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The .xyz community is home to many innovative and forward-thinking fashion brands. Vaporwave streetwear brand sells high-quality, Los Angeles-made clothing with designs by fashion designer and founder Eric Wu. Canada-based multimedia collective shares their artwork through, an eCommerce gallery with wearable art designed by the collective’s artists. Miami-based clothing brand rotates their online collection of limited quantity pieces every three weeks. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday we’ll introduce you to a clothing brand that believes in achieving dreams, conquering fears, and exploring life: is the online home of Ways of Travel, a Nashville-based clothing brand by founder and designer Sangsoury Philavarn. Nashville-born Sangsoury is a fan of hip-hop, rap, and R&B music. Sangsoury began to notice the streetwear fashion presence in his favorite music genres, specifically how artists choose to identify with high fashion lifestyle brands. This inspired the creation of his own luxury streetwear brand, The unisex clothing line is designed to help you feel comfortable and confident. On their About us page, the brand shares their belief in achieving dreams, conquering fears, and exploring life to reach truest potential. These beliefs are summed up in their motto: ACHIEVE. CONQUER. EXPLORE.

The clothing on is organized into categories such as hoodies, shirts, and sweatshirts. Current featured items include the LA x MIA, a heavy fleece sweatshirt aimed to keep you comfortable throughout your errands and outings. It is a crisp, white sweatshirt with “LA x MIA” printed on the chest, and “Ways of Travel” printed across the front. A product description explains that the item is inspired by Los Angeles and Miami, two cities with similar but different lifestyles. also features the Lone Wolf short sleeve, a white t-shirt with a wolf logo on the chest. The description explains that the Lone Wolf design is made for those who run alone or in a pack, and carries “red bloodthirsty accents for that inner hunger drive for more in life.” shares that their clothing is currently made in the USA using 100% heavyweight premium cotton.

Check out the brand’s News link to keep up with their blog posts and all brand-related updates. In November 2022, the brand shared the final edits of their Miami Halloween Photoshoot. The photoshoot featured model Yaroslava Levandovska, as styled by Sangsoury. The shared images feature Yaroslava wearing the RaceLine crop top and the unreleased Element sweatpants. Yaroslava shared some behind-the-scenes footage of the Miami-based photoshoot on her Instagram account.1 Sangsoury has also worked with other up-and-coming fashion models and influential collaborators, which helps to promote his brand. Take a look at Elite model Anna Makhateli, who shares footage of her photoshoot for She wears the Ways of Travel Staple hoodie and states that and Sangsoury “know the formula of style and comfort!”2 uses the branded email address [email protected] to correspond with visitors and potential customers, which helps to generate trust. When you have an email address directly associated with your domain name, customers can use that email address to find your website and have confidence that they’re reaching out to the appropriate contact. You can learn more by following the brand on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and by visiting


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