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Spring has officially arrived and Team XYZ is excited to host this month’s SoCal Tech Meetup! This is the third time we are hosting an event like this, and we are expanding it further this year to include not only people from the domain industry, but also cybersecurity professionals and anyone else with a passion for technology.

If you haven’t seen the XYZ office in Santa Monica before, it’s the building with the awesome mural by Shepard Fairey and Risk . You can’t miss us!


SoCal Tech + Domainers + Cybersecurity Professionals Meetup

Thursday, March 30th | 6:30 pm

XYZ Santa Monica

2800 Olympic Blvd

Santa Monica, CA 90404

RSVP here

If you happen to be in the area, stop by for a night of food, drinks, entertainment, and most importantly – great conversations. Be sure to RSVP and reserve your spot for the night!

The #XYZsquad joins the XYZ Team in Austin today for our biggest SXSW yet. Last year, these purple people were breakdancing and parkouring all over Austin to make our XYZ 3D glasses the fashion hit of the week.

This year, we’re not only passing out 3D glasses, but we’re also raffling off the latest and greatest by Samsung VR, Nintendo, and Star Wars in our XYZ Scavenger Hunt. It’s free to enter, and all you need to do is find any of our countless purple people hanging out in Downtown Austin!


Questions? Tweet @XYZ or email [email protected]
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After a busy January, the XYZ Team finally got a chance to catch their breath before hosting an event of our own later this month. However, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t go anywhere in February! Check out our RSA recap and a list of events to look forward to in March.

RSA Conference 2017

The RSA Conference took place in San Francisco last month, and Team XYZ was in attendance representing .Security and .Protection domains. RSA is one of the leading cyber-security conferences in the world, with over 45,000 security professionals in attendance this year.


The event gave the XYZ Team a chance to meet with businesses and industry insiders about the benefits and best practices for .Security and .Protection. More importantly, this was an opportunity for XYZ to further establish itself in the cyber-security space. It’s already well-known that XYZ takes a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of abuse, including spamming, phishing, malware, and other illegal activities. But did you know that .xyz has a lower abuse score than TLDs like .com, .net, and .info? In fact, according to nTLDstats, there is less than 0.03% abuse in the .xyz zone!



Screenshots & stats from, March 5, 2017

We’re very proud of the industry-leading abuse mitigation tool we’ve developed and couldn’t help but to show it off to some of the experts we met at RSA. We explained that by proactively monitoring our zone and analyzing over 100 data points from respected sources like Google and Spamhaus, .xyz has become a safe, reputable namespace that people can confidently conduct business in.

Missed us at RSA? Abuse experts and researchers are encouraged to contact us to discuss partnership opportunities and ways to make the internet safer.


South by Southwest (SXSW) is just around the corner, and the #XYZsquad is gearing up to take over the streets of Austin once again. You might have seen these purple people in the past on the news, at parties, or even leading the SXSW parade.


This year, the #XYZsquad will be handing out thousands of 3D glasses for our exclusive 3D Lab. Best of all, everyone has a chance to win free prizes just by solving the riddles! We also have a festival-wide scavenger hunt in the works that will be taking place throughout Downtown Austin, along with some other new tricks up our purple suit sleeves.

Stay tuned to our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages for more information on the scavenger hunt and live posts from SXSW starting on March 10th!


At the same time that the #XYZsquad is air-flaring and parkouring at SXSW, ICANN 58 will be taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Shayan Rostam will be there to meet with registrars and resellers to discuss our next big marketing campaign, as well as share other exciting news about our domains.

Are you attending ICANN 58? Schedule a meeting with Shayan to discuss marketing and partnership opportunities by contacting us.

Socal Domainers Meetup

Following ICANN, we will be hosting the first ever SoCal Domainers + Southern California Cybersecurity Professionals meetup. Starting at 6:30 on March 30th, everyone from the domain and cybersecurity industries are welcome to stop by for a drink at the XYZ office here in sunny Santa Monica. Although this is the third time we are hosting the event since 2015, it will be the first one since Shepard Fairey and Risk did an original mural on our building.



If you happen to be in the area on March 30th, stop by for a night of food, drinks, and great conversations. Check out the MeetUp page for more information and to reserve your spot at the event!

As you can see, March is going to be an exciting month for us, with a lot planned! If you plan to be at SXSW, ICANN 58, or live in Los Angeles, let us know on Twitter and we’ll arrange a meeting.

