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Artists, inventors, writers, sculptors, photographers and composers are the people who move us and open our horizons to experience the world from a fresh perspective. Leonardo da Vinci, Annie Leibovitz, Duke Ellington, Andy Warhol, Sidney Poitier, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Billie Holiday and thousands of originators have brought us to our knees in awe, lifted our spirits with their melodies, and deepened our understanding of humanity through their works. These originators continue to inspire other brilliant individuals to pursue their dreams and to inspire the next generation of creatives.

In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday we highlight brilliant artists from #GenXYZ, a couple of whom express why they chose to use a .xyz domain to share their creativity.
United States I GoDaddy


Get ready to be visually WOWed with Patrick McHugh’s artwork portfolio at Patrick uses his .xyz as the online home for his stunning work in art, music, photography and poetry. More importantly, Patrick uses his .xyz to “express his own love of the creative process, and share that with you.” We can’t wait to see what other forms of art you explore, Patrick.
United Kingdom I 123 Reg


Field of Play is the collective imagination and creation of Julie Kim. She says, “Design begins by asking ‘what matters and why?’ It is a process of seeking the right questions to unlock energising visions.” These visions are brought to life through her combination of code, art and ingenuity, resulting in visually stunning and insightful pieces. It’s easy to spend moments and hours perusing her digital installations. Keep up the beautiful work Julie!

“With my graphic design practice name being ‘Field of Play’, I chose the domain .xyz to reflect the dimension, depth and playful sphere that my work inhabits… each project passing through different X Y Z coordinates. For me a field is a very three dimensional space. As someone engaged in typographic experimentation I also enjoy the typographic connotations to the domain. Not ABC which hint more at learning the alphabet but XYZ. I also wanted a more quirky feel than any other domains. Less, corporate but also having lived my life equally across three different continents I didn’t want the domain tied to a country or city.” – Julie Kim, Founder and Creator of
United States I Tucows


How does one create pieces in an intersectional realm? You’ll find your answer at, where Ann Liu uses her .xyz to connect the dots between language, metaphors, homophone, and the current social landscape. Her distinctive artwork includes a variety of mediums including, installations, videos, graphic designs, comics, illustrations, urban art, and even GIFs. Way to take your .xyz website to hold the X, Y and Z’s of your atelier, Anne!
France I Network Solutions


Charles Leval is a French artist who uses a wide range of mediums to express his work. He has exhibitions in Paris, Barcelona, Penang, Berlin, Montreal, and Singapore, to name a few. His outdoor and indoor murals will cause you to look again and again at the inventive placement and story being told in the imagery absorbed into the city landscape.

“I choose .xyz because it’s fresh, young and unusual. I think .xyz is perfect for a young artist like me because it fits with the virtual identity I want to create, it sounds good and it’s easy to remember.” – Charles Leval, Artist and Creator of

#GenXYZ, thank you for inspiring us through your creativity, passion, and entrepreneurship! (United Kingdom)

Summer is finally here, #GenXYZ! It’s time to hit the beach, go on that vacation you’ve been waiting all year for, or just kick back and enjoy the sun. For many of us, summer is a time of relaxation and good weather. But for parents of young kids, it can be totally different story. Without school to keep kids busy, growing pains are even more difficult come summer time.

Since we just celebrated our 2nd birthday, we picked a #WebsiteWednesday this week that helps make those terrible twos more terrific for parents and children alike:


With their design-conscious focus and curation of the latest parenting trends, is the new one stop shop for the modern parent. Their online shop includes only the most stylish apparel and accessories so that your children can feel cool regardless of how hot it gets this summer. Plus, they have an online editorial with content ranging from the recipes to activities and essential child-rearing tips/tricks for today’s modern, tech-savvy parent.

When it comes to raising children, not many people stray from traditional methods and guidelines. Tantrum gives parents a universal platform to connect with other moms and dads who understand that the world of parenting is changing. They are insightful, highly relatable, and exactly what they need during a transitionary period: someone who understands what they are experiencing and can provide them a bit of relief. Tantrum fills the void and makes the twos that much more terrific. Thank you Tantrum. We’re glad you’re here.

