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Back in April of 2015, we highlighted the inspirational story of Ian Clark, who hiked up Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for Water School – a charity that provides sustainable clean water strategies and education to developing countries. Ian was able to successfully complete the trek within 5 days, and proudly waved the .xyz flag at the top of the summit. Since then, Ian has been hiking all over the globe and recording his journeys. He needed a place where he could share these amazing adventures, so he created


Ranging from locations like Watkins Glen, NY to the rolling green hills of Ireland, shares photos, videos, and recaps of the hikes that Ian has recently been on. will also act as an open resource for fellow adventurers, where everyone can share and comment on their outdoor experiences. When asked why he chose a .xyz domain as his main platform, Ian replied:

“Hikers are an adaptive community – landscapes and weather are constantly changing. Because of this, I felt that hikers would ‘get it’ …Another factor was being able to secure the perfect keyword to display my adventure destinations on:”

Ian’s latest mission is to raise money for Nepal, which was recently devastated by earthquakes that affected over 8 million people. Ian and the Ontario-based group TrailHike will soon be embarking on an arduous 18-day journey to the Everest Base Camp to help raise awareness for the cause. Working through Samaritan’s Purse, their goal is to raise $15,000 for Nepal.

The devastation in Nepal horrified us here at XYZ, and inspired us to donate to Ian’s worthy cause. We wish Ian and his team the best of luck on their adventure, and can’t wait to see what he has in store next. Fortunately, Ian will be updating directly from the trail, so be sure to keep an eye out for new pictures and videos of his journey.

Update: As promised, Ian got back in touch with us before leaving on his journey to Everest. After chartering a plane into Northern Canada, he and 36 members of his Toronto based group TrailHike (which boasts a community of over 900 members) have just completed a training hike on the “Sleeping Giant” trail – and were looking great in their .xyz shirts.


Ian and his 12 fellow hikers will be leaving tomorrow (10/7/2016) for Nepal. Along the way, they will be stopping in Hong Kong to hike to the famous “Big Buddha” statue, and Ian has promised us some exclusive updates. Also, be sure to check out, as Ian has updated the site to include a day by day recap of his hike across Ireland (and staredown with an angry momma sheep).

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EOS.XYZ, 1887.XYZ 等: 3字母及3数字.XYZ 拍卖会将在10月10日开始 -无保留价


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EOS.XYZ, 1887.XYZ & more: LLL.XYZ & NNNN.XYZ auction starts October 10 – NO RESERVES

Happy National Day, China! We hope you enjoyed the occasion with friends and family. But just because the official celebration is over doesn’t mean the celebrating is done. That’s why we have partnered with again to host an exclusive .xyz auction next week.

Starting on October 11th, there will be over 100 highly desirable,, and domains available – all starting at 1RMB and with no reserves. That means great domains like,,, and will all have new owners by the time the last auction closes on October 18th!

The best part of all is that ALL domains in this auction will renew for standard prices – NO premium fees! Check out a full list of the domains up for auction, as well as complete rules, at

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We’ve had a big year at XYZ and we’re glad we’ve been able to share our success with some good friends along the way, like GoDaddy. That’s why we’re happy to announce their recent accomplishment of reaching 100,000 .xyz domains registrations this week. To celebrate, we are highlighting a few GoDaddy customers who have created some of our favorite .xyz sites.
From introducing disruptive new technologies to creating apps that top the iPad App Store charts, GoDaddy customers are great examples of the innovation coming out of #GenXYZ. Check out all of these adopters from GoDaddy who are making waves around the world below:


Lisn.xyzGoDaddy customer (India)
One of the best parts of discovering a new artist or song is getting the chance to share it with others. Before, this would mean splitting headphones or finding a link to send over. But with, you and your friends can enjoy a song together in real time – no matter where in the world you are. Lisn cuts out the hassle of sharing songs to friends by syncing the timing so you can enjoy the track together.