As we promised in our November event recap last year, we had no plans of slowing down in 2017. In fact, we have so many events in our calendar that we’ve launched a new monthly blog series to highlight our favorite moments from our journeys. We started the year off strong by attending five events in eight different cities to spread the word about .xyz, .Cars, and our other domain extensions.

Silicon Valley Auto Show 2017

Our first event of the year was the Silicon Valley Auto Show in San Jose, California. The .Cars team brought their one-of-a-kind Lucra LC470FS with them to the event, which quickly became the talk of the show. The team spoke with thousands of attendees over the course of the four day event, sharing innovative use cases like MeetOlli.Auto, FMC.Auto, Charge.Auto. Soon, word caught on, which led to our Creative Manager, Holden Andrews, getting interviewed by Chuy Gomez of Hot 105.7FM, as well as KRTY 95.3 FM. Check out more photos from the event on the .Cars Twitter and Facebook pages.


NamesCon 2017

Up next was the annual NamesCon conference in Las Vegas – one of our favorite industry events of the year. Just minutes away from our Vegas office, Team XYZ was out in full force. We had some great conversations with our registrar partners, industry insiders, and bloggers about the success we had in 2016 and what we have in store this year. As one of the conference sponsors, each attendee also got a free XYZ/GoDaddy t-shirt, XYZ 3D glasses, and a .Cars pint glass. By the end of the show, we were seeing XYZ everywhere!




Before the dust had even settled at NamesCon, members of the team were already off to New Orleans to attend the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention – the largest convention for franchise dealers in the country.


With thousands of automotive businesses and dealer representatives in attendance, the .Cars team got the chance to demonstrate the SEO benefits of .Cars, .Car, and .Auto domains, and how migrating could help them be found more easily online (try searching for ‘Arizona cars’ or ‘Arizona used cars’ in Google to see what we mean). Several businesses registered with a GoDaddy manager onsite, including Pensacola.Cars, Spin.Car, and Costco.Auto. Be sure to follow the .Cars blog to learn when these businesses migrate their websites to their new automotive domains. Road Show 2017

Less than 24 hours after the NADA convention wrapped up, it was off to Arizona to train thousands of GoDaddy sales agents and customer care specialists before the Super Bowl. Over four days and four nights, the XYZ team RV’d to Scottsdale, Tempe, and Gilbert, followed by a flight to Hiawatha, Iowa. In the week to follow, these agents accounted for nearly 3,000 .xyz registrations themselves – including one agent who sold over 400!

Be sure to read our full GoDaddy Road Show recap and check out the video below.

Queen’s Startup Summit

We ended the month by sponsoring the Queen’s Startup Summit (QSS) hackathon in Ontario, Canada. QSS brings together 90 carefully selected delegates from 9 universities across Canada and places them on teams to develop forward thinking ideas in several different industries, such as green technology, food ordering, and even real estate. After 54 hours, the results are judged by leading VCs in the country.

To kick off the hackathon, each attendee grabbed an XYZ t-shirt (or 30). And by day 2, everyone had switched out of their formal gear and into their comfortable (and stylish) XYZ threads. They also got free .xyz domains to build out sites for their projects. Several participants even registered their on the spot! Congratulations to Sprout, who took home the $5,000 in prize money for their indoor vertical farming solution. Sprout is currently in the process of building out their website on, so stay tuned for an announcement when the site is officially launched!

Now that the whole team is back home, we are planning out which events to go to next. Got any ideas? Let us know through a tweet or Facebook message!

Team XYZ is back home after very successful trips to Arizona and Iowa for the 2017 GoDaddy Road Show! Our first RV adventure out to GoDaddy’s offices was back in 2014, just one week after .xyz entered general availability. Last week, we rode again into the desert, but this time with a bigger RV (coined the XYZmobile) packed with over 5,000 tshirts and millions of .xyz use cases to share.

After the 10 hour drive in heavy LA traffic, our first stop was Scottsdale, Arizona. We got right to work unpacking shirts for every GoDaddy employee in the building. We had the pleasure of sharing the stories of notable GoDaddy customers like MIT’s startup accelerator,, Deloitte’s leadership communities, like and, and the cofounders of Skype’s new venture,, among many others (fun fact: they’re all GoDaddy customers too!).


