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Accomplished creative agencies are developing their online homes on .xyz domains. Production company works with global brands like Apple and multi-platinum artists like Beyoncé. Branding agency works with world-renowned brands like Casetify, Ann Taylor, and Kate Spade. Creative agency works with a client roster of global brands like Google and ESPN. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a successful creative company aimed at designing impactful content:

Discover, a New York-based creative company from Chris Carboni is the online home of Reunion, a Brooklyn-based creative company specializing in animated storytelling. It was founded in 2022 by Chris Carboni, a creative director passionate about creating impactful experiences through art, design, and motion. The team at Reunion includes artists, producers, and other industry professionals aimed at delivering compelling creative content to audiences. Reunion’s work has earned several prestigious awards, including:

  • Two Graphite Pencil awards, given by the Design and Art Direction (D&AD) organization to outstanding and innovative works in the creative and advertising industries.
  • Four Vimeo Staff Picks, as curated by the staff at Vimeo. Since its inception in 2008, Staff Picks has been a way for Vimeo to showcase the top-quality videos created and uploaded by Vimeo’s community of world-class filmmakers.

Explore award-winning projects created by

Click on the Work link to see a selection of Reunion’s unique projects, such as a series titled The Transatlantic Slave Trade. This series is about the various participants whose combined actions contributed to slavery in the US. The project, which earned a 2022 D&AD Graphite Pencil award1, exposes the narrative used to gain public support for the enslavement of Black people from the mid-sixteenth century until the 1860s. As detailed on, the agency partnered with The Equal Justice Initiative to create the film series and worked with a global team of artists, producers, activists, and legal advocates. Each film in the series was created with a different focus and approach to design and animation.

Another noteworthy project to check out is Hairy Pouter, which was recognized as a Vimeo Staff Pick.2 Directed by Chris, Hairy Pouter is an animated book review aimed at taking a well-known story and putting it in the hands of two collaborators with the ability to turn it into something entirely original: a 98-year-old named Lillian, and an AI image generator. Reunion developed the project around an audio interview with Lillian, who has read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the first time. She provides her review of the book and answers some questions about the characters and the plot. Reunion fed her responses into an AI engine without any added context to guide its interpretation. The result is an eye-catching and humorous look at the world of Harry Potter and the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

Meet Chris Carboni, Founder and Executive Creative Director of Reunion

Founder and Executive Creative Director Chris Carboni has over 15 years of experience working in the advertising and entertainment industries. He is a native New Yorker and is based in Brooklyn, where he leads the Reunion team. His original films have been screened at museums, educational institutions, film festivals, and commercial venues, both nationally and internationally. Chris’ decision to develop Reunion’s website on .xyz felt like a fitting choice for a creative agency. As he told us, “We chose .xyz because it felt modern and creative. We also wanted our web presence to feel youthful and contemporary, and we felt .xyz embodied that vibe!” uses a branded email address, which can help build trust with clients uses the branded email address [email protected] to correspond with potential collaborators and clients, which helps to generate trust. When you have an email address directly associated with your domain name, customers can use that email address to find your website and have confidence that they’re reaching out to the appropriate contact.

We are inspired by Reunion’s creativity, and look forward to more productions from the talented team. You can learn more by following the company on Instagram, Vimeo, and Tik Tok, and by visiting


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