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The .xyz community is home to many talented musicians who recognize the importance of an inviting and informational online presence. Building a website for your band is a great way to showcase your music exactly how you want to. Your band’s website is an online hub to post your catalog of music and scheduled live performances, and highlight everything that you have to offer. New listeners can discover your music and become your biggest fans. Reggae and R&B singer Amindi uses to showcase her impressive projects and unique style. Soulful singer uses his website to exhibit his boundary-pushing R&B music. Singer and YouTuber Rachie uses to share her cover music and electric personality. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a Tokyo-based band that established their online home with a vibrant and comprehensive website: is the online home of Tokyo-based alternative band Za-Ningen. The band initially formed in 2008 in Kumamoto, Japan and is recognized by fans for their angst-fueled alternative sounds and thoughtful lyrics. The band has since moved to Tokyo, and is currently composed of lead singer Rio Shimokawa, and guitarists Magill Voice Child and Sota Natsume.

Rio and his band members use their website to share just about everything you might want to find on the website of your new favorite band. New fans can visit and learn all about the band’s history and any news updates shared by the band. Easy to navigate links are neatly organized along the top of’s homepage. Visit the band’s Biography page to learn about the band’s evolution from their beginnings in high school, through their move to Tokyo, to their various cycles of band members. Click over to the News page to view exciting and informative updates, such as an in-store signing of their latest CD at Tower Records.

The more seasoned fans can visit‘s discography and assorted media content to make sure they’re not missing any music or significant video releases. Check out the Discography page to review their digital singles, live DVDs, and latest releases like the limited edition CD+DVD “Distracted,” which debuted in August 2021. Navigate over to the Media page where you can find clips of the band from miscellaneous forms of media, including Rio’s bi-monthly column in popular magazine Skream.

Impassioned fans can visit when they’re ready to outfit themselves in head-to-toe branded merchandise and check out a live show. Visit the Goods page to view the band’s offerings, ranging from t-shirts and sweatshirts to knapsacks and keychains. Over on the Live page, shares important news and performance information. For example, on February 25, 2022, the band performed at Tokyo venue Shinjuku Loft and used their website to share venue and ticketing information.  

Musicians know the importance of a strong online presence. The internet is one of the most important promotional tools available, and you can use your website to control your message. Your website is your own dedicated place on the internet, and making sure to curate a website that is packed with all of the content that your visitors might want to find can help you promote your music and build a strong fanbase. You can learn more by following the band on Twitter as well as each band member on their own social media profiles: Rio Shimokawa (Twitter and Instagram), Sota Natsume (Twitter and Instagram), and Magill Voice Child (Twitter and Instagram). You can also learn more by visiting the band at

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