NDPM.xyzGoDaddy customer (United States)npdmfinal is a site created by college student Patrick McHugh, using a clever four letter abbreviation meaning Indie Night (his personal branding) paired with his initials (PM – which also stands for “post meridiem”). Patrick uses his .xyz domain to showcase photos, drawings, and video shorts he creates – pulling inspiration from his journey into adulthood. is just another great example of how creative young members of #GenXYZ are exploring and sharing their passions with the world on short and brandable .xyz domains.


Converge.xyzGoDaddy customer (United States)
As the internet and technology age grows, it seems to get harder to stay on top of the most recent trends or emerging techs. Brand experts Broadsuite Media Group (BMG) share this feeling, and that’s why they expanded their business with Converge acts as BMG’s informational resource – giving businesses the necessary insight into the ever changing market, while also developing strategies to help grow their brand and secure clients in the digital era. Among its roster of clients are SAP, IBM, Dell, LinkedIn, and YP. Converge practices what they preach by using @ConvergeXYZ across all of their social media handles to create a consistent online presence. Just like .xyz, Converge is educating businesses on new trends and strategies that resonate with the next generation of internet users.


These GoDaddy customers illustrate exactly how .xyz is able to bring people together, whether it’s by sharing new music, your creations, or making the world a better place. We are proud to have GoDaddy as a partner, and we look forward in continuing to foster this community of innovators together.

TechDay Los Angeles just wrapped yesterday, and Team XYZ took the day by storm! Naturally, .xyz was the talk of the convention, which hosted over 300 startups and 10,000 attendees from the emerging Los Angeles tech community. If you were at the convention, it was hard to miss us – from the #XYZsquad breakdancing through the convention center to our live-streamed interview with NASDAQ at their Founders Lounge.

As a respected leader in the financial reporting industry and a trusted source for business investors worldwide, the XYZ interview with NASDAQ was easily the highlight of the day. NASDAQ joins the ranks of major outlets such as Bloomberg, CNBC, and Reuters who have all covered the success of .xyz. Watch the full interview with NASDAQ below:

As always, XYZ’s interactive initiatives ensured that .xyz remained on everyone’s minds throughout the day. The purple people which compose the #XYZsquad were out making a splash with their parkour and breakdancing moves, while taking pictures with convention attendees and sponsors alike. We also handed out special .xyz 3D glasses to view our exclusive 3D site, Be sure to check out this innovative microsite (if you haven’t yet already) to learn more about how some of the biggest names in their industries are using .xyz to connect with their audiences in unique ways.


While the #XYZsquad was air flaring and power moving, Team XYZ had some great conversations with leaders in the Los Angeles tech community, including Uber, Coding Dojo, and Codesmith. We also ran into the music curation app Indigenous Beats, who was already using They told us they’re set to launch their new .xyz website in November (don’t forget where you heard it first!). In fact, you should expect to see quite a bit more of .xyz – both in the news and out in the wild – after our successful trip to TechDay LA.

By the end of the day, Team XYZ was able to educate and further spread awareness about .xyz and its end users through several interviews, productive conversations, and engaging initiatives. The overwhelming support from fans at TechDay solidifies .xyz as the go-to domain extension for new businesses, startups, and young adults who are just getting online. Everyone had a great time at TechDay LA, and the #XYZsquad will be ready with a whole new bag of tricks for the next one!

Echoes.xyzGandi customer (United Kingdom)

Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn, #GenXYZ! Taking a walk through the city in the cool air to see leaves changing colors is a great way to spend a fall afternoon. But what if there was a way to make exploring your town on foot even better? This week’s #WebsiteWednesday will enhance your walkabout by adding a whole new dimension:


Echoes is an app that turns your average stroll into a culturally immersive experience by using your phone’s location to trigger audio interactions connected to landmarks around you. As you are walking, “echoes” consisting of music, stories, and interesting facts relating to your surroundings will play. Not sure where to go? The echoes will guide you along your own private walking tour. For example, if you find yourself exploring a new city like Red Hook, New York, you can use the Echoes app to discover its rich history and unearth the unique quirks it has to offer.

