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JHill.xyzNamecheap customer (United States) is the online home for all of Jason “J” Hill’s artwork. A senior character artist for Respawn Entertainment, you can find J’s artwork in games like Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Evolve. But the only place to find all of his projects is through is a perfect example of an artist using their .xyz domain to give their portfolio a personalized, professional look. J used to have his work scattered across the internet on various portfolio sites. By choosing, he centralized his online presence and gave his fans a proper portal to his work, opening up his ability to connect and expanding his opportunities to get noticed.

Though J is a digital artist and sculptor whose art has primarily appeared in video games, J also produces how-to videos for thousands of subscribers on YouTube. He makes videos to “motivate people to follow their interests, to grow their passions, and to pursue their interest in art and design.” From complex, technique-driven videos on rendering and ZBrush sketching, to basic videos about anatomy, proportions, and surface textures, has tutorials any artist could want, no matter their skill level. Original creations and iconic monsters fill his portfolio, many of which have had their creation process broken down into simple steps to help others grow similar skills.

You can follow all of J’s projects on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook. To see more amazing artists that use .xyz domains, follow XYZ on Instagram.

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

We are excited to announce that over 2,700 (nearly 90%) of our variably priced premium .xyz domains have had their prices permanently reduced at the wholesale level. That means that the create, renewal, and transfer fees for some of the best .xyz domains you can think of have their lowest prices ever!

Did you know you could save hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars by registering a .xyz domain instead of the equivalent name in another ending? For example, sold for $1.7 million in 2009, while can be registered now for just $550/yr!

But that’s just the beginning! Brandable and memorable domains like,,, and are all available as of this writing with prices slashed by thousands of dollars. Check out the table below to compare prices:

Retail Price
Retail Price
GoDaddy Uniregistry Average
Annual Savings $55,000 $3,000 $3,250 $2,750 $3,625 $52,000 $55,000 $13,000 $13,000 $11,000 $14,500 $42,000 $13,000 $1,300 $1,300 $1,100 $1,450 $11,700 $13,000 $3,000 $3,250 $2,750 $3,625 $10,000 $3,000 $350 $260 $220 $290 $2,650 $3,000 $1,300 $1,300 $1,100 $1,450 $1,700 $1,300 $350 $3,250 $2,750 $3,625 $950 $1,300 $700 $650 $550 $725 $600 $700 $350 $260 $220 $290 $350

If you’ve been thinking about getting one of these limited .xyz domains, now is your best chance to get the perfect name (or names) at the right price. But you’d better hurry – your favorite might not be around for long, so head over to your registrar of choice now!

Note: Most registrars have already updated their sites to reflect XYZ’s new wholesale pricing. Please contact us about registrars with old pricing.

August at XYZ meant outreach to the Los Angeles tech community. From talking with entrepreneurs and engineers at happy hours across the southland, to tabling at the LA Tech and Startup Bash, XYZ made its presence in, and support for, LA tech known.

Watch the August event recap below:

XYZ partners with CoderDojo, Product Forge, and Prewired to get teens coding at Summer Hack 2017

Our partners at CoderDojo and Product Forge continue to support the next generation of internet users through their Prewired Summer Hack 2017 teen coding course in Edinburgh, Scotland. This August, the program put on a week-long hackathon and all the projects were given access to .xyz domains. Check out their highlight video for more!

If you are interested in partnering with XYZ to help the next generation of internet users build the future of tech, contact us today!

XYZ shows its support at the LA Tech and Startup Bash

Team XYZ sponsored the inaugural LA Tech & Startup Bash hosted by Schmoozd and Expert DOJO. XYZ joined TriNet, Sachs Marketing Group, Cornerstone OnDemand, HotStartupJobs, and other LA companies to reach more than 200 entrepreneurs. We gave out stylish XYZ shirts and tote bags to every attendee, and our purple people tore up the dance floor.

The #XYZsquad made a big impression with everyone at the event and we can’t wait for the next bash!

XYZ watches the solar eclipse

On August 21st, a complete solar eclipse traversed the contiguous United States. XYZ, while not in the path of totality, nevertheless was able to observe a beautiful partial solar eclipse.

XYZ celebrates Independence across Asia with registrar partners

Four nations across Asia – India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia – celebrated their independence days in August. We joined with regional registrar partners to run special commemorative sales to mark each occasion, and highlighted a stellar use-case from each country.

XYZ talks tech at the Culver City Tech Happy Hour

Team XYZ attended the Culver City Tech Happy Hour to talk to dozens of professionals from around Culver City looking to establish the neighborhood as the next hub. We discussed startup strategies with event organizer AirFive, and talked about end-user with the representative from Chewse.