In case you missed it, .xyz launched on June 2, 2014. That means we just celebrated our second birthday last week! It has been such a terrific year so far and we’re still celebrating our birthday month with our retail partners, who are running unheard of .xyz sales for the rest of June. Don’t forget to check out to learn more!

Cheers to another terrific year.

It’s safe to say that almost everyone likes a good party. You invite your friends, enjoy the food & festivities, and make sure there’s fun to be had for everyone involved. The celebration, of course, is the best part and will hopefully leave everyone with unforgettable memories. Just like any good party though, there’s always some cleanup to do afterward.

Last week, approximately 50 of our registrar partners, countless resellers, and thousands of customers helped .xyz celebrate our 2 Year Anniversary. In a matter of a few days, over 3 million new .xyz domains were registered. Many of them appear to be registered by start ups, developers, and investors, and we can’t wait to see how the next generation of internet users will use these domains.

However, we also realize that there may be some bad actors in the mix, and we too have some cleaning up to do after the party. XYZ has a zero-tolerance policy toward any of the following abuse-related activities on .xyz or any of our other domain extensions:

  • Unsolicited email marketing (spam)
  • Malware
  • Phishing sites (attempts to hijack your personal and/or financial data)
  • Other illegal activities

So what does XYZ actually do to mitigate abuse?

We have developed a sophisticated abuse monitoring tool which allows us to proactively monitor, detect in near realtime, and suspend domains engaging in any of the above activities, based on evidence. We have developed strong partnerships with many of the industry’s leading data providers to help us identify and eliminate the bad apples from the many good ones that we have in our namespace, which is why there is less than 0.1% abuse in the entire .xyz zone (, May 6, 2016).

Once we have identified an abusive domain, we immediately notify the sponsoring registrar. Since we work very closely with our registrar partners, these domains are usually shut down in a very short period of time to prevent any harm to internet users. We then communicate with the registrants (either directly or via the registrar) to help them clean up their websites if they were hacked.

In the off chance that someone catches an abusive domain before our data providers do, we have an abuse feedback system that allows internet users to report abuse 24/7. Please visit our Abuse Page if you have detected a harmful website or abuse from a .xyz domain name. XYZ strives to keep our namespace clean and to make sure that .xyz has the best reputation possible. If you have any feedback or suggestions, send us a tweet @XYZ or contact us.

But a little cleanup behind the scenes doesn’t mean the party is over. We’re only one week into June, which means there’s roughly three more weeks left in our birthday month! Let the good times roll by visiting our 2 Year Anniversary page and register the domain(s) of your dreams today at one of our many registrar partners that are still celebrating this milestone with us.


On June 2, 2014, .xyz launched as the new go-to domain ending for the next generation of internet users, and we haven’t looked back since.


2 years later, internet users in over 220 countries have adopted .xyz domains for their blogs, portfolios, businesses, apps, and other creative purposes. This online community is called Generation XYZ, or #GenXYZ for short. So who has joined the XYZ movement so far? We’re glad you asked! – Allison Law (United States, customer)


What brand is more powerful than your own name? Take a page from Allison’s site,, and register Use it to blog about your travels, post photos of the different restaurants you’re trying, or publish your work experience to get that dream job. – THRONE (United States)


How many times have you heard someone say they have a game-changing app but they can’t get the domain or social media handles they need to go with it? Thanks to .xyz, that’s no longer an issue. Just look at THRONE, one of the most popular sneaker marketplaces in the App Store – they keep their 300,000+ community members up to date using as their website, and “THRONExyz” as their handles to keep create brand uniformity across social media platforms. – Deloitte (Canada, GoDaddy customer)


What do you do when you’re already a market leader? Innovate to stay on top. That’s exactly what Deloitte has done with their new microsite,, which curates emerging technologies to educate and inspire leaders in other industries. It just goes to show how businesses can complement their existing online presence with .xyz. – Rise / PaySavvy (United States, GoDaddy customer)


Want to spruce up your brand? There’s a .xyz domain for that! Take, who rebranded to in February after acquiring the domain in the aftermarket. Sometimes, your business pivots or a change of scenery is needed to move your brand forward. And when you start looking towards the future, there’s only one domain for every website, everywhere® – and that’s .xyz.