But perhaps the most innovative feature of Echoes is that it allows anyone to upload content, fostering a community of users that collaborate and share tours they’ve created. Users can add echoes through the website or on the app, allowing the community to interact with each other on the platform they are most comfortable using. Echoes also partners with towns to develop customized tours, extracting knowledge from the people who know them best. Our favorite example of this is an audio tour of Sussex, which highlights the city’s rich film history. The app ensures that your sightseeing adventure will be culturally enriching, educational, and unforgettable.

Fittingly, Echoes was created through a community campaign launched on IndieGoGo that raised more than its financial goal. It also received thousands of dollars in funding from the Embassy of Denmark Cultural Development and Exchange Fund in Hanoi. Echoes has taken the support they received in their initial campaign and created a truly inspiring augmented reality app. Just like .xyz, Echoes designed a platform which provides its international community of users an open space to educate and collaborate with one another. Their innovative spirit makes a great example of how #GenXYZ is using .xyz domains to connect with each other and create revolutionary new technology.

Fungogo.xyzInstra customer (Taiwan)

One of the best parts about what we do is the traveling. The XYZ Team has been spotted all over the world, including Austin for SXSW, Helsinki for ICANN 56, and even China for meetings with our valued partners. Although we love being able to explore different countries and cities, planning trips is a tricky business. Choosing between hundreds of activities, coordinating flights, finding accommodations, and even deciding where to eat can quickly become stressful. Luckily, you can skip the hassle when planning your ideal trip with this week’s


Fungogo takes the stress out of planning by providing travelers with tools to customize their trip, change plans on the go, and share their experiences with others. Their trip planner helps create custom itineraries based on popular destinations and users’ travel preferences. Fungogo also offers an app for both Android and iPhone, so unexpected changes don’t get in the way of having a great trip.

Of course, the best part about travelling is meeting new people. Fungogo’s social feature, called the FunBox, allows users to share their experiences and connect with other Fungogo travelers if they want to meet up and enjoy their trips together.

As Fungogo CEO Muriel Kuan explains, the current lack of travel services that help users easily plan and share their experiences is what inspired her to create Fungogo.

A vacation has so many things to plan and do at the beginning and end, and there isn’t a complete tool that allows anyone to accomplish all of these things. ‘Why don’t I use my own technical background to help solves these problems?’ I asked myself, and this idea gradually transformed into the one-stop travel community platform, Fungogo. We wanted to create Fungogo to be the Google AND Facebook of the travel industry!

… We are creating a new ‘Sharing’ travel economy for the next century. Therefore, we have chosen an extension that is representative of the next generation of Internet domain names: .xyz.

By satisfying jetsetters everywhere with an innovative trip planning platform, Fungogo is the perfect example of how #GenXYZ is disrupting their industries every day. If you’re like us and have caught the travel bug, don’t take another trip without using!

Multilanguage.xyzDynadot customer (Argentina)

With adoption in 230 countries, .xyz is the platform for businesses and individuals to connect with their global audience on an international domain. But what if your audience doesn’t speak the same language as you do? Well, there’s a [Weebly] app for that now – and in this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, Martín Massera tells us how your message can be heard in any language with

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 6.04.31 PM

Multilanguage is a Weebly app that lets your visitors easily change the language of your website to the one that best suits them. Their intuitive design allows for visitors to easily switch languages at the click of a button, while maintaining your website’s visual appeal. Multilanguage also works on mobile to ensure a great experience no matter what device your visitors connect from.

We reached out to Martín Massera, creator of the app, to learn more about

XYZ: What was your inspiration to start Multilanguage?

Martín Massera: It actually started because a friend wanted to have many languages in his Weebly site. I love Weebly because it lets you add your own code and edit the HTML and CSS of your site, so I decided to create a simple javascript code that would selectively show pages according to which language the user wanted to see. I then posted it on a blog just so that other people could benefit from it, and the response was amazing…

How do you see your app?

I always saw the app as two things: covering a real need for users, and also as a channel of self expression. I expressed my values in the app, being as open, giving and carefree (not careless!) as I could. I deliberately let users extend their trial period as much as they need, and I give free accounts to all who need.

Tell us about the reason you choose a .xyz for your domain?

