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Pioneering developers are using .xyz and XYZ Registry domains like .Security, .Audio, and .Monster to harness AI and highlight their innovative projects. Software solution IRIS.Audio leverages AI to innovate audio and eliminate background noise. Developer-focused platform Octane.Security harnesses AI to help battle-test your smart contracts. Text-to-speech platform TTS.Monster uses AI to enhance live stream interaction. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to a gaming company harnessing the power of AI to foster a fair and integrity-rich gaming environment: Zypher.Game.

Introducing Zypher Games, a gaming company at the intersection of AI and web3

Zypher.Game is the online home of Zypher Games, a company that operates in the Fully On-Chain (FOC) gaming space. In the FOC gaming niche, developers emphasize encoding all game logic, assets, and states directly on a blockchain. This approach helps ensure that every action taken by players within the game is verifiable on-chain, promoting transparency and fairness. Zypher’s Universal Zero Knowledge Game Engine, utilizing blockchain technology, facilitates the development of provably fair, scalable, and fully on-chain gaming experiences. By harnessing AI and Zero-Knowledge Proofs technologies, Zypher Games strives to offer decentralized and provably fair gameplay. On October 31, 2023, the company announced a partnership with, a provider of Ethereum Layer 2 solutions, designed to work towards enhancing the scalability and fairness in the on-chain gaming ecosystem.1

The company leverages AI as a pivotal tool in its game design approach, aiming to facilitate dynamic, immersive, and tailored gaming experiences. Whether enhancing the matchmaking process or creating intelligent non-player characters (NPCs), Zypher Games employs AI with the hopes of creating a seamless and enhanced gaming experience. While the platform also utilizes Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) for configurable privacy and efficient on-chain interactions, the emphasis on AI showcases Zypher Games’ dedication to overcoming the inherent challenges in fully on-chain gaming, such as blockchain speed and scalability, by integrating advanced technologies to improve gameplay and user engagement.

AI and Layer 2 synergy: Elevating zBingo’s on-chain gameplay

zBingo, Zypher Games’ flagship game, is a fully on-chain version of the popular game Bingo where each move translates into a blockchain transaction, reaffirming players’ ownership of the gameplay. Incorporating AI within this framework aims to enhance the gaming experience by reducing matchmaking time and promoting fair gameplay. Alongside the strategic partnership with, AI integration potentially extends zBingo’s capabilities. Mantle’s Layer 2 solutions assist Zypher Games in addressing blockchain challenges, possibly enriching zBingo gameplay. This collaboration reflects a shared vision for advancing on-chain gaming, emphasizing the critical role of AI and Layer 2 solutions in evolving the gaming landscape.

Zypher.Game’s strategic game time domain decision

Zypher Games’ choice of a .Game domain reflects a strategic alignment with its core gaming focus. By adopting the Zypher.Game domain, the company not only avails an intuitive and descriptive URL to attract players but also positions itself strongly within the gaming industry. This domain choice also facilitates better online discoverability, especially for game-related search terms, aiding in establishing Zypher’s online presence. The .Game domain also underlines Zypher’s identity as a dedicated gaming platform, which can make it easier for the gaming community to find and remember their website online.

We are inspired by Zypher.Game and their endeavors in the web3 gaming sphere. We are enthusiastic about their partnership with, a fellow XYZ Registry community member, and look forward to more innovations in the on-chain gaming arena. You can learn more by following the company on X (Twitter), joining the Discord, and visiting Zypher.Game


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