Join us in celebrating .xyz’s 2 Year Anniversary by registering YOUR .xyz domains for just 2¢ (including ICANN fee!) today and tomorrow only! Not sure where to start? Check out a list of available common family names, dictionary words, and city names here, then checkout at any of our participating registrars before someone else does.


To celebrate the Chinese New Year for one of our most important markets, we have started a new blog series to honor our loyal supporters in China. Scroll down to read the full post in English.



  1. 这次拍卖会有200个四数字和248个三字母域名。
  2. 这些域名短又包含义。
  3. 例如,三字母对每个人可以含有不同的含义。一个三字母域名在你手里也许跟另个人比代表另一种不一样的含义和更值钱些。
  4. 这就是为什么我们喜欢字母和数字域名,因为它们能有不同的含义。
  5. 还有,这些域名不会含有保留价。每个域名都会有个赢家!最后。。。
  6. 这些域名还会续费在普通续费价!












和我们以下注册商一起庆祝我们2周年和端午节: logo logo logofoshan logo

Exclusive .xyz auction of 4N and 3L domains on June 1 to June 7, 2016 and June 21 to June 30, 2016

As part of our June Anniversary Birthday celebration, we are partnering with for two exclusive .xyz auctions! We are hosting “themed” auctions of on June 1 to June 7, 2016 and on June 21 to June 30, 2016.

Theme Auctions Featuring 4N and 3L Premium Domains

  1. These exclusive auctions will feature 200 standard priced 4N and 248 standard price 3L .xyz domains.
  2. These domains are short and in demand.
  3. For example, one 3L domain name could mean a special acronym to one person but can also have a completely different acronym meaning to another person who values this domain higher.
  4. This is why we love letter and number domain names because each person determines their true value.
  5. As an added bonus, these domain names will have NO RESERVE PRICES! These domains will have winners! And Lastly…
  6. These domain names will also renew at the standard prices, rather than premium renewal prices!

For the Full List of Premium 4N and 3L Domains Available For Auction Go To

  • 4N Auction exclusively on’s auction platform from June 1 – June 7, 2016.
  • 3L Auction exclusively on’s auction platform from June 21-June 30, 2016.
  • Instructions and the links to the auctions can be found here:

Don’t forget our Anniversary and Duanwu Special!

We have specials happening throughout our birthday month of June. Please go to our partners below for our Duanwu/Dragonboat exclusive! These 4 Number domains would be a perfect gift to that tech savvy person. Especially don’t miss out on our second year anniversary running from only from June 1-2, 2016!

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Lastly, please subscribe to our newsletter to receive the most comprehensive news about .xyz. We have exciting events coming up, so be sure to subscribe and be the first to know!

If you already own .xyz domains, please be sure to renew them. With accreditation approaching, we expect the popularity of .xyz to increase even more in China. We do not want supporters to release the great domains they were able to secure as early adopters!

Happy bidding and good luck!

Celebrate our 2 Year Anniversary and the Dragon Boat/Duanwu Festival with our registrars below: logo logo logofoshan logo

Dabble.xyzNamesBeyond customer (United States)

April showers have fallen, May flowers have bloomed, and summer is upon us #GenXYZ. Not only does June mark our 2-Year Anniversary (which means you’ll be seeing some amazing deals on .xyz domains), it also marks the beginning of summer. It’s time for great weather, no school, and most importantly that exciting summer romance. So in honor of those summer nights Olivia Newton John and John Travolta dedicated an entire song to, we brought you a #WebsiteWednesday that would kickstart your dating game this season:
dabble1With all the dating apps that require clicks, coffee, cocktails, and quirky connections—sometimes we’d like to trust our intuition and let it take us on a path to see what unfolds. brings us back to an informal happenstance that involves wit and wisdom, humor and expression, and everything in between. It allows users to express themselves immediately by showcasing the kind of people they are through the gifts they give.