After Scottsdale, it was on to our next stop: Tempe. We had heard that GoDaddy’s newest office would be filled with fun activities, and we weren’t disappointed. We even got to take the slide down to lunch! But this trip wasn’t all just fun and games – we met with over 1,000 employees that day to talk about why .xyz is the new go-to domain ending and how their customers could take advantage of GoDaddy’s $0.99 .xyz sale. And as the home of Premier Services, we also had a chance to meet with the team about our trio of automotive domains, .Cars/.Car/.Auto.


Our last stop in the XYZmobile was Gilbert. By now, word had spread across Phoenix that the XYZ Team was in town. And with 2 long days of experience now under our belts, we were able to incorporate some of the success stories from the other offices into our training. We were even lucky enough to meet many of C3’s newest faces and welcomed them with their very own tshirts and other XYZ swag.


For some of the XYZ Team, Gilbert was a great end to our time in Arizona and a trip we won’t soon forget. But for a few others, there was still one last day at the office where it all began: Hiawatha, Iowa. This was originally the office of Parsons Technology, which was acquired by Intuit in 1994. Years later, as we were told by someone in the know, GoDaddy moved back into this office when they first began selling domain names. The rest was history.


After seeing 4 cities and speaking to thousands of GoDaddy employees about the innovators in the #GenXYZ community, we settled back into our Santa Monica home and closed out the 2017 GoDaddy Road Show. In the 2.5 years since the last Road Show, .xyz has been adopted in over 230 countries to become the most popular new domain in the world. And thanks to our valued partners like GoDaddy, XYZ has leveraged its success to welcome nine more domain extensions to the family to create innovation and choice on the internet.


View the full Road Show album!

Do you work at GoDaddy? Be sure to check out our useful tools below or contact us with your questions!
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If you haven’t yet registered your .xyz domains, head to or ask them about their 99¢ .xyz domain sale!

The XYZ Team partnered with Teens Exploring Technology (TXT) earlier this month to bring 300 inner-city youths together in South Los Angeles. Ranging from 12 to 17 years old, these bright students spent their weekend at the 4th annual Hustle N’ Code Hackathon to learn how coding could solve everyday problems in their communities. Among the participants was Los Angeles’ own Mayor, Eric Garcetti, who spoke to the students about the importance of making a positive impact on their communities through science and technology.


The objective of Hustle N’ Code is to help the next generation develop solutions to problems that their communities face everyday. Some of these issues include violence, drugs, difficulties in school, stray animals, and homelessness. The participants broke out into groups, where they discussed what issues they wanted to tackle, and how they could be addressed. Each group got to register a free .xyz domain and website builder, then got to work on learning and coding their new websites.


At the end of the day, the projects developed by these young old aspiring coders were evaluated by a panel of 5 judges, which included our very own Project Manager, Jana! PawAlert, a website to report and help find lost pets, took first place at the event. Another favorite developed that day was, an online platform to manage supplies students borrow from classrooms – the site even emails the teacher when an item is checked out! also received fanfare for its thoughtful “Walk4Homeless” solution to bring awareness to the plight of the homeless throughout Los Angeles.

ktwonxyzAlthough these and the other websites developed at Hustle N’ Code are still works in progress, they are great starts to meaningful solutions for problems that communities in Los Angeles face today. The XYZ Team is thrilled to see our future leaders innovating on .xyz domains at such an early age, and we can’t wait to see the completed projects. We had a great time at the Hustle N’ Code hackathon, and we really appreciate the work that TXT is doing. We look forward to attending again to continue fostering the next generation of internet users!

November was a busy month for us here at XYZ. Team XYZ was out meeting with investors, resellers, and end users at 6 different events this month, including across the ocean in China and the Netherlands. Now that we are all back home, we wanted to give a recap of our month and all the amazing events we attended.


World Hosting Day in Beijing officially came to a close last week, and our CEO, Daniel Negari, was there with our new Director of Business Development in China, Mason Zhang, to focus on one of XYZ’s most important markets.

WHD China

Daniel was a keynote speaker and gave an excellent talk on XYZ’s unique marketing strategies, and how that success will be used to expand in China. Daniel was also a member on the Domain Name Roundtable panel, where he explained how startups and new businesses buying .xyz domains in the aftermarket bodes well for investors. The day ended with an exclusive interview with newg.TV, which covers how .xyz came to be and the direction we’re going in. Check out the full video interview below.