It has this thing about the alphabet, language, that goes well with the Multilanguage theme. It also sounds fresh, new. It’s not “techy”… I considered .io but I didn’t want Multilanguage to be a “tech startup,” I wanted to reach individuals and small businesses, just like Weebly.

What are your goals for Multilanguage and can you share with us any exciting new features to look forward to (i.e. languages, services, etc.)

I’d love one of two things to happen: that we become the top reference for Multilanguage in Weebly, or that Weebly adopts Multilanguage into the platform itself. I just teamed up with a person in France to take the app to the next level. We are going to be working on usability, improving the user experience a lot, and also we are thinking about inline translations, as well as to offer automatic and manual translation services.

The ability to communicate is crucial to building strong communities. connects you with people all over the world, regardless of what country your website comes from. Bringing people together by eliminating language barriers? Sounds like Martín is speaking our language!

P.S. – Register your .xyz at and take advantage of our FREE Weebly website builder with your custom domain!

We have started a new blog series to honor our loyal supporters in China. Click here to read the full post in English.



我们想道贺,,, 和299.xyz的新的注册人,其价格为 21,000RMB (~$3,148 美元), 20,000RMB (~$3,000美元), 16,500RMB (~$2,473美元), 和 16,000RMB (~$2,399美元)。







跟多商业用.xyz的域名,我们很高兴看到中国领先的注册商之一更名用。我们快要拿到了认可,我们不能等待,看看在互联网更多的中国人名为.xyz网站!需要跟多信息,请看 ,而这礼拜回来看官方公告。




不要忘了订阅我们的通讯可以收到.xyz的最新国际新闻。,, & more: 3-4 character .xyz auction results (August 2016)

Another themed auction success! Our 3-4 character .xyz themed auction has wrapped up and we want to provide our Chinese supporters with the highlights. We’re very happy with the results, and we bet the buyers are too!

We’d like to congratulate the new owners of,,, and, which sold for 21,000RMB (~$3,148 USD), 20,000RMB (~$3,000 USD), 16,500RMB (~$2,473 USD), and 16,000RMB (~$2,399 USD) respectively. These NNN domains are rare and exclusive, so the winners really snagged some good domain names!

Scroll down to view a list of auction results.

This won’t be the last theme auction we are planning, so stay tuned for all of the upcoming .xyz exclusive auctions by following us at


West263 expands internationally with

Chengdu West, one of China’s largest registrars, recently soft launched their new international website for their English and international customers on With .xyz being the most popular new domain among Chengdu West customers, as well as internet users all over the world, they knew that was the best URL for their business to expand globally.


With more and more businesses adopting .xyz for their websites, it is great to see one of China’s leading registrars rebrand with With accreditation in China around the corner, we can’t wait to see many more Chinese .xyz websites on in the internet! For more information, visit and check back later this week for the official announcement.


3-4 character auction results

DOMAIN RMB USD RMB¥21000 $3111.11 RMB¥20000 $2962.96 RMB¥16500 $2444.44 RMB¥16000 $2370.37 RMB¥14500 $2148.15 RMB¥13000 $1925.93 RMB¥9200 $1362.96 RMB¥6000 $888.89 RMB¥5400 $800 RMB¥5000 $740.74 RMB¥4800 $711.11 RMB¥4700 $696.3 RMB¥4400 $651.85 RMB¥4100 $607.41 RMB¥4000 $592.59 RMB¥3700 $548.15 RMB¥3600 $533.33 RMB¥3400 $503.7 RMB¥2700 $400 RMB¥1300 $192.59 RMB¥1000 $148.15 RMB¥1000 $148.15 RMB¥950 $140.74 RMB¥950 $140.74 RMB¥900 $133.33 RMB¥900 $133.33 RMB¥900 $133.33 RMB¥900 $133.33 RMB¥900 $133.33 RMB¥900 $133.33 RMB¥850 $125.93 RMB¥850 $125.93 RMB¥850 $125.93 RMB¥850 $125.93 RMB¥850 $125.93 RMB¥800 $118.52 RMB¥800 $118.52 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥700 $103.7 RMB¥700 $103.7 RMB¥700 $103.7 RMB¥700 $103.7 RMB¥700 $103.7 RMB¥700 $103.7 RMB¥700 $103.7 RMB¥650 $96.3 RMB¥550 $81.48 RMB¥500 $74.07 RMB¥450 $66.67 RMB¥420 $62.22 RMB¥370 $54.81 RMB¥360 $53.33 RMB¥350 $51.85