Dabble uses location, age, and other discovery settings to guide you to that special someone. Users can adjust their settings to search for dabblers from the ages of 18-99 within a 3000 mile radius so you can feel confident their app will find a match that is perfect for you. If users are seeking a dabbler over the age of 100 they might need to reach out to the Today Show to try to connect.

We know what you’re thinking: “ANOTHER dating app!” Dabble isn’t just your swipe friendly, chat message dating tool on a phone. Preferences like favorite gift, go to line, and notifications are easily adjusted through the simple interface. If you’d like to stay anonymous as you dabble, you can choose to swipe left or right until a mutual match happens. However, Dabble gives users the option to skip the waiting process of swiping and waiting by making a lasting first impression with a gift. Just like buying a stranger a drink at a bar, Dabble’s in app gift giving feature provides the opportunity to “make a splash by giving virtual gifts to people you really dig!”
dabblemobileWith their Gold Drops virtual currency, you can purchase and send gifts to any dabblers that spark your interest, ranging from a virtual coffee (5 Gold Drops) all the way up to a virtual sports car (250,000 Gold Drops). These Gold Drops are added to your wallet daily, but if you need a few more to wow that special someone you can always purchase additional Gold Drops using real currency.

Well done to the founders of Dabble for using their .xyz in a way that represents the creativity and innovation of their idea. Plus, redirects to – the extension that truly markets to the next generation of internet users.

So what are you waiting for? Memorial Day is almost upon us. Send a dabble with a bike, a burger, and a bottle of Champagne—invite your dabbler to take a ride to watch a parade, eat a tasty Memorial Day morsel, and remember all those who have gone before us with a toast.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year for one of our most important markets, we have started a new blog series to honor our loyal supporters in China. Scroll down to read the full post in English.

一眨眼今年六月我们即将庆祝.xyz成为2岁了!作为国际最受欢迎的顶级域名,这两年来我们不断的努力让.xyz成为每个人必用的新后缀。For every website, everywhere,给下一代互联网使者。

为了感谢Generation XYZ带给互联网更多的选择和创意,我们将在六月回顾客人提供一次最大的促销。










Happy 2nd Anniversary .xyz!

As many of you know, .xyz is celebrating a milestone in June as we are marking our 2 year anniversary as the most popular new domain extension in the world! The past two years have truly solidified .xyz as the go-to domain for every website, everywhere for the next generation of internet users.

As a thank you to Generation XYZ for supporting us in bringing choice, accessibility, and innovation to the internet, we are offering our biggest, most spectacular sale ever!

2 Year Anniversary flash sale: June 1 & June 2 only

As part of our 2 Year Anniversary celebration, some of our valued Chinese registrar partners will be offering a once-in-a-lifetime sale on June 1 and June 2. This offer only lasts for two days, so don’t miss out on this huge sale by visiting our Chinese partners below.

Dragon Boat/Duanwu Festival sale: June 3 – June 30

In celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu Festival), which auspiciously coincides with our 2 Year Anniversary, some of our Chinese Registrar partners are offering a .xyz special for the rest of June.

The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated during the high summer in honor of the Warring States Period poet and statesman, Qu Yuan. Legend states that Qu Yuan despaired at the loss of his kingdom, and threw himself into the Milou River. The local people who admired him raced out in boats to save his life – or at least distract the fish in the river – by throwing out balls of sticky rice (thus the origin of eating sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves or Zongzi during this festival).

But unlike the despair of Qu Yuan, there is no need for despair if you miss the Anniversary sale because this special will run through June 30! So get into your proverbial Dragon Boat and race to our Chinese partners to take advantage of this special (there are Zongzi waiting at the finish line)!

We would like to thank all of our Chinese partners and supporters for helping us take the lead in our “Dragon Boat” by making .xyz the natural ending to all your domain names, adopting .xyz as THE domain extension for the next generation of Chinese internet users, and truly making .xyz for every website, everywhere!