XYZ swaps stories at the New Tech Happy Hour at The Bungalow Santa Monica

XYZ continued its tour of West LA’s tech neighborhoods with a visit to the Happy Hour at The Bungalow Santa Monica. We distributed glasses and even helped actress Kat Bingham get a domain to act as her portfolio.

XYZ explores DTLA at the LA Art Walk & Night Market

Here’s Jeremy from Team XYZ taking a break from the tech scene to mingle amongst art loving Angelenos at the LA Art Walk & Night Market in historic DTLA. One of the artists even did a quick freestyle about our shirts! It was a memorable night full of food and fun for XYZ.

XYZ gets frisky at the Silicon Beach Santa Monica Mixer

Team XYZ met with dozens of CEOs and small startups looking for website help at the Silicon Beach Santa Monica Mixer. Everyone knew about .xyz from Alphabet, Google’s parent company, and were eager to tell us about their plans to join the #GenXYZ community. We can’t wait to see what websites get made!

XYZ gets nominated twice for the LA Timmy Awards!

We were nominated for the Los Angeles Timmy Awards for Best Tech Workplace for Diversity, and our CEO Daniel Negari was nominated for Best Tech Manager. Make sure you vote for XYZ and Daniel today!

Remember to check the XYZ blog every Wednesday to read our #WebsiteWednesdays, and be sure to come back next month to get all the highlights from September. For daily updates on the #XYZsquad, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube!

NXTLVLAcademy.xyzInstra customer (Philippines)

It’s always a good idea to invest in your education, especially if that means learning new skills relating to technology. In today’s job market, technical skills are always valued highly and in constant demand. That’s why this week’s #WebsiteWednesday is a school that is providing students with the skills they need to thrive – is a learning institution based out of Manila, Philippines that specializes in teaching tech skills. NXTLVLAcademy offers classes in data science, web development, UX design, and digital & social media marketing. The Academy takes a hands on approach to both learning and teaching, ensuring that students have the practical experience they need for the job market. This well-rounded mix of classes also ensures that students have the skills they need to start building their careers, or even start their own businesses.

NXTLVLAcademy is another great example of #GenXYZ members using their .xyz domain to help others succeed. If you happen to be in the Philippines, make sure to stop by and learn some new skills!

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

LUMATIC.xyzALL-INKL.COM customer (Germany)

Creating animated 3D content requires in-depth know-how and experience. To go from idea to finished product usually means involving an animation studio at some point. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday has worked with international brands, created feature films, and won awards like the SWR Audience Award at the 2017 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS). The next time you need a digital animation project done right, check

Located in Berlin and run by a team of award winning filmmakers, 3D artists, and animators, has been turning clients’ ideas into gorgeous moving images in a variety of art styles since 2008. With a domain that doesn’t constrain their vision, they’ve produced short films and commercials for international brands like Playmobil and Nike, and regional brands like Infoscreen Austria,, and DMAX. also produced the opening credits for the feature film Feuchtgebiete (Wetlands) (2013).

“With our website,, we wanted to give our company an online representation which focuses entirely on our work. Our work is what sets us apart from other companies and what convinces potential clients to work with us. For us, XYZ represents the three axes of the digital 3D environment we work in. Additionally, it is easy to remember for anyone who knows the alphabet.“ – Lars Krüger, co-founder of strives to be known for unforgettable art and their diverse capabilities. Recently, LUMATIC made an appearance at SIGGRAPH 2017 to show their short film, The Common Chameleon. That same short film won the SWR Audience Award at the 2017 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS). With their .xyz domain, is able to show off their versatility. uses their .xyz domain to stand out both online and through social media. Check them out on Twitter to see updates on their projects and partners. For more about their awards and appearances, like their Facebook and to watch all of their short videos and tutorials, find them on Vimeo.

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

.XYZ domains are versatile commodities, capable of being used in all manner of ways. They are the obvious choice for a website, whether it’s your first, or fortieth domain. But there’s more to a URL than a simple web address. Check out some use cases below to see just how useful a .xyz domain can be.

Branded URL shortener

SDInbound.xyzRebrandly customer (United States) has stepped in to offer low-cost or free networking and educational opportunities through seminars, meetups, webinars, and conferences for San Diego’s flourishing professional community. The group is one of San Diego’s largest, and aims to help marketing professionals of all levels continue to learn and grow their skills.

