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XYZ Registry Celebrates a Decade of Innovation

Chapter 2: Surpassing Milestones and Shaping the Future (2015)

XYZ Registry Celebrates a Decade of Innovation

In the second chapter of XYZ’s ten-part series celebrating a decade of .xyz, 2015 emerges as a transformative year marked by unprecedented milestones and significant growth that defined the trajectory of the .xyz domain. Follow the entire series as it unfolds:

This is the story of .xyz—a story about breaking barriers and reshaping the digital landscape.

A Year of Breakthroughs and Recognitions

2015 was a landmark year for XYZ Registry, as it continued to challenge the status quo and redefine digital identity. The year kicked off with an interview on Fox Business’ “Opening Bell,” where Maria Bartiromo spoke with Daniel Negari about .xyz’s rapid ascent in the domain industry, signaling a shift in market dynamics traditionally dominated by .com.

The influence of .xyz was highlighted in mainstream media with .xyz’s HBO debut on the show “Silicon Valley,” featuring the fictional company HooliXYZ, built on This appearance underscored the domain’s growing relevance and appeal in popular culture. Similarly, founder Daniel Negari’s debut on Yahoo Small Business encouraged entrepreneurs and small businesses to establish a memorable online presence.

1 Million Domains!

A milestone of one million .xyz domains registered by the end of June 2015 marked a historic achievement for XYZ Registry. This momentous milestone not only demonstrated the immense popularity of .xyz but also underscored its unwavering determination to lead the market.

The announcement of Alphabet Inc.’s choice of as Google’s corporate domain brought global attention to .xyz, with WIRED magazine proclaiming that .xyz would end .com’s dominance. This endorsement highlighted .xyz’s capability to serve as a primary choice for Fortune 500 and multinational corporations, elevating its status and reputation.

Expanding the Portfolio and Legal Triumphs

In the latter part of 2015, XYZ Registry launched .College and .Rent globally, expanding the registry’s portfolio and catering to specific market needs with more choice and availability.

In December, XYZ Registry, in collaboration with Frank Shilling, broadened its innovative domain offerings by launching three new TLDs—.Cars, .Car, and .Auto, further diversifying its portfolio and catering to automotive dealerships and auto industry participants alike.

In a legal battle akin to David vs Goliath, XYZ secured a decisive victory in a federal lawsuit with Verisign, the registry behind .com. Being sued by .com validated .xyz as a formidable competitor, and XYZ’s triumph underscored its resilience against attempts to undermine its business, proving that .xyz could not be intimidated or sued out of existence.

Looking Ahead

In the upcoming chapter, we venture into 2016, where XYZ Registry solidified its position as a global leader in the domain industry. Starting with acquiring more domain endings, to record-breaking registration numbers, widely recognized brands launching on .xyz, big moves in China, bitcoin, crypto, and more; Chapter 3 promises to unveil the next step in XYZ Registry’s journey of innovation and influence. 

See all chapters as they unfold:
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