In this final week of the 10th anniversary of .xyz, we are excited to take a look back at an array of .xyz community members who demonstrate the versatility of .xyz. From mobile apps to Indonesian coffee, to corporate development consulting, you can find it all on .xyz. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll revisit three unique #GenXYZ members who developed their digital presence on .xyz domains.

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Michael Riady’s Indonesian coffee brand makes waves with pro surfer Rio Waida

INDO.xyzNamecheap customer – (United States) is the online home of INDOxyz, an Indonesian premium coffee brand. The brainchild of Grammy-nominated rapper and entrepreneur Snoop Dogg in collaboration with Indonesian coffee entrepreneur Michael Riady entered the coffee market with a promise of promoting sustainable and ethical coffee production. Sourcing beans from Indonesia’s rich coffee regions, including Bali, Java, Sulawesi, and Sumatra’s Gayo region, emphasized locally-sourced, certified organic, single-origin beans. The brand’s commitment to sustainability resonated with its core values, as articulated by Snoop Dogg himself: “My relationship with coffee goes way back. The many long nights in the studio making hit after hit, coffee provided the fuel that kept us going.” We first featured INDOxyz in April 2023, shortly after their February 2023 launch. INDOxyz can now be found at locations throughout Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV such as Erewhon, BevMo, and Zouk Nightclub. 

As shared on their Instagram , INDOxyz now sponsors Indonesian professional surfer Rio Waida, who clinched victory in the Round of 16 at the World Surf League Tahiti Pro 2024. 1Additionally, amid the initial buzz surrounding the brand’s launch, reports surfaced of Snoop Dogg’s departure from the company just a few months after its inception. Reports indicate that Snoop and his team relinquished all ownership and stake in the company. 2INDOxyz isn’t Snoop Dogg’s first experience with .xyz. In March 2022, Snoop Dogg became the 65th artist onboarded to, releasing 1,000 limited edition NFTs of his mix “Death Row Mix: Vol. 1.” The collection sold out on the same day. His latest music NFT, titled “XYZ,” released on February 3, 2023 and sold out within 4 days. In June 2023, he introduced, home of the Snoop Dogg Passport NFT. This unique web3 offering was aimed at helping fans gain exclusive access to Snoop Dogg’s life on his tour that kicked off on July 7, 2023. You can learn more about INDOxyz and its coffee products by following the brand on Instagram, and by visiting

Location-based app infuses classical music, cutting-edge technology, and urban exploration

Echoes.xyzGandi customer – (United Kingdom) is the online home of Echoes, an app designed to transform ordinary walks into culturally immersive experiences. Our initial feature on Echoes in December 2016 highlighted its innovative approach, which utilizes your phone’s location to trigger audio interactions linked to landmarks, providing a distinct method for exploring your surroundings. As you stroll, echoes comprising music, stories, and intriguing facts tailored to your environment enrich your journey, turning it into a private walking tour. Echoes features a community-driven approach, and welcomes its users to upload content and share custom tours. Through partnerships with towns and local experts, Echoes curates personalized experiences that showcase the cultural richness of various locations. Whether it’s discovering the film history of Sussex or embarking on a journey through the streets of Manchester, Echoes strives to make every exploration culturally enriching, educational, and unforgettable.

In an exciting event held from June 6-8, 2024, Echoes collaborated with acclaimed artist and composer Huang Ruo to present “City of Floating Sounds.” 3This innovative project reimagined classical music performance by integrating cutting-edge technology and urban exploration. Participants embarked on a sonic journey through Manchester, England, guided by a bespoke mobile app and fragments of Huang Ruo’s symphony, recorded by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. As participants traversed the city streets, the music evolved, responding to their proximity to other audience members and landmarks. The culmination of the experience was a world premiere performance of the full score at Aviva Studios, featuring the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Gemma New. “City of Floating Sounds” exemplified Echoes’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and art, offering participants a truly immersive and transformative experience. You can learn more by visiting

Super Bowl champion and corporate development consultant seeks to support athletes transitioning into entrepreneurship

MarquesColston.xyzGoDaddy customer (United States) is the digital headquarters of Marques Colston, specializing in leadership training and professional development. Our initial spotlight in February 2021 showcased Marques, a former NFL wide receiver and seasoned business leader, who shares his extensive expertise through MC Consulting. This platform offers a range of services including management training, performance coaching, and corporate development consulting. His approach, rooted in his football career, centers on the concept of “creating separation,” a methodology designed to help individuals and businesses achieve sustainable success through three key steps: “irrational confidence,” creativity and possibility, and dynamic decision-making. Marques’ coaching philosophy has garnered praise from various organizations, and his website serves as a central platform for booking speaking engagements and accessing resources tailored to specific training needs.

In a significant pivot, Marques Colston and his business partner Nick Edwards are now spearheading Champion Venture Partners (CVP), aiming to raise $100 million for an athlete-focused venture fund. 4This initiative seeks to support athletes transitioning into entrepreneurship by providing access to capital and deal flow pipelines. CVP, incubated internally as a portfolio company of nonprofit VC firm BisonX, operates on a nontraditional model to accelerate growth in sports-related businesses. Marques and Nick aim to democratize venture capital investment, offering retail investors and underrepresented groups opportunities to participate in the economy they’ve contributed to. Leveraging their expertise and networks, they plan to focus on sectors such as sports tech, data, media, and entertainment, striving to diversify investment portfolios and bridge the education gap between athletes and venture capital. Through this venture, Marques Colston continues his advocacy for retired athletes and endeavors to reshape the fundraising landscape in venture capital. You can learn more by following Marques on X/Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and by visiting

These platforms exemplify the versatility and creativity fostered by .xyz domains, underscoring their role as catalysts for innovation and entrepreneurship in the digital landscape. showcases sustainable coffee production, immerses users in cultural exploration through innovative audio technology, and offers leadership training and business consultancy services. We are excited to watch their continued growth and impact.


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