But that’s not all, Daniel brought the #XYZSquad (and a whole bunch of swag) with him to China for the first time ever. Just like in Los Angeles, attendees were enamored with our Purple People – so much so that one attendee just had to join in on the break dancing.

Techweek Los Angeles

In case you missed our previous blog post, both our CEO, Daniel Negari, and XYZ were honored by Techweek as a technology Ambassador and Innovator for the annual Techweek 100 awards. These prestigious awards were also given to the likes of Oculus, SpaceX, and Mark Cuban.


We were extremely excited for Techweek LA to finally arrive, and XYZ (and the #XYZSquad) was out in full force at the various events taking place around Los Angeles. We had an amazing time meeting with all of the attendees and businesses, and even ran into some of our very own .xyz end users in person. was at the LAUNCH Startup competition, and we were able to play an interactive game of Poker and Plants v Zombies on the PlayTable. We look forward to attending again next year!

OpenProvider Partners Event

Meanwhile, XYZ was also at the OpenProvider Partner Event in Utrecht, Netherlands. We met with several of OpenProvider’s resellers to talk with them about why .xyz has become the go-to domain extension for the next generation of internet users and how their customers can use these domains. Keep an eye out for some new sales in the very near future!


To top things off, the event took place in a remodeled factory that not only hosts events, but features a full sized go-kart track. Great choice of location, Openprovider!

SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) 2016

In a partnership with the national TV show The Sunday Drive (who recently rebranded from TheSundayDrive.TV to www.SundayDrive.Cars), the .Cars team headed to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas – one of the biggest automotive conventions in the world.


Our team met with hundreds of manufacturers, auctioneers, dealerships, and exhibitors to discuss how .Cars, .Car, and .Auto domains could help grow their businesses and expand their marketing efforts. We even ran into the team behind MeetOlli.Auto, who has been traveling the world to show off their 3D-printed autonomous bus. We had some amazing conversations throughout the show, including a great one on air with The Sunday Drive’s host, Mark Perleberg himself. The interview and lots more should be posted on their new URL, www.SundayDrive.Cars, in the coming weeks.

Kain Clients & Friends Workshop

We were also in Kentucky last week to attend the Annual Kain Clients & Friends Workshop. Kain Automotive unveiled its new branding campaign, which now drops the “Automotive”, and focuses more on Kain – making Kain.Auto the perfect URL for their business.


This intimate event allowed us to meet with dealerships and automotive marketing businesses 1-on-1 about the inherent SEO and branding benefits of .Cars, .Car, and .Auto domains. Shayan, our Global Director, also met with Jason Stum of the MarketPunch podcast to do an exclusive interview highlighting forward-thinking businesses already using these domains and also a few of his favorites that are still available for registration. Keep an ear out for the full interview later this month at www.MarketPunch.Auto.

AutoConference LA

Back in Los Angeles, the .Cars Team also attended as a sponsor of the AutoConference LA event, hosted by JD Power and NADA. The day was filled with amazing talks on the future of the automotive industry by leaders such as Dietmar Exler, the new President and CEO of Mercedes Benz USA.

Auto Conference LA

After the talks, we had a great time networking with many of the dealers and manufacturers in attendance. More than a few saw the value in having geo-specific domains in the industry-specific .Cars, .Car, and .Auto namespace.

As you can see, we’ve been all over the globe meeting with industry leaders and insiders about the benefits of new domain extensions like .xyz and .Cars. As 2016 comes to a close, we look forward to attending even more events in the coming year (we have 3 already lined up for January!).

The good news is that even if you missed us at one of these events, you can still take advantage of our insider offers during our partners’ Cyber Monday flash sales. Don’t miss out on one of our best deals of the year – see a full list of participating registrars below.

TechDay Los Angeles just wrapped yesterday, and Team XYZ took the day by storm! Naturally, .xyz was the talk of the convention, which hosted over 300 startups and 10,000 attendees from the emerging Los Angeles tech community. If you were at the convention, it was hard to miss us – from the #XYZsquad breakdancing through the convention center to our live-streamed interview with NASDAQ at their Founders Lounge.

As a respected leader in the financial reporting industry and a trusted source for business investors worldwide, the XYZ interview with NASDAQ was easily the highlight of the day. NASDAQ joins the ranks of major outlets such as Bloomberg, CNBC, and Reuters who have all covered the success of .xyz. Watch the full interview with NASDAQ below:

As always, XYZ’s interactive initiatives ensured that .xyz remained on everyone’s minds throughout the day. The purple people which compose the #XYZsquad were out making a splash with their parkour and breakdancing moves, while taking pictures with convention attendees and sponsors alike. We also handed out special .xyz 3D glasses to view our exclusive 3D site, Be sure to check out this innovative microsite (if you haven’t yet already) to learn more about how some of the biggest names in their industries are using .xyz to connect with their audiences in unique ways.