Namecheap has been showing .xyz a lot of love recently, and it’s not just because we turned 2 in June. No – this week we are recognizing Namecheap for a truly historic achievement – reaching their 1,000,000th .xyz registration. In honor of this amazing accomplishment, we are delighted to highlight some of our favorite .xyz websites that have been built by Namecheap’s own customers.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.51.04 PM

As only one of three registrars that have reached this milestone (we’re looking at you, Chengdu West and Uniregistry), Namecheap has set itself apart as a key player in helping us connect a global community of pioneers we call #GenXYZ. The innovation taking place on .xyz domains registered at Namecheap can be found in industries and locations all over the world. See for yourself with a first look of the poster and use cases below:

1mil-poster-r3 (1)


notebook – Namecheap customer (Azerbaijan)

Olga, Farida, and Ni are three adventurers from Azerbaijan that share their stories online with their blog, Notebook and Earth. They cover a wide variety of topics from food to fashion and everything in between, so readers can enjoy real experiences told by real people. Make sure to check out their site before your next jetset for some interesting and entertaining travel advice.

dino – Namecheap customer (India)

Dino helps your company attract like-minded individuals with a real-time look into your team’s culture. Instead of an outdated career page, Dino integrates with your Slack chat and brilliantly suggests the most interesting and entertaining updates to post into your team’s public feed. Why did they choose the name Dino? According to their website:

“You know how hard it is to find a good .com domain. We could not. Which is how we arrived at the first name for our app – dino. It stands for did not find domain. [Then] we just [made] it shorter, to just dino.” –

comuzi – Namecheap customer (United Kingdom)

Comuzi takes a unique approach to digital design to create the next generation of digital products and services. With global clients like the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Forbes Global 2000 Company, Petro Rabigh, Comuzi needed a global domain name – like! Be sure to check out their innovative solutions including Medic Bleep, a secure communication app for hospitals and medical professionals.

jlinfinal – Namecheap customer (United States)

“You don’t just do a startup. You do it because you want to solve a problem so bad.” – Wise words from Jason Lin. Part portfolio, part research, and part projects make up this visual, well-designed personal site. Just based on what you see so far on, there’s no doubt that Jason will change the world with his .xyz. Jason had this to say about why he chose a .xyz domain:

“The moment I chose XYZ was because as a Gen Y myself, I know it best represented creative minds like people of our generation.” -Jason Lin, Creator of

These are just some of the many great websites we’ve seen built by Namecheap customers. It’s clear that no matter what your idea or passion is, .xyz has a place for you. We are proud to call Namecheap our partner and look forward to continuing to offer an open and accessible internet together – one million .xyz domains at a time. (India)

Summer is ending and school is just around the corner. Thinking about the new things you’ll learn this year is exciting, but switching your brain back to school mode can be a challenge. Luckily, this week’s #WebsiteWednesday,, will help get those gears turning again so you can get a head start this school year.
letsmathBased in India, LetsMath is an online learning platform that teaches #MathforGenZ with courses taught by experts who are available to give feedback to students 6 days a week. LetsMath lessons are self-paced and designed from scratch specifically for the digital generation. They’ve also created a mobile app, so students can access helpful feedback and lessons anywhere on a device they use every day.

LetsMath exemplifies the innovative spirit of .xyz in the way they frame their concepts in real world situations that students can more easily relate to. By aligning their social media handles with their .xyz web address, they have made it easier for students to find their practice problems on channels like Facebook and Twitter.

LetsMath is preparing students for a successful future by teaching them time-honored math concepts in an engaging way, and their .xyz web address is a perfect fit to connect with the next generation. Head to to get your own .xyz domain and share your knowledge with Generation XYZ!