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Creative industry services are using .xyz domains to develop their online hubs and showcase their productions. Content studio creates media campaigns for brands like Amazon and TikTok. Production company works with global brands like Apple and multi-platinum artists like Beyoncé. Production studio creates media for global brands like Nike and Weight Watchers. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a New York-based media company with a focus on NFTs and web3 technology: is the online home of Mad Realities, a media company based in New York City aiming to integrate web3 technologies, especially NFTs, into the realm of entertainment. The company’s reality TV show, “Proof of Love,” gained attention by combining traditional media with interactive elements, allowing viewers to influence the show’s outcome through the purchase and use of NFTs. This approach potentially redefines audience engagement in media by merging blockchain technology with entertainment. The company’s venture demonstrates a broader trend in exploring cryptocurrency and blockchain applications in various industries beyond finance.

Exploring the creative ventures of Mad Realities

The company’s Creator Collective initiative involves partnering with a select group of content creators, utilizing the Mad Realities platform. features a mechanism allowing fans to actively shape the content they consume.  As stated on their website, this involvement goes beyond traditional viewer engagement, as it lets the audience directly influence content narrative and direction. This interactive model not only fosters a deeper connection between viewers and content but also paves the way for new financial opportunities for creators. Through this initiative, Mad Realities redefines the relationship between content creators and their audiences, creating a more dynamic and participatory media landscape.

Mad Realities notably entered the programming realm with “Proof of Love,” launched in Spring 2022.  The show, particularly for Rose NFT pass holders, involved audience participation in weekly casting games to select the lead.  This model led to the Rose NFT pass sales totaling $500,000, aiding the show’s production and enabling exclusive events, such as a finale at Webster Hall. Mad Realities has expanded its portfolio with additional shows, including “Roommates,” which narrates the life of two best friends, and “Pretty Privilege,” a series hosted by creator Ali Weiss that delves into the complex theme of beauty and its influence in various professional realms.

Sign of the Times,” a unique show hosted by Astrologer Indigo Selah-Jael, delves into the intriguing world of astrology and its connection with cultural icons and themes. Each episode of “Sign of the Times” is structured into three segments, offering a comprehensive astrological analysis. The first segment explores the birth chart of the episode’s focal figure, shedding light on their personality and life path as seen through astrological perspectives. The second part delves into their relationships or cultural impact, interpreted through an astrological lens, adding depth to the viewers’ understanding of the subject. The final segment ventures into astrological forecasting, using transits to predict future trends and events related to the central figure. Furthermore, the show engages its audience by operating as an “astrology hotline.” The show encourages viewers to submit their astrology-related questions, and it selects the most popular inquiries for discussion, adding an interactive and personalized touch to the series.

The advantages of fostering audience engagement via your website 

Mad Realities embraces a unique, community-centric model that sets it apart in the digital media landscape. By joining the Mad Realities community through their dedicated community page, members can gain privileged access to a world of exclusive benefits. Perks comprise early access to new content, special event invitations, and exclusive merchandise. This approach not only enhances audience engagement with the content and creators but also fosters a sense of belonging and investment in the platform. Moreover, Mad Realities actively encourages community members to contribute their ideas, integrating them into the content creation process. This collaborative environment aims to enrich content and enhance its authentic resonance with the audience,  embodying best practice in audience engagement and community building in the digital age. You can learn more by following the company on X/Twitter and by visiting

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