While the #XYZsquad was air flaring and power moving, Team XYZ had some great conversations with leaders in the Los Angeles tech community, including Uber, Coding Dojo, and Codesmith. We also ran into the music curation app Indigenous Beats, who was already using They told us they’re set to launch their new .xyz website in November (don’t forget where you heard it first!). In fact, you should expect to see quite a bit more of .xyz – both in the news and out in the wild – after our successful trip to TechDay LA.

By the end of the day, Team XYZ was able to educate and further spread awareness about .xyz and its end users through several interviews, productive conversations, and engaging initiatives. The overwhelming support from fans at TechDay solidifies .xyz as the go-to domain extension for new businesses, startups, and young adults who are just getting online. Everyone had a great time at TechDay LA, and the #XYZsquad will be ready with a whole new bag of tricks for the next one!

SIMPA.xyzNetwork Solutions customer (United States)

The Fourth of July marks a very important day in American history. It’s a time of celebration and reflection on when our country adopted the Declaration of Independence in 1776. 13 colonies legally separated from Great Britain marking the formation of a new sovereign nation, which called itself the United States of America. We want to share in our beloved American holiday by highlighting a US business that embodies the ideology of #GenXYZ and praise our country that allows companies like this to be created, thrive, and innovate:


With over 20+ years of practice in Minneapolis, MN, SIMPA (Specialists in Internal Medicine, PA) is an independent practice devoted to its patients in a traditional style of primary care. SIMPA’s patients enjoy the unique benefits of a strong patient-physician relationship. SIMPA has innovated how they work and care for their patients by providing “a high level of service, seamless access to their doctor, and unrivaled continuity of care.” As an independent practice, they’re insulated from constraints of insurance companies, HMOs, and government programs, free to establish effective, long-lasting bonds with their patients. This is revolutionary in a day and age where the medical field is associated with exorbitant fees and a loss of traditional bedside manner.

SIMPA saw a need in their field and provided a solution, making it possible to give the best care and service to their patients. This is the same type of innovative thinking that inspired the 13 colonies to separate from Great Britain and that inspires #GenXYZ every day. We’re all striving to build a better world. What ideas do you have? What problems can you solve?

From everyone at XYZ, keep innovating and Happy Independence Day!

At XYZ, we are rooted in connecting people across the world and wanted to take the time to observe one of the biggest celebratory weeks in Japan – Golden Week. Golden Week is a seven day celebration of four national holidays – Showa Day (the birthday of former Emperor Showa), Constitution Day (honoring the present Constitution of Japan), Greenery Day (a day dedicated to the environment and nature), and Children’s Day (a day where families pray for the health and future success of their children).

As the most popular new domain extension in Japan, we wanted to draw attention to some of the great use cases we’ve seen from Japanese businesses and individuals, in honor of Golden Week: Onamae customer (Japan) is a fashion eCommerce site that sells everything from shirts, pants, and shoes to soaps, custom made bags, accessories, gadgets and more. With countless options, it’s the perfect site to check out gifts for friends and family or if you’re looking for a stylish t-shirt for yourself. By using .xyz, That Store has been able to create global brand recognition through uniformity in their social media handles: and

Kisaburo.xyzOnamae customer (Japan) was started by an individual who wanted to break down the boundaries between Japanese and Western fashion, as well as men’s and women’s clothing, by focusing on a new era of kimono designs and collections., the official website for Kisaburo’s fashion line, is another great example of a next generation internet user innovating with his


BONUS: GPS.rentOnamae customer (Japan) is a real-time GPS tracking service that offers transmitters/devices for rent for use in your car, bike, mobile device, personal computer…anything really. As the new web address for, there is a clear reason why this business chose to use a short and memorable domain name such as it’s industry-specific, international, and the domain doubles as a call-to-action.

These are just a few of the many diverse use cases we’ve seen in Japan recently. We look forward to celebrating your .xyz with you beyond Golden Week as we continue to grow and connect audiences everywhere. What are you celebrating this month? Tweet us @xyz and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on all things .xyz.