But beyond their website, SD Inbound has employed Rebrandly’s free URL shortening service to keep their .xyz links short, recognizable, and easier to access. This gives their content a cohesive look across their site, blog, social media, and even when linking to partners and affiliates.

Links like…

Become cleaner with a .xyz redirect….

And even links from partners…

Can still be shared on social media with the main redirect.

These are only some of the ways to use .xyz domains for redirects – the only limit is your imagination!

Custom email address customer (United States) is the central source for all things related to Alexander Holtti, the social media superstar. Holtti is most well known for his videos on the platform Vine, which attracted more than 3.5 million followers. Now, you can catch him performing for his 460,000 YouTube subscribers and 390,000 Instagram followers. And if you want to be like Alexander Holtti, you too can get a .xyz domain to use for not just your website, but for your personal email address too.

It’s pretty common for individuals to register either their,, or for their personal websites and portfolios. Our favorite is, because that allows you to create a cool [email protected] email address, like [email protected]. Best of all, you can then create personalized email addresses for your whole family (tip: these make for great stocking stuffers around the holidays)!

Microblogging instances

Mastodon.xyzOVH customer (France)

Our final non-traditional domain use case comes from, a decentralized conversation platform that lets people start their own discussions on their own terms, giving users an unprecedented level of control. If you take a look at, you’ll see that they use .xyz domains for many of their most popular instances!

Instances are core building blocks for Mastodon, allowing the network to stay decentralized and diverse. Mastodon uses .xyz domains as unique server access points so that other people, who wish to create a chat, can use the domain as an address without having to operate all the back-end technology themselves. This means is capable of staying online longer and being accessed easily by people all around the world, giving the network a leg up in areas with limited Internet access or tight policing. Best of all, this unique use of .xyz domains can be copied and employed by anyone who wants to create their own instance!

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

Five nations in Asia – Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam – celebrate their respective independence days in August and early September. To celebrate, XYZ has joined with regional registrars to run special, limited-time sales. Can’t decide how best to express yourself online? Check out the following .xyz websites from each of the five countries for inspiration and ideas.

Pakistan – Independence Day – 8/14

OzStudios.xyzGoDaddy customer (Pakistan) is a multifaceted designer from Islamabad specializing in 2D animation, UI design, and creative branding. Using a concise and expressive .xyz domain to express his ideas and passion, is able to display his design skills and impressive client list, which includes diverse companies like Twitch, Puma, YouTube, ASOS, and Adidas. He also uses his .xyz domain for a professional email address. If you’re looking for a memorable designer in Pakistan, reach out to [email protected].

To celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day, PakNic is running a special to commemorate Pakistan’s 70 years of independence. Visit PakNic and get your .xyz today!

! یوم آزادی پاکستان مبارک‎

India – Independence Day – 8/15

Sreemoyee.xyzNetwork Solutions customer (India)

Sreemoyee Bhattacharya is an award winning filmmaker from Kolkata whose films have been screened at, and taken home awards from, festivals around the world. From Cannes to Raindance, The New York South Asian Film Festival to the Kolkata International Short Film Festival, Sreemoyee’s films have been well received all over the world, and with her unique, her work will stand out online as well. Sreemoyee has received press mentions from The Times of India, authors on the blogging platform Medium, and many others. Sreemoyee has a strong social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out her profile and follow @xyz on any of these channels.

Take a look at Indian registrar DForDomains sale below and check out for all of Sreemoyee’s films!

स्वतंत्रता दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाये!

Malaysia – Independence Day – 8/31 – .xyz user (Malaysia) is a full-service production company that embraces technological advances to produce original short films with artists and international brands alike. They’ve worked with the MIEA, Malaysia Airports, and directly with the Malaysian Government to name a few clients. has offices in Malaysia’s Cyberjaya district and in London, England. was another smart .xyz user integrating their domain name into their social media handle on Facebook:

Check out the Malaysian registrar Shinjiru’s deal below, and visit for your company’s next video!

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Indonesia – Independence Day – 8/17 – .xyz user (Indonesia) is making Indonesia’s tastiest organic pickles. Using traditional pickle recipes from around the world, partners with local farmers on the island of Bali to bring delicious, certified non-GMO organic products to an international market. All of’s ingredients are locally and seasonally sourced, and every one of their pickles is prepared within hours of picking. Definitely check out their active blog to learn about’s adventures in pickling. is one of many startups leading Indonesia into a healthier future.

Find sales from Indonesia registrars below and visit for your new favorite snack!

