June 2024 Posts

As we conclude this month’s 10th anniversary of .xyz, we spotlight .xyz’s resonance with pioneering ventures leveraging cutting-edge technologies. These platforms are emblematic of the innovative spirit within the .xyz […]

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of .xyz, we’re thrilled to showcase how .xyz provides an ideal digital home for innovative ventures at the forefront of blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation. […]

As part of the 10th anniversary of .xyz, we welcome you to rediscover three cutting-edge tech companies reshaping their respective industries. From autonomous delivery robots to tough tech incubators and […] – GoDaddy customer – (Brazil) In the growing landscape of video gaming, innovative games and platforms are launching across .xyz and XYZ Registry domains like .LOL, .Game, and .Quest. […]

As we continue celebrating the 10th anniversary of .xyz, we highlight its alignment with innovative projects that are transforming various industries through cutting-edge technologies. The .xyz community is home to […]

The 10th anniversary of .xyz is underway, and we continue to highlight .xyz’s versatility in hosting innovative blockchain and crypto projects that are driving the future of decentralized finance. From […]

As we continue celebrating the 10th anniversary of .xyz, we highlight .xyz as a versatile platform for hosting innovative 3D design and virtual experiences. .XYZ is home to a diverse […]

May 2024 Highlights 106 premium XYZ Registry domains were registered* Most popular TLDs in premium sales*: .XYZ, .Game, and .Security Examples:,  Pet.Game, and Realm.Security Most popular TLDs in standard […]

As we continue celebrating the 10th anniversary of .xyz, we shine a spotlight on .xyz as a foundational platform for transformative business solutions, especially in the AI sector. .XYZ provides […]

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of .xyz, it continues to be at the forefront of supporting groundbreaking crypto initiatives that are paving the way for a more integrated and […]