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Creative and skilled professionals are using .xyz domains to establish their online presence and showcase their work. Content marketer and writer Allaire Rae Conte highlights her portfolio on Writer and book editor Jackson Howard uses to display his writing samples. Comedy writer and copywriter Alex Watt shares his work on In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a multidisciplinary designer who highlights his work using his own memorable personal website:

Meet Brooklyn-based designer Brent Bobo is the personal website of Brent Bobo, a multidisciplinary designer and creative based in Brooklyn, NY. He is currently a part of the team at Droga5 NY, where he works collaboratively with a diverse range of global clients, including HBO Max and Meta. He blends art and design in his approach, developing solutions that are conceptual, experimental, thoughtful, and purposeful. Beyond his role at Droga5, Brent is the founder of The POV Group, a design studio that focuses on offering a society-centered perspective to brands and creatives. The studio actively engages in various projects, including non-profit initiatives, art and design services, and community events. 

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A simple and straightforward website design makes exploring Brent’s work samples easy. His highlighted work projects are showcased directly on his homepage. And from any other page on this website, just click the Work menu to go directly to the collection. For Meta, Brent and his team tackled the challenge of Gen Z’s “indifference” towards the brand. The objective was to create a brand platform that resonated with the fast-paced and dynamic nature of cultural conversations on social media, particularly to engage Gen Z and alter their perception of Meta. The solution involved a collaboration with rapper Coi Leray, known for her unique and empowering personality. The project centered around producing a music video that brought together Coi Leray’s passions for anime and basketball, encapsulating the idea that anything is possible when connecting with one’s interests on Meta. Initially, the design task was to develop an end card treatment for Meta’s “It’s Your World” campaign. However, this evolved into creating a whole music video. The project aimed to authentically blend elements of traditional Manga with Coi Leray’s distinctive style. This vision was brought to life not only in the music video but also through a campaign that included paid and organic social media content, GIFs, and even a Manga created specifically for Coi Leray. The project emphasized authenticity and creativity, effectively engaging with the target audience.

For HBO Max, Brent and his team embraced the opportunity to launch Scene in Black’s latest series, “The Recipe w/ Ghetto Gastro,” in honor of Black History Month, themed “Celebrating Black Stories Today and Every Day.” Scene in Black is a social-first initiative dedicated to celebrating Black narratives. Ghetto Gastro, a New York-based collective of chefs and food enthusiasts with roots in the Bronx, formed in 2012, was central to this project. The solution was an interview-style recipe video featuring Ghetto Gastro. In this video, they prepared their Triple C’s meal, inspired by HBO’s “The Wire.” The video offered viewers a chance to join the collective as they explored the cultural history of food and its role in fostering community. This approach highlighted Ghetto Gastro’s culinary skills and underscored food’s role in cultural storytelling and community building.

Brent’s Process page showcases a variety of his previous projects. This includes logos, packaging designs, merchandise concepts, 3D renders, and typography. The page features an interactive element where visitors can “drag work,” allowing for a dynamic exploration of the work. This draggable functionality facilitates user interaction and organizes the content in a unique way. Each project is displayed in a manner that offers a clear and straightforward presentation of Brent’s range of skills and creative experiences.

The benefits of an intuitive Contact feature features a unique contact feature. By clicking on “Contact” in the menu options, a set of floating fields appears welcoming the submission of your name, social media handle (@), and your phone number (#). Once those fields are filled, you can then click “Let’s Create” and the information will be forwarded to Brent. Incorporating an easy-to-use contact feature on a platform for a creative professional like Brent offers several significant benefits. Firstly, it streamlines communication, helping potential clients, collaborators, and fans reach out with ease, which can foster opportunities for new projects and partnerships. This accessibility can greatly enhance networking and professional growth. It can also simplify the process for those seeking to engage his services or learn more about his work, which is particularly important in the fast-paced world of design and creative industries. An intuitive contact feature reflects positively on Brent’s brand, showcasing his commitment to accessibility and user-friendly experiences – key aspects in design and creative fields. Moreover, it can serve as a direct channel for feedback and engagement with his audience, providing valuable insights that can inform future projects and strategies. An easy-to-use contact feature can be an essential tool for professionals like Brent because it can facilitate connections and enhance his professional image and accessibility in the digital space.

Words from Brent Bobo

We spoke with Brent about his decision to build his website on .xyz. As he explained,

“What drew me to a .xyz domain was it’s ability to stand out amongst other creative portfolios. I found that it offered an ability to design all aspects of the website, from the first user interaction to the last, making it memorable and tailored for like-minded audiences.”

You can learn more about Brent by following him on LinkedIn, and by visiting

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