streamers and viewers more engaging and fun. TTS.Monster operates as a web app, eliminating the need for any downloads. On October 17, 2023, the platform took to X (Twitter) to announce the release of their official Twitch extension, designed to help your viewers send AI TTS messages “even smoother than before.”1

TTS.Monster’s setup and expanded functionalities

The platform fosters a quick setup process by extending support for StreamElements and StreamLabs, two widely used platforms equipped with a variety of solutions aimed at enriching the live streaming experience for streamers. To begin, streamers should log in or register, enter their tokens from StreamElements or StreamLabs, adjust settings, and add the generated overlay URL to OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). This involves integrating a specific web-based element into their streaming setup.

One of the claims made by TTS.Monster is the potential to increase streamers’ revenue. As stated on the website, “streamers have seen more than a 400% increase in donations with TTS.Monster.” The platform does not take a cut from the earnings, allowing streamers to retain 100% of their revenue. Moreover, TTS.Monster extends its functionality to app developers through its developer API. This feature aims to provide high-quality AI voices for integration into other applications, backed by documentation for a streamlined integration process. Interested users can follow the website’s Call to Action (CTA) to Apply for Early Access.

Exploring the platform’s AI voices and sound bites

TTS.Monster offers a library of AI voices and sound bites beyond basic text-to-speech conversion, aiming to enhance the streaming experience.. Users have the option to preview hundreds of AI voices, including impersonations like Bart Simpson and Kermit the Frog, and sound bites ranging from the playful quack of a duck to the celebratory ‘tada’ sound effect. This selection aims to foster an engaging streaming atmosphere, encouraging playful and memorable interactions between streamers and their audience.

Monstrous creativity: TTS.Monster’s daring domain decision

TTS.Monster‘s choice to build on a .Monster domain reflects a modern and imaginative approach to online branding. The .Monster domain is a space for creators to share their scary good ideas and embrace a wild, unconventional online persona, fostering a sense of innovation and daring. By adopting this domain, TTS.Monster aligns itself with a creative, boundary-pushing ethos, which resonates with the inventive spirit inherent in the live-streaming community. This domain choice also exemplifies how modern enterprises can utilize distinctive domain names to echo their brand’s character and appeal to a tech-savvy, contemporary audience.

We had the opportunity to speak with Walter Bowman, Head of Product, about the decision to build on .Monster. As he explained, “We chose the .Monster domain because it resonates with our AI’s powerful capabilities and gives TTS.Monster a distinctive edge. It aligns with our innovative spirit and stands out in today’s digital world. We’re thrilled to be a part of the community XYZ celebrates and supports.”

You can learn more about the platform by joining the Discord, following along on Twitter @tts_monster, and by visiting TTS.Monster.

Now is a wickedly good time to launch your own idea on an innovative domain with some bite. Don’t delay – Choose your .Monster now.


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