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Innovative developers are using .xyz domains to showcase AI-enhanced solutions. Data platform leverages AI to make data analysis intuitive. Digital platform leverages AI to pioneer the future of fashion fabric digitization. Digital platform harnesses AI and blockchain technology for asset management. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to a tech company implementing AI technology to simplify app creation:

Introducing Empowering entrepreneurs to build apps effortlessly is the online home of Sutro, an AI platform designed to help entrepreneurs with limited coding experience to create apps for Android, iOS, and the web. Tomas Halgas, a pioneer in tech who founded the widely-used group chat app Sphere (later acquired by Twitter), co-founded Sutro in 2021 and currently leads as its CEO. The team at Sutro, comprising engineers, managers, and advisors with previous stints at Google, Meta, Twitter, IBM, and Uber, brings a wealth of experience to the company. Notably, the venture has secured backing from Eniac Ventures, known for its investments in industry giants like Airbnb, and from Peter Welinder, VP of Product & Partnerships at OpenAI.

Developing apps with Sutro: From concept to creation

Sutro aims to simplify app creation through a user-friendly interface that starts with text prompts. App creators can describe their vision in plain English, and Sutro’s LLM-powered AI is designed to interpret these inputs to construct a fully functional app, complete with a Sutro-hosted backend. Users can refine their apps by adding features like list filtering or user ratings. Once finalized, the apps can be published on iOS, Android marketplaces, or the web. Demonstrating Sutro’s capabilities, a YouTube video 1featuring co-founder Owen Campbell-Moore—now a product manager at OpenAI and a technical advisor for Sutro—shows how one can build a Pinterest-like app in under a minute.2

The evolution to

The platform upgraded their domain from to the more modern and memorable, reflecting a strategic move towards a more versatile brand identity. Adopting the .xyz domain places Sutro within a vibrant, global community of innovators and tech pioneers. Known for fostering creativity and cutting-edge technology, the .xyz domain aligns seamlessly with Sutro’s mission to democratize app development through AI. This domain upgrade not only enhances their digital presence but can also boost user engagement and solidify Sutro’s reputation as a leader in innovative tech solutions. You can learn more by following the company on X/Twitter and LinkedIn, by joining the Discord, and by visiting


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