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan!
Domainesia IDCloudHost Resellercamp
IDWebhost Qwords

Vietnam – National Day – 9/2/17 – .xyz user (Vietnam) offers a CTO-on-demand service for entrepreneurs with big ideas who don’t feel like being tied to co-founders. Made up of a team of technical masterminds ready to help any startup take their project or app from concept to reality, allows entrepreneurs without a technical background to pursue any idea. has been featured in Inc. Southeast Asia, and counts companies like Womi, GrabHotel, and evaNews as customers. liberates its clients from the standard startup model and frees up valuable resources, so startups can stick to what they’re best at.

Check out these Vietnamese registrar deals below, and visit when your startup needs technical expertise!

Ngày Quốc Khánh Việt Nam!
MatBao VHost
NhanHoa PA Vietnam

In honor of your countries’ festivities, take a look at the deals our registrar partners are offering. However you choose to observe your nations’ celebration of independence, we hope you do it with pride as a citizen of your country and a member of #GenerationXYZ. From all of us at XYZ:

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

We are extremely happy and very proud to announce that XYZ has crossed a major social media milestone: 150,000 followers on Instagram. We began the summer with about two thousand followers and an ambitious plan to connect even more with our #GenXYZ community. At the time of this writing, we have more than 155,000 followers, through a coordinated marketing approach and extremely enjoyable content.

One of our most popular videos reached more than 180,000 people and got an astonishing 12,600+ comments. From our #GenXYZ community, we noticed that many people actually try to get their hands on our swag. To celebrate having grown such a huge following on Instagram, we decided to launch our very own XYZ Apparel Shop. You can now get your hands on the latest XYZ T-Shirts (as well as .College and .Security T-Shirts), get ready for the office and the weekend with our XYZ Bundles, or shop for XYZ Accessories, including our famous Purple #XYZsquad Morph Suit.

If you buy anything from our shop, be sure to post a picture of you #InAction on your favorite platform and tag @xyz on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We might re-post it or even feature you! If you’ve not checked out our Instagram yet, go see our awesome break dancing #XYZsquad.

Don’t like paying too much for your domains and clothes? Register your .xyz domain at or your favorite registrar, and redeem the below coupon code at

July gave Team XYZ the opportunity to meet face to face with some of Southern California’s rising tech stars, reach tens of thousands of people at two of the nation’s largest pop-culture conventions, San Diego Comic-Con and Los Angeles Anime Expo, make inroads at China’s Global Domain Summit 2017, join with partners to educate Bangladeshi startups, and talk the ins and outs of security at Blackhat 2017.

Watch the July event recap video below

XYZ makes exclusive appearance at Comic-Con International – San Diego, CA

San Diego Comic-Con is one of the biggest entertainment events in the United States, drawing well over 130,000 people to the San Diego Convention center for everything related to their favorite media. Our intrepid social media team made the journey and spread #GenXYZ to the convention center floor, all around downtown San Diego, and of course, over in the artist’s alley. For more about our Comic-Con experience and to see which artists we connected with, or some great shots of the #XYZsquad, read our Comic-Con recap blog and watch the recap video!

XYZ gets animated at Anime Expo – Los Angeles, CA

The #XYZsquad hanging out with Dragon Ball Z’s Master Roshi at Los Angeles Anime Expo, among more than 100,000 fans of Japanese media and culture.

XYZ meets with Chinese internet giants at Global Domain Summit 2017 – Xiamen, China

Mason from Team XYZ China (he’s not the panda) learning more about the Chinese domain market at GDS 2017 in Xiamen, China, co-organized by GoDaddy, AliCloud, Baidu Cloud, eName, and Bizcn. It was exciting to see GDS highlight .xyz as the only new TLD in the top 10 most registered domains in the world.

XYZ talks .Security & .Protection at Black Hat 2017 – Las Vegas, NV

World-leading security firms like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Bae Systems, Alert Logic, Check Point Software Technologies, Symantec and many more adopters of .Security and .Protection got together at Blackhat 2017, with more than 18,000 attendees.

XYZ connects with Bangladeshi innovators thanks to HostMight – Dhaka, Bangladesh

HostMight’s customers received a free .xyz domain, some stylish XYZ swag, and a personalized greeting from XYZ all the way from Santa Monica via video message. Want your .xyz site to be featured on our blog?

XYZ connects with Technopreneurs at Silicon Beach DTLA Mixer – Los Angeles, CA

Marketing Assistant Slate from Team XYZ poses for a photo at the Silicon Beach DTLA mixer. Want to meet up? Contact us to meet at your favorite event.