Your resources for exciting .xyz news and events

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Celebrate our 2 Year Anniversary and the Dragon Boat/Duanwu Festival with our registrars below: logo logo logofoshan logo Network Solutions customer (United Kingdom)

With endless competition in industries today one of the greatest difficulties is discovering a way to stand out. Ten years ago hardly anyone was carrying a digital device that could capture beautiful images. Now everyone has a tiny, portable device they can snap photos with and upload immediately to thousands of viewers.

Or take the beverage industry. We’ve moved from an average gin and tonic to cocktails that are bottled, made with liquid nitrogen, and infused with teas. With so much creativity how can professionals set themselves apart from the rest of the competition?

It all boils down to experience which is what brings us to this week’s #WebsiteWednesday:

feedxyz provides digital marketing solutions through expertise in website development, CRM, e-commerce, marketing, analysis, creativity, and project management. With offices in London, Berlin, and Madrid, Feed brings together a diverse  blend of backgrounds so they can best serve an international client base.  Feed associates share a commitment to achieving results by producing  brilliant digital products and catered solutions that go above and beyond their client’s desires and needs.

One of Feed’s biggest assets is their ability to adapt with the growth and life cycles of the businesses who have entrusted their branding, design, technology, and digital affluence to them. Take Feed’s ad campaign for eBay launched in December just before Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released. This quick wit combined with truly  understanding their customers is how Feed creates the feeling, experience, and services, that clients will speak of long after their projects are complete. As their Managing Director has said:

“Craft alone isn’t enough, it needs to meet with customer expectations and those expectations are ever changing.” –Matt Lynch, Managing Director of Feed

When it comes to your online presence, each and every detail is key to making sure your business survives against the ongoing battle with your competitors. is all about the details and whatever your business needs, Feed will provide a menu of options that will satisfy your thirsts and cravings.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year for one of our most important markets, we have started a new blog series to honor our loyal supporters in China. Scroll down to read the full post in English.

这次XYZ参加了阿里巴巴旗下的阿里拍卖举办的520闲鱼拍卖节。本次.xyz精品域名拍卖会的具体开拍时间为05月 19日 09:00  –  05月 20日 07:00,让爱给您带来无限想象。520拍卖节,把您的爱抢到手,让我们一起买不到拍得到!


这次的拍卖会有6个.xyz精品域名 - 2个两字母,2个两数字,1个三数字和一个三字母。这些精品域名都不会有保留价,所以每个域名都会拥有一个未来的赢家!




如果您已经拥有.xyz域名,记得不要忘了续费。我们相信你们都是属于未来的使者,相信未来属于你们!展望未来,我们也在不断努力加快批准的速度,希望能够快点看到你们能够建立自己创意、独特的 .xyz的网站!





520 Taobao Auction of .xyz premium domains

To celebrate Online Valentine’s Day, we are partnering with Alibaba and one of China’s premier retail sites, Taobao, for another fantastic .xyz auction! Taobao will exclusively host this domain auction on May 19th to May 20th Beijing Time – Online Valentine’s Day. These premium domains would be a perfect gift for that tech-savvy sweetheart to whom you want to say (5) Wo-(2)Er- (0)Ni (I-Love-You)!

One Day Only Auction Featuring Premium Domains

This auction will feature 6 premium .xyz domains. Because Taobao and Alibaba are such great partners with XYZ, these domains are coveted short character domains (two 2N, two 2L and one 3N and one 3L .xyz domain names).  And these domain names will have NO RESERVE PRICES!  These domains will have winners!

As an added bonus for our loyal Chinese supporters, these domains have been removed from our variably priced premium list, which means they will renew at the standard prices, rather than premium renewal prices.

Don’t miss out on your chance to be an owner of one of these premium .xyz domains! This auction will occur exclusively on Taobao’s auction platform for one day only on May19th – May 20, 2016.  Instructions and the link to the auction can be found here.

If you are lucky enough to already own .xyz domains, please be sure to renew them. With accreditation approaching, we expect the popularity of .xyz to increase even more in China. We do not want supporters to release the great domains they were able to secure as early adopters!

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Happy bidding and good luck!