XYZ brushes up on JS at – Playa Vista, CA

XYZ took in the sights from atop Codesmith’s Playa Vista Penthouse. Connect with XYZ on Facebook for more information about where Team XYZ will show up next!

XYZ gets glimpses of the future of VR at ARt Show – Los Angeles, CA

XYZ met with talented artists and visionary creators at the ARt Show. We’re looking forward to all the awesome projects soon to come to .xyz. Check out our blog to see how other creators have used XYZ.

XYZ meats and greets tech at Silicon Beach Networking Mixer – Venice, CA

Team XYZ attended the Silicon Beach Networking Mixer at Wurstkuche in Venice. Between mouthfuls of sausages, Marketing Assistant Jeremy connected with dozens of eager entrepreneurs looking to create the next great company. To see the kinds of businesses that use .xyz, check out

XYZ joins the best and the brightest at The Automation Speaker Series – Los Angeles, CA

XYZ met with tech visionaries at Verizon Digital Media Services to get the lowdown on what the software company has in store. To see some of the other tech initiatives XYZ is involved with, check out our blog on our CoderDojo partnership.

July took XYZ to exciting new events around the world and we can’t wait to connect with more of our partners and users in August. Make sure you don’t miss a beat – follow XYZ on Instagram (@XYZ), Facebook (/XYZ) and Twitter (@XYZ) for more of Team XYZ and the #XYZsquad!

San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) is one of the largest and most influential pop-culture conventions in the United States. What began in 1970 with 100 sci-fi fans in a hotel basement has transformed into an annual pilgrimage by comic enthusiasts from all over the world. Pulling in over 160,000 attendees in past years, SDCC 2017 was a five-day extravaganza devoted to all the movies, television, and literature that have made their mark over the years.

So, of course, Team XYZ and the #XYZsquad made the trip to downtown San Diego to introduce fans of all ages to .xyz, the domain extension for creative types, while also admiring the cosplay and connecting with artists.

XYZ on the convention floor

The heart and soul of SDCC is the convention floor. It takes up about every inch of space in the San Diego Convention Center and feels something like a mix of an exotic night market and being a cow in a cattle lot. Nevertheless, our intrepid social media expert, Tyler, braved the crushing claustrophobia and hit the floor to meet dozens of artists and creators to get them excited about .xyz.

Wearing his stylish XYZ shirt, Tyler discussed the importance of a memorable domain with comic book artist and historian Scott Shaw, the creators of gonzo comic Man vs Rock, character designer and concept artist Tom Bryski, the incredible artists at Imaginism Studios, award-winning graphic novelist Robert James Luedke, and cartoonist/ illustrator, Rick Geary, to name just a few. He also stopped by Sideshow Collectibles to talk about finding the right .xyz domain, marvel at their Swamp Thing Marquette, and score a little R2D2 time. Check out the Sideshow Collectibles video from Comic-Con and see Tyler’s interview starting around 2:08.

As always, the #XYZsquad was quite an event unto itself. Over the course of the con, we gave away hundreds of XYZ shirts, 3D glasses, and promo cards. We also had the purple people on hand, gathering crowds hundreds deep for death-defying break dance shows in front of the convention hall. Check out which other videos XYZ made it into, by following our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Crowd of 5,000 gets the .xyz pitch on stage

SDCC is so large that it’s impossible to do everything. Lining up for a panel to see the new Black Panther trailer could mean you miss out on your spot for the WestWorld VR experience or your chance to purchase an official Rick & Morty Portal Gun. But no SDCC would be complete without all the amazing industry events hosted around the town.

First, XYZ made it into the IMDB yacht party and connected with photographers working for Amazon. Check out Tyler’s picture in his XYZ shirt on Amazon Prime Photos. The next night, SyFy’s Live From Comic-Con held an event with Zachary Levi, who played Chuck on the hit series Chuck, Andre Meadows, the host of Youtube’s BlackNerdComedy channel, members of the Battlestar Galactica cast, and many more. During the pre-show taping, the event’s host actually called Tyler on to the stage to ask him about his XYZ shirt. Not missing a beat, Tyler took the microphone and told the audience of over 5,000 people about .xyz and handed out some XYZ swag to the front rows. We can’t wait to see all the amazing registrations that will come from our time at SDCC 2017.

San Diego Comic-Con 2017 was an unbelievable opportunity for XYZ. We reached tens of thousands of passionate people and dozens of creative companies and artists and even though the event just came to a close, we’re already itching to get back! To catch up on the rest of the XYZ excitement in the month of July, check out our upcoming event recap blog and make sure you subscribe to our newsletter!